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Summer Travel Essentials


Last fall I shared my Travel Style Guide and it focused on what to wear during your flight. This post is more so about what to bring whenever you travel, especially since so many people are on the go in the summer.

If you're traveling out of the country, do remember to bring your Passport. I almost forgot mine before heading to Jamaica. But also remember to bring it back so you don't get trapped in a foreign country!

Even if you don't typically wear one, it's still good to travel with a watch. It's an easy way to keep on track (not missing your flight; remembering the time for happy hour, etc) and you don't have to worry about carrying your phone around (especially if you don't want to use roaming) just to check the time.I don't really care what level of protection you want, but do pack your sunscreen--no matter your complexion. I have a friend who sat out for an entire day and got her first sunburn ever and was shocked that she could even get sunburned. The point is, it will help protect you from skin cancer, bad burns and awful peeling. And you can still tan if that's your thing.

If you are connected by the hip to your cell phone, then at least buy a protective waterproof case for it (and for your camera) so that you can bring it to the beach, the pool, the waterfalls or whatever and never miss an Instagram or Tweet beat.Unless you're getting a mani done beforehand, be sure to pack a few quick-dry nail polishes in three basic colors. You want it to dry instantly because even though you're on vacation, we all know you're still very busy. A color like Petal Pusher is a neutral, everyday tone; Mint Sprint is a great color for the season; and Speedy Sunburst is look-at-me bold for a chic, night-time appeal.

So put these travel essentials together with my previous travel style guide and you should be all set from what to put on your body to what to pack in your purse!

What are some other travel essentials that come to mind?

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  1. This is a great list!! Passports are so important, even though I live here now, I always carry my passport (I still have a US one) and the waterproof cases for the phone and camera are good. And yes, sunscreen, even if you never burn it's better for your skin against wrinkles & even worse cancer. I always use mine. I would bring cleansing wipes and anti-bacterial hand gel as sometimes the bathrooms in other places aren't so great, haha. Have a great day doll :)

  2. All definite essentials! Though personally, I've never painted my nails whilst away on vacation, but it sounds like a fun idea! Also, I's say to never forget your chargers! For your phone, laptop, or whatever electronic you bring. It gets really difficult to be stuck without your phone because your battery died.

  3. I know what you mean about the sunburn, but I'm rubbish in taking care of this ;)) Plus, I don't get to the burned stage, first I get a heat rush and than spend the time hiding in the shades with a cold mojito.

  4. Very useful post..,
    Keep in touch,

  5. We don't travel out of the country much, but so agree with the waterproof case for the phone and camera, esp when going close to the water. I almost ruined our cam when we were in a water park and almost dropped it on the pool. Eek!

  6. Great round-up! The passport reminder is a necessity too sadly, I usually set a reminder. :)

  7. A very useful list, Cheryl. :) I always make it a point to never forget my watch and sunscreen.

  8. I take all of this and others, except nail varnish, because I am crap at that so I get a manicure beforehand, lol. I also take sanitizer and allergy medicine. :)

  9. Waterproof casings are a MUST!! And great tip with the polishes. I usually always try to make sure I'm not wearing polish before I leave for a trip, but it's the little extra things like those that make you feel all the more special.

  10. This is a fabulous list!!!!
    What I always carry is my bottle of insect repellant!!!
    You will need it believe me!

  11. So jealous of all your travels! Definitely need a good SPF :)

  12. Amazing post ;) Very beautiful polish nail ;)

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  13. Fabulous selections, darling!
    Love that watch!


  14. Interesting list Cheryl.... tnx for sharing!!!!
    I hope that you are having an excellent summer!!!!

  15. Great post, i love all your picks!

    Check out my blog :)


  16. Nice list! I bring everything that you could possibly need on a trip and my husband thinks I'm crazy but is also appreciative of it. I like to say I have a "Mary Poppins Bag". lol

  17. I need a waterproof case for my iPhone.=)

  18. Hi Cheryl, great post, I was mentally ticking off everything you have on your list (especially a watch, I always forget mine) until I came to waterproof phone case. Thats something I never thought about before, need to get one asap! I appreciate you taking the time to comment! Happy Friday Doll!

  19. Love the tip on bringing quick dry polish!!

  20. love this , I love the polish tip too. Thank you for sharing at the Thursday favorite things hop xo


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