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VDay Gift Guide 2016


Another Valentine's Day, another gift guide. I'm featuring 12 great pieces that are great for any occasion, but especially on Valentine's Day. I highly recommend the Jessica Simpson TEN spray that celebrates the 10th anniversary of the collection. The floral, fruity scent (with a white chocolate bean undertone) is a current favorite. And you gotta love the bottle design featuring the elegant feather, which is a symbol of the brand's free spirited style.

The By Maria prints are two new additions to my office gallery wall and kitchen. Designs by Maria has a ton of great quotes and images to spruce up any space, including deals when you buy multiples. And c'mon, we both know you can't go wrong with lush lips and donuts.

Did you know I actually own those Star Wars hand towels (see here)? The hubs got them for me last Valentine's Day -- best gift ever. And I really can't think of a better use for emojis than as stud earrings. What's your favorite item here and what's on your VDay wish list?

Clearly, I see a lot of donuts, macarons and cookies in my life.

Shop: | Phone Case - heart accessories | Jessica Simpson TEN spray | Wine Glasses - Gift Boutique accessoriesBy Maria prints | Wildfox Eyemask - Valentine's Day | Personalized Map of Our Hearts | Assorted Macaron box | Love Pillow collection | Kate Spade Emoji studs | Owen & Fred Hey Handsome travel kit | Mason Jar Cookie Co cookie mix | Star Wars Han & Leia towels |

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  1. The perfume sounds lovely!! Love Valentine's Day xx

  2. I want those Star Wars hand towels!

  3. Fab ideas! I love the personalized Map of Our Hearts! It looks really cute and clever.

  4. Those hand towels are adorable and the Kate Spade emoji studs are my favourite. :)

  5. such cute picks! I wouldn't mind receiving a box of macarons from my beau ;)

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra I a travel & style blog

  6. What a cute gift guide! I just love those little emoji earrings! :)

  7. I need the Star Wars hand towels in my life!

  8. OMG those towels are perfect!

  9. These are super cute gift ideas! I love the pillows and the towels - hilarious!


  10. Great inspiration!
    Have a nice evening!
    Angela Donava

  11. I need the hand towels!


  12. The sleep masks are my favorite! On my wishlist is candy and lotion!

  13. Those prints are so cute and such a great deal too! I'm definitely going to check out that shop! I also love the "Hey Handsome" kit. I remember when you got the Han/Leia towels. So perfect <3

  14. LOL At those S.Wars hand towels "I love you"... "I know". haha


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