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My Staged Instagram Life


In the month of July I read a post about staged Instagram shots and completely loved it because it's totally true. Then I saw a couple other bloggers do their own versions of it, so I thought, what the hell! Take a peek into my Instagram lies life (complete with the hashtags)--but let's continue to follow each other, mmkay? I'm awesome.

1. Juicing Shot
What You See
I juice. I read. I'm awesome. Juicing is the new black. #gymlife #smoothie #summerbody

What You Don't
This smoothie took a few tries to actually taste good (imo). And so did the shot. I wanted it to be the perfect green without looking like puke. And I came this close to using a different magazine because I'm not that into T-Swift.

2. Stage Beauty
What You See
How pretty, pretty princess is this lovely Oscar de la Renta perfume? Oh, and I got it for free--don't you wish you could smell it? #sweet #beauty #tbt

What You Don't
OMG, it's difficult to get the right lighting with a clear bottle. I tried it outside--nope. Tried it against the wall--nope. Tried it on the windowsill--nope; until I put this "love" decoration behind it. Wanted to keep it in color (and maybe should have). Almost forgot to actually put it on that day.

3. Oh, Are We Taking a Selfie?
What You See
On my way to do something cool and looking too cute while doing so! Don't you just love my dual color mani, oversize sunglasses and bashful smile. Ain't I a stinker? #nailpolish #pastels

What You Don't
This is probably the 9th take for this shot. And no matter what I did, I couldn't get my hands from looking so manly. And the hubs almost hit the car in front of him on the freeway because I'm usually in charge of paying attention on the road (which I wasn't doing)--even when I'm not the one driving. Btw--who dresses like that to see Mary Poppins?

4. I Have Nothing to Wear (except for the clothes on my back)
What You See
A very artfully done shot with a sneak peek of an outfit post on the blog (outfit here). Everything I wear is perfection, even when I have nothing to wear. #ihavenothingtowear #ootd #weshoplately

What You Don't
I searched through hell and high water to find a colorful wall in Oakland. Apparently, the best walls in Oakland are next to homeless men who scream--loudly. I wanted to get this shot quickly before the homeless man decided to give me an up close and personal scream show.

5. I Don't Always Lunch, but When I Do--I Instagram It
What You See
Yum! This seafood linguine is quite frankly the most delicious thing on the planet, and I'm about to eat it. I'm literally having the most perfect day. #pasta #trivia #shelfie #tablescape

What You Don't
First of all, this is not a tablescape. Stop hashtagging things incorrectly! But unlike some other people, I actually do eat the food that I instagram. I just don't always let other people eat their food until I've Instagrammed it...duh! But seriously, that pasta was amazing.

6. I'm Retro. I'm Cool.
What You See
Don't you always end your day with a nice glass of white wine and a little Lana on your modern, yet vintage record player? No? How sad. (no hashtags, but I did write: "pants optional")

What You Don't
You see that pink vinyl? Yeah, that's not Lana Del Rey. That record is Of Monsters and Men. That's what I was actually listening to at the moment, but I had the Lana album cover out because her cover art is better. I did listen to Lana later though...maybe...not sure. Oh, and I hate that I can see myself in my wine glass. I was quite concerned with spilling it on the carpet. Thankfully, that didn't happen. This girl knows how to hold her liquor.

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  1. Love this post- too funny! It's so true though, instagram is about artfully lying :D

  2. This is so so cool Cheryl! love it!
    I used to wonder how these people on instagram are either constantly lunching, partying or just generally always having a fab life lol! Sweet consolation for those of us with not so perfect instagram pages lol.

  3. This is hilarious! & OMG about your bf! Mine is the same way, although he's driving, I'M keeping my eyes on the road. What the... ?! lol

    ♥ | www.connect-the-cloths.com | xoxo

  4. I think sometimes it can be true but the way they use the word "staged" sounds so negative. It's more like prepared artful photography. I set up my shots sometimes and I'm not ashamed. Other times I grab the camera and just take a quick photo of what I'm eating, my manicure or whatever. It's a good mix, I think.

    P.S. Can't wait to see the full outfit!

  5. Hahaha well you certainly do not have man hands. You look great and keep you eyes on the road : o

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  6. I enjoyed reading through, words can't express the similarity of my instagramness to yours. The reality is surreal. I was laughing most of this hahaha


  7. This was great Cheryl! I love the stories behind the story. :D

  8. I saw the original take on this and honestly--- your's is funnier!!!! And frankly, much more chic :)

    ~Alexis Grace of North On Harper

  9. Lol, Cheryl you are a riot!! Instagram is incredibly staged but yours are super cute -- I'm going to steal some of those tricks :)

  10. hahaha i love this! i've seen that post too about staging instagram photos... i'm guilty as charged, although i never get good lighting at home so i'm still not too happy with my photos... but oh well :)

    like the photo of the skirt i tagged you in... oh it just happens that the cherry blossom branch i used at our wedding just happened to be laying on top of my new skirt.... :D :D :D

    good night cheryl!

    rhea @ rheaetcetera.com


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