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What the Hubs Is Loving in November


The hubs has hijacked my What I'm Loving post this month. Apparently, he really wants the world to know exactly what's on his mind in November because he thinks he's super cool and interesting (hey, that's why I write these posts).

We ladies all know how well monochrome colors look in the fall, and apparently, the guys know this too. The hubs is so 50 shades of gray right now, especially when it comes to gray pants and gray shoes. I'm sure I'll see these H&M canvas shoes (for $19.95) in the house soon. Oh wait, I think they've already arrived in the mail as he bought them while this post was being written.

Low sugar, low calorie, no cholesterol coconut water is almost always in my fridge because the hubs can't get enough of it. He's all about the real deal coco water and not the flavored versions. More importantly, it boosts your metabolism to help you lose weight while also being a great drink to cure the next day's hangover.

The hubs is also all over all things indie documentary. He always wants to drag me to go see the latest low-budget movie that inspires, but I'm too interested in seeing Chris Hemsworth hit things with a large hammer. His two faves at the moment are Exit Through the Gift Shop (a Banksy street art film) and The Act of Killing (Indonesian genocide).

When it comes to being food-venturous, the hubs wins in this regard. For November, he's really into Korean BBQ. And although I love bulgogi and fish cake kimchi, I don't need to eat it as much as he does. His favorites include short ribs, regular kimchi (but the smell terrifies me) and bibimbap!

Last, but not least, would be his love for indoor gym sports. He's been doing indoor rock climbing for a few months now, but this month he is starting to get really into both rock climbing and squash. One of these days he might even take the rock climbing outdoors, but did I ever tell you about that one time he forgot to strap in? No? Well, that's for another blog post.

What are you loving this November?

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  1. On the hunt for coconut water now!

  2. FORGOT TO STRAP IN?! Terrifying. I love Korean BBQ so so yummy.

  3. So super! I like indie films too :) It's cool he hijacked your post, haha ;-)

  4. Big YES to Korean bbq.

    PS You and your hubs are too cute:D

  5. I have never had Korean bbq before but I think we may go tonight for dinner! Thanks for the inspiration Cheryl! xo

  6. I wanna do rock climbing too ... haven't tried it ever.

  7. Oh wait ... I did as a kid ... but need to do it the 'real' deal now :P

  8. the Korean bbq looks amazing and i so love Indian movies


  9. Cute post! I love rock climbing, we used to do it all the time. It's fun and exhausting! :)

  10. Those shoes are great and will go with everything. Good choice on his part :)

    Mmm. Korean BBQ sounds so good!

  11. Lolvey ^^
    I love shoes


  12. This is such a great post I really like the sneakers. Looking forward to seeing your next post. :)

    What Kenny Hearts, a Lifestyle Blog by Kenny.

  13. Fun that your hubby got to do a post.=)

  14. This is too cute! I love that you let hubby share his favorites this month. Mine wears gray and navy blue all the time lol. Speaking of hammers, I've got my fingers crossed hoping hubby takes me to see Chris Hemsworth this weekend. Is it bad that I planned our first date after baby around Thor hitting theaters? Lol!

    Great post, hun!

  15. Your hubs has great taste! We like Korean BBQ so much that we have our own grill :)

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  16. Bless you and the hubs for this wonderful post. Man! I heard that coconut water does wonders, I need to start sipping fast!!!

  17. Oh I heard of this film "Exit Through the Gift Shop" I hear it is good. And that Korean food looks soooo good. I am sorta hungry now.

    Allie of Dressing Ken

  18. mmm korean bbq


  19. I need to try Coconut Water and Korean BBQ. I've never had either. Every time I see rock climbing I think of Tom Cruise in MI:2 That was a fantastic scene. Your hubby has excellent taste Cheryl.

  20. loved exit through the gift shop! i shared 2 docs i loved on the blog yesterday!

  21. I seriously need to try some coconut water!!


  22. Love your blog and your fashion shop! I will find that coconut water. Found you through Katherine's Corner.

  23. Now I want Korean food! I love healthy(ish) Asian foods.

  24. He has great taste! Very cool sneakers and I love indie flicks too. I appreciate your thoughts hun...Happy End of the Week!

  25. Loving the Miami weather (is beyond perfect), loving my boyfriend more than ever and my new appartment!
    Much love and kisses from Miami,

  26. I've never tried korean food, but it looks pretty tasty.
    Chic on the Cheap

  27. you are so sweeet! Looks like the shoes was a surprise! It's good to read how you show your love for your husband...

  28. I saw "Exit through the gift shop" on Amazon's on-demand service. Will have to check it out! I LOVE korean BBQ too! For Nov, I'm really looking forward to Turkey Day. So is J!


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