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Asia Part Two: Thailand


After saying bye-bye to Singapore, we took a quick plane ride to Phuket, Thailand. It's really quite nice how easy it is to visit so many countries in SE Asia. We stayed at Villa Zolitude so we could experience a luxury spa vacation. This villa is not in Patong so it's a bit farther than the usual spots in Phuket, but it was really chill and serene. Above images courtesy of Villa Zolitude

 I got lunch with Aimee from Chic 'N Cheap Living while in Singapore and she recommended some great things for us to do while in Phuket like taking the Phang Nga Bay 8-Island tour.James Bond Island in Phang Nga Bay
Muslim Village -- Island in Phang Nga -- Ari and I on a Jet Ski

Phuket, Thailand Pros: Just about everything is quite inexpensive. The food is really tasty and very easy to like. The people are very nice and Phang Nga and the markets are worth seeing.

Phuket, Thailand Cons: It's more commercialized that I had expected, which makes the vendors some of the pushiest people I've ever met. Patong is too crazy and people don't speak English as well as I'd like.More pictures of James Bond Island
  • Go to Bangla Road in Patong if you want to see lady boys and ping pong shows (not the type of ping pong you might be accustomed to)
  • Stay in Chalong if you want to be away from the tourist spots and visit Wat Chalong Temple
  • Bring mosquito and insect spray because they will suck you dry if you have sweet, sweet blood like me
  • Visit the markets because they're awesome. Ask for cha-yen if you want Thai Iced Tea (and you do!), and it's only like 20 baht, which is practically 60 cents.
  • KFC seems to be a thing in these parts. Even the tourists from Australia seemed to talk about KFC like it was an amazing food spot. Remember that scene in Demolition Man where Sly Stallone does good police work and is told that as a reward he'll be taken to dinner at Taco Bell? But Taco Bell is like an upscale eatery now because all the restaurants are called Taco Bell. Well...it's nothing like that. It's just KFC without the biscuits.
Pina Colada and Spinach Rolls at Tiger KingdomWe started with the baby tigersThen went to the big leagues and hung out with the big tigers!

FYI: The tigers were well fed, in good condition and happy. They were not drugged. They have been with the company since they were really little and are used to people petting them and hugging them so they were cool with it as long as you didn't touch their face or front paws. They sleep like 18 hours a day as well.Big Buddha and praying monksAsanha Bucha at Wat Chalong TempleFeeding the baby elephantsMonkeys at a park

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  1. This was super cool. Loved the tigers part. My oldest would have been right there as soon as she got off the plane. She loves the big cats. SO beautiful and it's great that they are so well taken care of too. Looks like you had a great time, the place you stayed in looks so cool as well :)) Have a great day xx

  2. Oh my goodness at tigers ...
    Beautiful pics Cheryl
    Im yet to visit thailand and your post is quiet informative

  3. So great you visited my second home! Lovely photos and the ones with the tigers are my fave. Really a serene place to enjoy. I and hubby are off to Thailand and Phuket in two weeks, too. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  4. What???!!!

    These are real tigers?? That is AMAZING!!!

    All the photos are amazing. Now you really made me want to go to Thailand :)

  5. WOW...great pics, Cheryl, esp. the ones with the tiger! That's so amazing!
    And LOL on the KFC. Good to know this:D

  6. You totally enjoyed yourself darling!
    These are perfect pictures and information!

  7. Southeast Asia is becoming one of my favorite vacation spots. Phuket is certainly a favorite.

  8. Amazing pictures! Thailand Bali and Phuket are definitely on my travel list. Thanks for sharing the info!


  9. Wow those tiger pictures are just beautiful how many ppl could say they played around with adult tigers. I think that's so cool and you have those pictures for life! Love it! Thanks for sharing. I loved all of the ones you posted on your FB acct.

  10. OMG ELEPHANTS. OMG OMG. wait, omg. dying. AH!

  11. I lived the muslim village , and those baby tigers are so tiny... :P
    Keep in touch

  12. I'm so jealous! Gorgeous pics xxx

  13. Amazing! Everything in this post is amazing! Jealousy big time! :D

  14. Your photos of Phuket are amazing, Its a beautiful island, would love to visit again after seeing your great memories, How amazing are those majestic tigers, wow! Its so great that you met Aimee, she is the sweetest!

  15. Great photos. Looks like an amazing trip.=)

  16. Absolutely amazing pics!
    Love the tigers!


  17. so so so cute love these pictures

    my blog here www.islandchic77.com

  18. OMG Cheryl... amazing pics with the tigers!!!!
    I love Puket!

  19. Ewww, ''eyes popping'' Omg!!! not in my next world, i wont give this a try,a tiger? HAaa!!! But sincerely you look amazing, you look so calm.I brag about little cats but not like these meat eaters. Aha-HOooooOoooOh No way! Have fun sweetie, can't wait to see your next post.

  20. Stunning photos and I wish I was on vacation too!!

  21. That looks like so much fun. I love Thailand. I've only been to Bangkok but it is was fantastic.

  22. That looks like so much fun. I love Thailand. I've only been to Bangkok but it is was fantastic.

  23. That looks like so much fun. I love Thailand. I've only been to Bangkok but it is was fantastic.

  24. Wow, those pics with the tigers are incredible - thanks for the info, this is on my must visit list for next year.

  25. Wow love your pictures, seems like you've enjoyed your travels! I would love to lounge with Tigers too...definitely on my to-do list when I'm next in Thailand :)

    x Gi

  26. Wow, Tiger Kingdom looks insane! i was wondering if you really got that close to them. I'm glad you mostly liked Phuket. It is pretty developed, but I do love the food and scenery!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  27. What a seriously beautiful Villa! Those photos of you both with the tigers are incredible. I don't know if I could ever get that close to one though!

  28. Wow Wow Wow!!!!! these photos look amazing. I love the beautiful place you stayed, the photos with the tigers are amazing and that is hilarious about KFC. The food looks really delicious too. I love Thai food and I sure you had some amazing food while you were there. Looks like you had a great trip! I have Thailand on my bucket list of places to go. I am still working my way down the list:-)


  29. Brilliant photos. I love that shot of the tigers, that's so cool! I reckon, I should make my way to Thailand very soon. /Madison :)

  30. Gah! I can't believe you stayed here! And that you got to meet Aimee! And play with baby tigers! This looks like the most incredible vacay ever, Cheryl!! :)

  31. Thanks for your visit Cheryl... Have a Fantastic Friday!

  32. Wonderful post; I loved it!xo
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  33. No biscuits....*blank stare* what is even the point then haha. Love the tigers of course as I said on facebook. I'd love to do that one day. I want to feed elephants as well!

  34. beautiful villa, but the tigers alone would be worth it for me!! awesome!!

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  35. WOW !! Loved the tiger pics totally!!!

    New Post up...
    ❤ StylishByNature.com

  36. I love the photos! We ended up in Krabi, which is less commercialized than Phuket and we really liked it... Salem loved the elephants (We rode them through the jungle!!) and Lukus & I enjoyed our half day trip to Hong Island most (Salem stayed back at the hotel in the kids program for that...). I am terribly jealous of the Tigers, thought! That looked amazing!

  37. OMG YOU GOT TO CUDDLE TIGERS. That is one of my life's dreams!!!!!


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