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Makeup and Muses: Beauties of the Moment


Obviously, I'm more into clothing and shoes than makeup, but I do have some current beauty favorites that I've been fiddling with during this spring/summer season. So I'll tell you why these particular products are the beauties of the moment and why you should consider owning them.Olay Total Effects Anti-Aging Night Firming Treatment ~ the name is a doozy but the product is totally worth it. Now that I'm getting even closer to 30, I'm starting to see fine laugh lines, which isn't funny at all. So I use this cream religiously every night as the antioxidants in the cream are supposed to make the skin firm. I'd like to look 10 years younger for as long as I can. {Target ~ $19}

♥ I mentioned the 100% Pure Honey Almond Body Scrub in my What I'm Loving post and guess what? I'm still loving it, except now it's almost all gone. The organic rosehip and apricot oils are really what make your skin so extremely smooth without drying it out. It's perfection all year round. {100% Pure ~ $25}
♥ When it comes to mineral makeup, Lumiere has my number (ever since I first introduced them on the Muse in 2011). The Lumiere Fresh Roses Blush is my best kept secret for adding a pop of color. And that's coming from a girl who used to be scared of rosy cheeks. {Lumiere Cosmetics ~ $12}

♥ Now, my favorite eyeliner pencil is the Urban Decay 24/7 glide-on, but that can run you about $20 a pop. So a less expensive alternative is this NYC Kohl Brow/Eyeliner Pencil, which I like to use for under my eyes (as I stick to liquid liner for the top). This pencil can help give you a smoky look like that of the poker diva Liz Lieu who is very stylish when all glammed up--plus it glides on so well. And the fresh roses blush for rosy cheeks is sure to help with her poker face!

Back in high school, my friends and I would put together fun poker games on the weekends. It was a great way to spend time together and just hang out, especially since we were too young to play poker at the casinos at the time. Annie Duke was always one of my favorite female poker players to watch. Both she and Liz Lieu really stand out (with their makeup and their skills) in this poker playing boys club. {Target ~ $2}
♥ I'm not really a stickler when it comes to fragrances. I just like to have a high-end perfume and a mid-range version. Right now I'm into Goddess by Kimora Lee Simmons (seductive, bold, sensual blend). The way perfumes are described has always been weird to me. Not once has a man sniffed me and wanted to seduce me in an exotic wood garden. {Drugstore.com ~ $24}

♥ As you should know by now, I love natural hair and one of my favorite brands for curly girls is Organix, which I gave a shout-out to in a Makeup and Muses post in April. My go-to hair product right now is the Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Intensive Treatment. Not only does it deep condition your hair and leave it soft, but it also smells like heaven. If I could, I would use it as a second perfume and eat it too. {Ulta ~ $8}
A portion of this post was written as a collaboration. All opinions are my own.

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  1. These are great sounding products. Will have to look into the skin ones you talked about. I use the argan oil in my hair, works brilliantly and it does smell amazing, I love it. Never smelled that perfume, love perfumes, but it takes me ages to find one I love as I'm sensitive to certain smells, I get headaches. But, I like what you said, made me laugh...the descriptions of perfumes are always far out there, haha. I hope you have a great weekend :)

  2. Awesome products, darling!
    Must try that Moroccan Argan Oil!


  3. Have fun in London...love that city :)) And those fascinators with big curly hair is awesome, I do agree :))

  4. Olay total effects is an amazing product. I used to use their body wash and I was in love with it. So good. xo

  5. great picks Cheryl
    i want to try the argan oil treatment but we hardly get here in India

  6. I use that Organix product as well, and absolutely love it! :)

  7. That Olay sounds really good. Will check that out. And haven't tried NYC liners before. If they're as good as the Urban Decay ones, I'm in:)

  8. Argan is great! I have used some of these, but have never smelled or used Kimora Lee products. I'm also due for a new eye pencil, as I just ran out the other day! :-) Happy weekend!

  9. My mom uses Organix! And It looks like I'll have to try that almond body scrub. Your comment on the fragances, HAHA! That's so true...I've never smelt Goddess maybe I'll check it out next time at Macy's, if they have it there.

    Thanks for posting this!


  10. I loveee Argan oil (and now you have me wanting to try Kimora's fragrance!) xo

  11. Great beauty products darling!!!!
    Enjoy your WE!!!!

  12. I'm a HUGE argan oil fan - I will try anything w/ it! :)

    Hope you have a great trip - Safe travels!

  13. I use the super expensive Moroccan hair oil and now I feel silly. That brand is SO MUCH cheaper. I need to head over to Ulta ASAP.

  14. Beautiful! great essentials!
    Kisses from Miami,

  15. These products sounds great. Wow, you in london. Mehnn.. need to see that cute face of yours.

  16. I love these products and the Moroccan argan oil products are just fantastic for every hair type!

  17. Loved this post and reading over your great recommendations, I would love to try the blush and argan oil treatment. The honey almond scrub sounds amazing too! Have a great weekend doll!

  18. i have GOT to get that scrub! HaHaHa Thanks Cheryl!

  19. Great post!!!
    Beautiful blog:)

    If you want, we can follow each other. Kisses

  20. Great review! I love the products:)


  21. thank you for the recommendations! i find oil of olay is always a nice, simply effective product.

  22. I may need to try some of these - thanks for sharing!

  23. I need to try these beauty products and I love Moroccan Oil and haven't tried that brand so I definitely will check it out. Nice post Cheryl


  24. Absolutely wonderful! I want that honey scrub! I also what that blush powder!


    Erin @ http://trufflesnruffles.com/


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