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What I'm Loving in March


Spring is finally here (according to the calendar, at least). Since I haven't done one of these since January, I thought I'd share what I'm loving in March because this is what's on my mind. I'd love to hear what you guys are up to this month and what's caught your eye this spring!| My favorite TV shows at the moment are Deception, The Following and Justified (also loving The Walking Dead, of course) | An upcoming trip to Austin--never been but I've heard good things | Today is the first day of spring, and I can't wait to take pics with cherry blossoms | Love cous cous, so now giving red Quinoa a try | All about spring prints on dresses (and pants) | My new Herve Leger sandals from the DSW Luxe810 collection | Organic coconut oil milk for us natural hair girls |

What are you loving this March?
♥ Day 27 ~ A Song That Makes You Wish You Could Play an Instrument: Unfaithful by Rihanna ~ Well, I can dabble on the piano, but I've never gotten around to teaching myself how to play anything recently. But the piano on this Rihanna song is pretty awesome so I'd like to put this on my bucket list and just learn it. Man...remember when Rihanna was normal?

♥ Day 28 ~ A Song That Makes You Feel Quilty: Ape Dos Mil by Glassjaw ~ I'm assuming quilty means comfy/cozy so that's why I picked this song. I don't even like any other Glassjaw songs...just this one. I can't help myself. It just makes me want to go to some bar, start singing it and then have strangers join in for a random singalong.

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  1. i am dying to try out organix products...and i see that you are loving them..then i guess i'l have to buy them....and i love cherry blossoms too !!!

  2. I have to start watching at least one of those tv shows, i am always hearing such good things. Cherry blossoms are the best. Swooning over the Herve Leger heels!

  3. Love cherry blossoms, I always look forward to seeing them every spring :)) Not seen these shows yet, will have to check them out!! And the print dresses are fab, I'm quite liking the yellow and black one. I am loving cherry blossoms also, Easter chocolates, all the floral prints out at the moment and cinnamon buns, haha :)) Have a great day doll xx

  4. i love print dresses and organic coconut milk

  5. I'm in love with your Herve Leger shoes....drool! And OMG! We still have snow here:(

  6. Hey Cheryl! I want to try those coconut hair products! They look so good! :D I love cherry blossom trees!

  7. I am loving printed everything for Spring! Love those dresses, and I'm dying to get some printed pants! We'll also be taking a trip to Austin this Spring. We live in Dallas...are you in Texas?

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    I love the dress

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  9. Oh.My. God. I love those Herve Leger sandals. They're gorgeous...and I can't wait to see the cherry blossoms this spring either.

  10. Sounds like much to look forward to. I've only been to the SXSW festival, which was a lot a fun. Isnt' DSW great, one of my favourite places! :)

  11. Love what you're loving!
    I have that Asos dress ;)


  12. I am in big love with coconut milk I can say - Love it.

  13. defo!!! gonna try out that organic coconut milk, sounds brilliant. I have heard a lot about coconut milk used on the skin, i read a review that it makes the skin younger but not sure about it.

  14. Hold UP! Herve from DSW?! So good. I'm completely smitten with The Following and Justified both. Everyone I know loves The Following except for my boyfriend.

  15. Justified rocks my world! But I think you knew that. Ha!

  16. I am soooo looking forward to cherry blossoms and wearing spring dresses!

  17. Loooooove cherry blossoms, they're actually my favorite! I'm ready for the warmer weather too! xx

  18. Thanks for your visit, hope your week is going well :)

  19. Dear Cheryl, your post is so inspiring ! I haven't been loving many things so far in this month, cause I am sick of winter time and also at work things are so hectic, I need a break ! Anyway this post made me think I have to stop for a while and remember the good things. I got addicted to The following, too...sometimes I think it's too cruel but I wanna know what happens next so I keep watching, LOL ! Kisses

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  20. I so wanna try that coconut milk!

  21. i love printed dresses!


  22. Those sandals and dresses are awesome! Have a great time in austin :)



  23. OMG these heels are just amazing Dear <3 !

  24. I LOVE Organix products - they are incredible! :)

  25. i am loving print dresses as well! :D

    p.s. deception is on my hulu queue -- i will definitely watch it! :)

    <3, Mimi
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  26. Prints, prints and more prints!

    Krystal K.
    The Feisty House

  27. Yes, yes, yes to the printed dresses!!! I wore one to brunch today and it just had me feeling vibrant :)

    I am all about prints and color right now!

  28. I love your blog!! And the title is great! Keep on doing this great work!
    Btw: love those black shoes and the coconut milk :)

  29. The Herve Leger collar sandals are to die for! Oh my, that would go great with the yellow dress with black print marks. Now I know what to wear for my date next week. Thanks, love your blog.


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