Muses, I got a new passport! I'm sure you're all aware that my lovely dog ripped my old one to shreds last month. Did I tell you that it didn't expire until 2023? Anyway, I finally got the new one in the mail, which is perfect since I'm currently jet-setting. Right now I'm in the middle of my trip to Florida and then I'm off to Costa Rica in a couple days. So I'm happy to also have this tres cute Hayden-Harnett passport case, perfectly equipped to hold the book, my I.D., boarding pass, credit cards, etc.

Remember when I introduced you all to Hello Molly last month? This is one of the pieces that I just had to grab and add to my wardrobe. Isn't it fun? I can't wait to wear this again (because I will) during my vacation. Did you guys pick up anything from the site? If so, I'd love to know what you got your hands on.

Eyebrows did. Nails did. Braids re-tightened. Good to go! Be sure to keep up with my adventures over on Instagram and with the hashtag: #travelingmuse

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| Kate Spade Shopbop Tote Bags | Squirrel Brand Creme Brulee Almonds | Hayden-Harnett Passport Case | Karen Walker Shopbop Sunglasses | C9 by Champion Water Shoes | OFF! Familycare Tropical Fresh Insect Repellent | Lilly Pulitzer + Target Eyelet Cover-Up | The Girl on the Train Book | Dr. Dennis Gross Hydra-Pure Smart SprayJanessa Leone Hats | Frends Taylor Headphones |

I'm going on vacation! I can't wait to take a break from life. I feel like I've been dealing with a lot of inept people lately (that sounds rude). I think I just need a bit of a break and just some time to relax surrounded by a tropical rain forest and some Capuchin monkeys. So these are a few things I'll need in my tropical travel packing guide.

Of course, I'll need a tote bag, and this one from Shopbop is pretty awesome because of the petal detail and two-tone colors. You already know how much I love my new passport case and my headphones to just chill out. My water shoes will be perfect for all the outside activities I plan on doing next week, and I'll zen out by reading Girl on the Train. I think everyone is reading this right now. I even hear that it's the new Gone Girl. (I'll judge that for myself).

What are your go-to essentials for plane rides and vacations?

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As some of you might remember, #thehubs and I recently bought a house. And while everything isn't ready just yet, I wanted to share what we've been able to do so far -- especially since I know that our family back home would like to see it as well.

We're currently in the process of changing our brown kitchen cabinets to white, so I don't have any kitchen photos this time around -- but soon! Also, we're still in the process of decorating the walls and such, so more to come later on. Much of what you see here was purchased from Crate and Barrel, Amazon, Target and Home Goods.

What do you think of the home decor so far?

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