pure ice pink lady nail polish giveaway

pure ice pink lady nail polish giveaway

nail polish giveaway nail polish giveaway

lookbook express portofino shirt forever 21 joggers

ootd fashion blogger monochrome

monochrome mules monochrome mules

the concrete runway

the concrete runway

concrete runway concrete runway

October is known for mainly two things: Halloween and the true beginning of autumn. But as the leaves start to fall, we're also reminded that October is known for one other great thing: Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

So with these last couple of days before we move into November, I've partnered with Pure Ice nail polishes to create a breast cancer awareness inspired pink lady mani. I decided to go a little ombre with an accent for a quick and easy look that any Pink Lady from Grease would love. Just some bold colors and fun with studs.
And to put icing on the cake, one of you now has a chance to win all eight of these Pure Ice nail polishes! All 8! This giveaway is hosted on both my blog and my Instagram. It's open to U.S. residents and ends Nov. 7.

  • Tickle Me Pink - on my pinky fingers; a very slight pink shade
  • Girly Girl - on my pointer fingers; a bit of a sparkly gloss finish
  • Pretty in Pink - on my middle fingers; one of my favorites; slight watermelon tone
  • Satin Ribbon - more of a demure, modest super light shade of pink
  • First Love - closer to a clear top coat than a deep pink
  • Spitfire - glitter specs on my ring finger and pinky fingers
  • Love - on my ring fingers; more of a bubblegum, classic pink hue
  • Crazy Love - on my thumbs; a very solid color; my favorite
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On the Muse: Target fedora | Express love stripe portofino shirt | Forever 21 sparkly joggers | Payless zipper mules | Accessory Concierge Fight Like a Girl cuff #bloggersforbca

Yet another monochrome look on the Muse. Over the weekend I decided to go shopping at the mall as part of the #StyledByLumia challenge. I knew there were a few pieces I wanted to add to my fall wardrobe, so I decided to use Lumia's Cortana and OneNote to put together a mini shopping list. I used Cortana and searched for images of the 5 items I was in need of:

  • Stylish Joggers - as seen in this post (and found a second pair as well)
  • Sweaters/Cardigans - picked up one
  • Chic Mules - as seen in this post (can you believe I got these for $26 at Payless?)
  • Monochrome - stayed in the black and white combo
  • Casual Blouses - picked up three (one seen in this post)
I stored this list in Lumia's OneNote, which is a fun way to keep a shopping list because I was able to put the images of the pieces I wanted in OneNote as well. It actually made mall shopping sort of fun for me, because as you might remember, I prefer to shop online. But I felt quite accomplished to check things off my OneNote list when I found them at stores in the mall. And yes, I got a Cinnabon this time.
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| Street Chic Skinny Jacquard Pants | Get Noticed in Navy Lace Crop Top | Quilted Petal Pencil Skirt | Red Carpet Ivory Grid Skirt | Timeless Sheer Grid Top |

I feel like I've spent the past couple of months clothed in beautiful pieces from The Concrete Runway. You've seen me wear a few items from this Miami-based company recently (birdcage, labor of love and culottes & the gang), and I can't wait to get my hands on more.

The Concrete Runway wants you to wear clothes that make you feel empowered and confident, which is pretty easy to do with their bold choices. It's so that no matter where you are, you're always walking on your own concrete runway. The three pieces that I've worn on the Muse are all items that I wouldn't normally wear because they are a bit more revealing than usual. But they are total perfection since they pushed me out of my comfort zone. And that's one of the things I love most about this brand.

These are just a few of my favorites, but there are so many other stunning options. Be sure to check out The Concrete Runway and let me know which pieces stand out to you. And remember, every day is a fashion show!
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