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Friday, May 23, 2014

Gifs of My Life

We've all seen those Buzzfeed articles that express feelings through Gifs, and I thought I'd do the same here. So I'm giving you some insight into my emotions via some amazing pop culture expressions. Enjoy the slideshow!

Click here if the slideshow isn't working for you for some odd reason. Hello to the weekend, muses.

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alexis said...

HAHAHAHA--- This is hysterical!

Especially the grocery shopping side eye :)

~Alexis Grace of North On Harper

Lubka Christova said...

You made me laugh on so many different levels :))

20 Credits? Lots credits?!



Seriously, haha! I agree with all of these! :-) Have a fantastic weekend!

Tanvi Rastogi said...

Hahaha Best post ever! I feel you on all of them :D

∞ ∞

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