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Inspiring Style: The Right Swimsuit For You


Wearing swimsuits in the summertime can be overwhelming. Did you stick to your diet? What about your four-days-a-week workout regimen? Or are you still wearing the same suit you've had for the last 5 years? The most important thing to remember is picking the right swimsuit based on the style, your body shape and your confidence.

Why Wear a One-Piece
One-piece swimsuits and monokinis are sometimes thought of as the equivalent of granny panties for bathing suits. But I think that view has changed for the better over the years as one pieces have taken full advantage of their retro sex appeal. You can wear these if you're trying to minimize your faults, but you can also highlight your sense of style, especially if you happen to have an hourglass figure.Why Wear a Bikini
Because if you've got it, then flaunt it. Wearing bathing suits, and bikinis specifically, are 90% confidence and 10% style. And yes, I definitely think your suit should be stylish and show off your personality, but if you're not comfortable in it, then why bother? Add some flare to the usual bikini look with fringe and padded cups. Why Wear Bold Colors
Bold bathing suits really work for girls who could be called busty. Two-piece bikinis can work in your favor if this is your body type because you can separate the look. A brighter, more colorful bikini top can be paired with a solid, darker color for the bottom half on inverted triangle, round or apple body types.Why Wear Patterns
If you have a rectangular shape (maybe a bit boyish in nature) then patterned monikinis are your best friend. Volume created by ruffles, stripes and polka dots will make you look more shapely. Besides, who doesn't like patterned swimsuits? They're eye-catching and more fun than a regular LBB--little black bathing suit.What type of swimsuit are you into this summer?

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  1. These are great. I like the bikinis that are still connected on the sides, they are great as it won't come off in the waves. I'm just ready for the sunshine to wear these now :)) Have a great day x

  2. I'm partial to one-piece suits myself coz they hide a lot...ahem....

  3. I don't diet but I love swimming during the summer months.

  4. I finally found the right swimsuit for me! Think you saw it on my blog? You asked about it :)

  5. This season was great for swimsuits, I actually bought a mix this time, and love the great one-piece vintage style and bought a bikini too! :)

  6. Personally, I'm more of a two piece gal. Mostly because I like to soak up some sun. But there are so many cute one pieces lately, its tempting... very tempting. I don't understand why swim suits are so crazy expensive though! Great post!

  7. I'm very modest so normally I'd wear a tankini with some little shorts. A couple times (when my husband was with me) I wore a two piece with little shorts.

  8. I've been thinking to try an one-piece suit lately. The only problem is when going somewhere with sun in the sky, I prefer to expose as much as I can while it lasts ;))

  9. I like one pieces with interesting patterns for camouflage. Though this summer, I haven't and don't plan on wearing swim suits since I don't want to buy any maternity suits.

  10. I love that stripe bikini. I own both a one-piece and a bikini. I just wish I could find a one-piece that was cut higher on the sides - not 80's-90's high, but like just a little higher!

    Great post!

  11. Fab post hun! Really great shaping ideas, I love the first green and yellow suits as well as those retro looking ruffled ones

  12. Great pictures and very nice style!


    Fashion Metropolitan Blog Team


  13. I like the way they've updated one-pieces. I've always been a fan. You showed some great options Cheryl.


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