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Inspiring Style: Isabel Marant for H&M


Yes, we have yet another designer collaboration on our hands. This time it's Isabel Marant for H&M, which launches both online and in stores Thursday, Nov. 14. Are you excited for this one? If you're not sure, let me show you what they're working with! --circles around my favorite looks--

♥ The first blazer at the very top with the red shoulder detail--enticing.
♥ That coat in the third row at the end with the shiny lapel--yes, please! Also diggin' the white pants with the black side stitching and the draping on the tops.
♥ Gotta get my hands on either the black or red leather crop pants with the zippers in the first row. The color doesn't matter because they're both hot. And the top in the last image--calling my name.

I will admit that I don't think most of this is my style. But who needs most? I just need the 2 or 3 things that I have my eyes on. Is Isabel Marant for H&M your thing? I have a feeling this one is going to sell out quick.

P.S. ~ Here is a list of the H&M stores that will actually carry the collection (or you can try shopping online):
Will you shop this designer collaboration?

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  1. These are great!! Though, I don't rarely shop at these kinds of things because then you have masses of people with the same thing as you and I don't like that. The collection is ok though, not completely my thing. And I've seen on other blogs people that will buy it just because it's designer, which is a bit sad, haha. But,t here is a dress in the last section here, that I wouldn't mind having. I just hope everyone is able to get what they like and don't act like fools just to get it, the mass hysteria over clothes is sad. I hope you get what you like and no one gets grumpy with you, haha. I know how people behave in times like this! xx

  2. I was really super excited about this collection, but alas, I found out I won't be able to go to H&M the day it comes out, and there are only three stores in Toronto carrying it!
    I think I'm staying away from H&M for awhile as well, since reading that book Overdressed...sigh....

  3. This was one collection that I was pretty excited about - I really love a lot of the pieces. Sadly my local H&M is pretty much totally picked over!

    Courtney ~ Sartorial Sidelines

  4. very lovely collection and most of them are really screaming my name.


  5. Stunning collection! Especially when grey is the leading colour :)

    Lu ❤ www.balgarka.co.uk

  6. Great collection, I love the gold and silver details. The first blazer is amazing, I love it too!

  7. I'm quite excited about this collab. I don't have it me to queue up but I will definitely be trying my luck out online!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  8. I think this is going to sell out FAST! So many have been talking about this collection. I hope they made enough, because it is definitely desired. Really cute stuff. Good luck Cheryl!

  9. There are some really nice pieces but I am probably going to pass. I have so many Christmas presents to buy! lol

    I think it's great seeing places like H&M, Kohl's, etc. doing more collaborations.

  10. Oh, I love H&M and those red leather pants!! <3

    New Blog Post: Cheer Up Your Mood With Your Clothes

  11. Very nice collection, cannot wait for it
    Keep in touch,

  12. The coat is also on the list of my favourite!

  13. People really do go hard for these kind of thingz though...LOL!! I read the different kind of funny, silly stories when Philip Lim collection hit the Target stores. I couldn't help, but laugh behind my laptop! OAN: There are some good pieces here. Great Post dear!


  14. I can understand the boho type of appeal that surrounds this collection, its not my style but i do like some of the cute sweaters and jeans in this range. And its always a plus when a fab designer collaborates with H&M

  15. Cheryl, I still have not seen Magic Mike! I have it saved on my phone, but haven't had the time. I feel like such a loser. I've literally seen every Alex Pettyfer movie except for that one! Waaaaaaaaaaah! Hopefully, this weekend.....

  16. I really am debating on the long version of that fabulous textured jacket, it's gorgeous but probably will sell out quickly. Online is the best way for these type of things! I also like your selections! :)

  17. the new line is so Northwest but with a futuristic touch. I would love to own the fury coat!

  18. i actually really like this collection. I like ur selections and I'll add in a few sweater and the shoes


  19. I would LOVE one of the tweed jackets! We'll see then!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  20. i went last night looking for it. i was day early. rats!!

  21. I've heard such mixed reviews about this collection. I have heard that there isn't much versatility when it comes to a plus size gal like myself being able to wear it (aka no XL or stretch in the L). Still looks cute though.

  22. That red tweed (??) jacket is pretty dope.

  23. I really, really like this collection! I love the fact that Isabel also made items for men and children! I will try to buy some items for my boyfriend as they are quite awesome!
    I have a lot of favorites for myself as well! :)


  24. I loooove this collection- and actually picked up a few things this afternoon at hm.com! Can't wait to get 'em in the post! :)


  25. I love the structured look of the blazers..why did I not know H&M sold clothes online?!

  26. So lovely of you to stop by. Happy Friday!

  27. I rarely shop the designer collabs, but I really like the black and red leather cropped pants. I'm just happy that I can actually shop h&m online. The closest one to me is more than an hour away :/

  28. They all sold out online here in the UK.Not sure if i would be buying this time, still got loads of previous designers for h&m in my wardrobe still hanging. I won't be making that stupid mistake again.This time one is okay and that would be the sequin leggings,that is if i find them in stores or online.

  29. I'm not all that into designer collabs but this is one I'd definitely shop. I love the understated details and colors. It doesn't scream designer collab!


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