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cynthia rowley top cynthia rowley top

Seems to make sense to wear something from American Eagle over Labor Day weekend, am I right? These are actually low-rise jeggings, but they look and feel like denim. I'm in love. I wore this to the Electronic Sriracha Festival--a festival of 35 food trucks, music, outdoor bars and sriracha-infused eats. Before leaving the house, the hubs asked when it's OK to wear a shirt where people can see your bra? So I said that a music festival would do the trick. You muses agree? Hot festival, hot day, hot look. This floral lace top is perfection and as VMAs-risque as I get.

Since it was a bit of a hot day, I opted for a wine chiller at the festival. It was basically a wine spritzer but instead of club soda it was Squirt with some chardonnay. For dessert I stopped by the food truck that offered vanilla bean ice cream with a condensed milk topping. OMG, Becky--it was the most delicious (and decadent) thing ever.

Sidenote, have you ever seen the movie Labor Day with Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin? I watched it on one of the many plane rides from South Africa and enjoyed it. It's girly and sappy, which isn't usually my style, but it's good.

On the Muse: | Concrete Runway bold in blue lace top | American Eagle low-rise jeggings | Lily Wang Wonderland statement necklace c/o | Target fedora | Foster Grant mirrored aviators c/o | Forever 21 d'orsay flats | Forever 21 crossbody satchel |

How have you spent (or are still spending) your Labor Day weekend?
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People always ring my doorbell when I don't have on any pants.

One of my most favorite things to do is go see a matinee by myself. That's my favorite type of "me" time.

In my first Musings of a Muse post in January, I wrote about how I couldn't get to the gym three days a week. Now I go every day. Wow, how the mighty have risen.

Ever ordered something off the menu and then had the waiter come back and tell you that they're out of it? Happens to me practically every other time I go out to eat.

Love when I spend 7 minutes in T.J. Maxx and come out with a Cynthia Rowley cotton tee for $12.

Charcuterie is just the adult version of Lunchables.

Why is it that every time I go to Facebook I see videos upon videos? Facebook has officially become YouTube.

I don't know why I can't just turn my whole house into an office-closet. Every girl needs one.

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As most of you know, I'm not the #1 makeup maven on the block. But that doesn't mean that I don't enjoy wearing makeup that makes my skin look and feel better. Hence my interest in tarte cosmetic's Amazonian Clay collection. The collection features cosmetics infused with clay taken straight from the Amazon River.

The Amazon River collects nutritious fruit and plant matter during its 4,000 mile journey. This clay is collected at the river basin and then harvested in an eco-friendly and sustainable process. The clay is then baked in the sun so the fruit and plant nutrients are preserved. Finally, the clay is shaved into a fine powder before making its way into makeup products like sunscreen, bronzer, tinted moisturizer and waterproof concealer, among many others.

My favorite products from tarte's Amazonian Clay collection are the 12-hour full coverage foundation with broad spectrum SPF 15 sunscreen, the 12-hour waterproof concealer, and the double detox exfoliating facial mask.
The 12-hour full coverage foundation is long lasting. Once we get back into autumn, you'll truly appreciate the full coverage, especially since it feels light and provides a natural look. You can blend and build on the satin-matte finish. The Amazonian Clay reduces dryness and removes oils from the skin's surface.

Concealer is something that a lot of girls swear by--and I can see why with a cosmetic like this 12-hour waterproof concealer by tarte. It's that final step that hides discoloration and skin impurities. For me, that means bye bye breakouts and blemishes. Apply it with your fingers if you wish and have it last all day long.

Last, but certainly not least, is the double detox exfoliating facial mask in the Amazonian Clay collection. This product is more about skincare than makeup, but we all know that a great look starts with a great foundation. The facial mask resurfaces and purifies skin in as little as five weeks. Perfect for even the most sensitive skin types! This, of course, is great for my eczema skin, and everyone loves a good detox every now and then.

So kick it up a notch and start taking care of your skin with these products by tarte cosmetics. Begin with a facial mask that purifies your skin, then add in a full coverage foundation that includes SPF 15 sunscreen--your face will thank you for it as you age. And take a page from Beyonce and keep it flawless with all-day waterproof concealer.

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by tarte cosmetics through SiriusSEO. I was compensated to write a post on this topic, but all opinions are my own.

What's your favorite beauty product by tarte?

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