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Monday, December 3, 2018

At-Home Latte Art with Holiday Coffee & Creamers at Target

Would it be weird if I told you that I only really started drinking coffee about five years ago? Granted, I certainly had moments in my 20s in college where I'd grab a coffee for a late-night cram session. But I didn't really start to appreciate the joy of a well-crafted brew until most recently. And now that we're in the middle of fall and winter is approaching, the long nights and low temps have me yearning for a warm cup of joe.
This month, I'm putting two of my favorite things together -- coffee and Target -- and sharing a fun holiday entertaining idea that your friends and family are sure to love this season. And if you want to get your hands on some great items at Target, be sure to download and use the Cartwheel app and save up to 20% on participating coffee and creamer products until 12/22.

Easy, At-Home Latte Art

Are you into latte art? Of course, you are! With the help of your favorite coffee and creamer brand from Target, you can easily design your own at-home latte art with a seasonal twist. One of my favorite coffee and creamer combos has got to be the Silk® Almond Caramel Creamer (which is Non-GMO, soy, gluten and dairy free), and the Folgers® Caramel Drizzle® Flavored K-Cup® pod (made with 100% Arabica beans). In case you couldn't tell, I love caramel flavored everything!

What You'll Need

  • Coffee
  • Creamer
  • Frother
  • Stencils
  • Cinnamon
Creating latte art might sound daunting, but it's actually a fairly easy process. Start with brewing an 8-ounce cup of rich and buttery Folgers® coffee with an easy-to-use K-Cup® pod. While your drink is brewing, pour some delicious Silk® creamer into another cup and use a frother to create a foam-like texture.
Pro-tip: I've found that the best way to create latte art at home is by using stencils and a coffee shaker filled with cinnamon. And the best way for the art to showcase itself is when it's placed on top of a foamy creamer.
Once your coffee is ready, add your foamy creamer as a top layer to your coffee, but do not stir. Place your stencil on the top of the coffee mug (without touching the creamer) and shake the cinnamon onto the stencil. I'm using holiday-inspired stencils, like a Christmas tree and a bow. Once you've adequately covered the stencil with cinnamon, gently remove the stencil so that you're left with your latte art design.
Not only is this a great way to start your morning, but it's also a fun way to get a little creative this holiday. And don't feel discouraged if your latte art isn't perfect. It usually takes a couple tries to get it right, and the act of creating the art is half the fun. So if you have friends and family over this December and you all wake up in the morning ready for a tasty cup of coffee and creamer, take a shot at creating at-home latte art that's guaranteed to have a delicious payoff.

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  1. This is so cute. I love when you get art on the top of drinks. Although, I don't drink coffee or anything like that, I still like to see them, ha!! Hope you have a great week ahead lovely x

  2. I've always been amazed by latte arts and can never do it as well as coffee baristas. No matter how many YouTube channels I watch LOL. The stencil idea is genius and for sure trying it out!

  3. Such a cute way to do latte art! Of course I'm still working on my leaf. I haven't really gotten much better than a blob yet though!

  4. Oh my gosh you did such a good job! I had no idea I could get latte art to look this good at home; I need to try all this!

  5. Look at that coffee art. So cute. I take my coffee black ... definitely gonna get this brand next I am out shopping.


  6. I am not much of a coffee drinker; maybe one or two coffee cups in a month but I really do love seeing coffee mugs with those beautiful art work on them and I never really knew how it was created. It's good to know that this art can be created at home too. I love your easy recipe and instructions for this coffee art DIY. Have a beautiful week.

  7. Oh my gosh how adorable is that! I've always wondered how to get the designs!

  8. You did such a great job, I love my coffee. I have a similar frother and use it daily.


  9. Love the idea of making latte art at home! I'm always so impressed by the baristas when they do it!

    xx Mollie

  10. You look so comfy and chic. Your beverage looks too yummy to drink. Enjoy. . .

  11. It's so cool and fun that you can do latte art at home like this! I don't drink coffee and can't even remember the last time I had a cup. It has to be years now.

  12. How cute and creative!! Also, LOVE almond milk creamers!

    How 2 Wear It []

  13. Oh my gosh! Cheryl...your work looks so professional! I don't think I've ever tried latte art, as I'm one of those peeps who literally just down coffee by the gallons everyday and never really take sips:P This is so cool:) And yay for anything caramel.

  14. Oh I love this! I just found a great 60 count set of latte stencils on Amazon. I am going to get them!!

    Allie of

  15. I definitely need to get some stencils for myself! I never thought to try this for latte art. So creative, friend! And I gotta get that coffee and creamer for my husband to enjoy. He's caramel-obsessed!

  16. This is such a cute gift idea for the holidays! Looks delicious, too!


  17. I've tried for the longest time to do coffee art but it just hasn't happened yet. Thanks for your tips. I will be sure to try again!

  18. Okay this is sooo cute!! I love this idea, and definitely need to try this!

    cute & little

  19. Look at you- so fancy and festive! And I love this creamer- I have it in my fridge right now!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  20. This is so fun. The perfect way to present lattes for a small gathering or fun brunch.

    Xx, Nailil

  21. I don't drink coffee, but I love the latte art :)

  22. This is such an adorably fun idea dear! Thanks for sharing!
    Jessica |

  23. So impressed you did this yourself! It looks professional!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  24. I don't drink coffee, but this sure sounds great Cheryl. That art is everything, even for a non-coffee drinker.

  25. What a fun idea - I could totally see doing this for a Christmas brunch!

  26. This is adorable and impressive!! What a cute holiday idea.

  27. This is such a cute idea! This would be a fun idea for a nice easy morning!

  28. We use Folgers at home. I need to let my fiance know about this new one. Cause it looks so good.

  29. Okay, I never thought to do latte art at home but these are adorable!! And crazy to think that all the high school kids drink coffee now, I didn't really love it until after college!

  30. OMG.. that looks so professional



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