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What I'm Loving in June


The first day of summer is just one week away and I'm bathing in the warm weather and outdoor fun. These are just a few of the things that scream summer to me, and they're also what I'm loving in June...until I go on vacation to Jamaica, that is.| I know two-pieces are what's hot and all, but I have such a love for one-pieces, monokinis and boy short maillots right now it's not even funny. The retro vibe is killing it | Taking a break from my book club for some light magazine reading, starting with InStyle | It seems like every restaurant in the Bay Area offers bread pudding French toast or mac & cheese, and I tend to order them both because they are always delicious! | Rum is my alcohol of choice, so I'm totally looking forward to mojitos (with real mint leaves) in Jamaica this month | And then I'll top it off with the new seasons of Dexter and True Blood when I get back--can't wait for gory action |

What are you loving this June?

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  1. Love all these things too, so cool :) The bathing suits are wonderful, I prefer this style to bikinis. And yes, Dexter and True Blood, never miss them, love these shows :))) I hope you have a wonderful weekend and have fun on your trip when you go too :)) x

  2. You are loving wonderful things!!!
    Love one piece swimsuit and light reading too lately!

  3. Oooooo....those swimsuits do look very nice. Anything retro is two-thumbs up for me:) And I've never seen those two shoes. I'm missing out!
    For this month, I'm looking forward to the end of the school year for the kiddos...heehee....

  4. You may have just inspired me to pick up a fun one piece! xo

  5. Ohhh Dexter! I hope I have time and can see that again, I loved that show! A mojito is always nice and refreshing. I really just want to go away for the rest of the summer to be honest, haha! :)

  6. I'm loving retro swimwear too - So cute & flattering!

  7. Lots of great things to look forward to this june! I still have to catch up on last seasons True Blood! Definitely need to learn to master the perfect mojito!
    Chic on the Cheap

  8. Awesome post, darling!
    I am craving a mojito now ;)


  9. It is such a joy not to have to go through Word verification, ahhhhhhh.

  10. Wonderful things Cheryl!!!
    Enjoy your weekend my fashion friend!!!!

  11. I agree with you, one piece is something I´d like to try this year too. And when it comes to summer swimsuit trends, I´m digging one piece retro swimsuits . I´m really sold to this style.

  12. Thats first swim suit is so cute, adore the retro design. Love mojitos (non-alcoholic) and I need to get into these series, haven't seen an episode yet would you believe! Thank you for your kind words, I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing weekend!

  13. I have to catch up on my magazine reading too. I have a small stack! LOL Those bathing suits are too cute! So retro! Have a great weekend doll.

  14. love dexter and that bread pudding french toast looks amazing!


    Erin @ http://www.truffles-ruffles.com/

  15. you look amazing I love so much True Blood that' what I love for June

  16. I'm loving those retro one-pieces!

    Mojitos are great! There was a place here that made lavender mint ones but they recently got rid of the lavender. :( Enjoy Jamaica!

  17. I agree! I'm all for the one-pieces. I've yet to find the perfect monokini...I'm on the hunt! I've heard nothing but good about True Blood and Dexter they are definitely on my never-ending list of TV shows I never got around to watching. I love a good mangorita....I don't think I've ever tried a mojito.



  18. I like looking at your websites. Thank you so much!

  19. bread pudding french toast sounds delicious!


  20. I say 'heck yes' to retro! Also, I love Dexter!

  21. So bummed that Dexter is ending :(

    I tried bread pudding for the first time not too long ago... and it was surprisingly delicious!

  22. I love one pieces but more for covering up. I'm so glad the styles are more cool these days. And bread pudding french toast sounds divine! In June, I'm loving the warm weather and longer daylight hours :).


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