12 days of christmas gifts

12 days of christmas gifts

12 days of christmas gifts 12 days of christmas gifts

December Loving

Kate Spade Bag Peonies Yes Please Amy Poehler Blanket Scarf

plaid blanket scarf plaid blanket scarf

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cooper and ella addison shell top

cooper and ella addison shell top cooper and ella addison shell top

| 12 (Dozen) Roses | 11 Songs on a Playlist | 10 Pairs of Socks (J. Crew) | 9 Colorful Macarons | 8 Quirky Ornaments (Target) | 7 Fun Hair Accessories (Forever 21) | 6 Bottles of Wine (Waitrose) | 5 Spirited Polishes | 4 | 3 Scented Candles (C. Wonder) | 2 Doggy Sweaters | 1 Mistletoe |

I know there are only about 7 days left before Christmas (and that Chanukah has already begun--oy vey), but humor me. So I thought I'd do a fun little twist on the 12 Days of Christmas with a few gifts you can buy last minute for girls, for fun and for life in general.

I'm getting those Target ornaments for sure--if I get a tree this year. But I'll probably get them anyway because I can't say no to anything Star Wars. And all those nail polishes are in shades of the Pantone color for 2015: Marsala! If you haven't purchased a Chromecast yet, then get your hands on it immediately. It's like $35 and allows you to display anything from your laptop/tablet devices to your TV. It makes cozying up with a Netflix marathon over the holidays the most awesome thing in the world.
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Blanket Scarves from AEO - Yes, I know that blanket scarves are the new it item for the fashion blogger and practically anyone who wears clothes. But they seriously are a great accessory for the winter. I've never been a fan of thin, lightweight scarves, so I'm really happy to have these thicker, wrapped blanket scarf versions, especially the ones from American Eagle Outfitters.

Yes, Please! by Amy Poehler - As you might remember from this post last week, I've been "reading" the Amy Poehler book, Yes, Please! I say "reading" because I'm actually listening to the audiobook version during my commute. I'm really happen with it! I've never listened to an audiobook before, but it actually makes perfect sense to do so with a celebrity's book because you're already so used to their voice and them "talking" to you on TV. Plus, it's simply a great book with a lot of insightful information about her life, and she keeps it funny too.

My New Quote Tattoo - Back in a Musings of a Muse post in May I mentioned that I planned on getting a rib cage tattoo (and lose weight, which I totally did, btw). Although that was the initial plan, I decided to get this particular tattoo--Though she be but little, she is fierce--placed on my arm for a couple reasons: one--I wasn't sure I could handle the rib cage pain; two--I have a few tattoos already, but no one knows that because they're all hidden, so I wanted one that would be visible.

Kate Spade Handbags - I've never been one of those crazy Black Friday shoppers. Maybe it's because I'm into fashion, so I don't need one day to tell me it's time to shop. I do it all the time. But I got an email from Kate Spade to a link for items that were 75% off. 75% off, I said! And that's when I purchased this gorgeous Kate Spade Charlotte Street Sloan bag. The original price was about $500 but I scored it for under $200.

Peonies - Back in November I was loving orange roses, which was probably because of all the orange that comes around during that month. But now, I'm really into peonies. Every time I try to pick up some at the store they are always out. So it seems like I'm not the only one loving peonies this December.

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My weekend was spent in Mexico. Since flights can get crazy expensive close to Christmas, I decided to sort of move my holiday up a few weeks. My mom came to visit during the week and we took her all around the San Francisco Bay Area. I think she really liked Muir Woods. Then the hubs and I went to Puebla, Cholula and Mexico City with some friends (seriously, not even yet back depending on when you're reading this). It was a fun trip with beautiful architecture and tortillas that never end. I think I should brush up on my Spanish, because apparently, my accent is pretty good. We explored tunnels, saw cathedrals, walked pyramids, ate, and I even bought a new pair of shoes from Zara. You might have seen some of my exploits on Instagram. I also took a walk on the wild side and ate escamoles cooked in butter. Although they were tasty, I think they gave me a stomach ache. Oh...escamoles are ant eggs.

At one of our many food outings--as there were many--we ate at this quaint restaurant in Puebla. Of course, I had to order horchata because Mexico, duh. And even though I'm not a klutz, I managed to spill said horchata all over my blanket scarf, jeans, boots and new Kate Spade bag. WTF? I'm hoping I can get something to wipe down the leather. Any ideas?

For this look, I'm wearing this lovely Cooper & Ella top (not the outfit that got spilled on). You might remember when I mentioned them in my Holiday Must Haves post because their holiday collection is a great resource for some amazing tops.

On the Muse: | Cooper & Ella Addison Shell top c/o | True Religion Halle mid-rise super skinny jeans | Kate Spade New York Charlotte Street Sloan bag | AEO mixed knee high boots c/o | Daniel Wellington Classic Winchester Lady watch | Target fedora |
And check out this wonderful feature that Leah of Sitting Pretty did for me, and this great post that Kinks Are the New Pink did featuring me as a chic read!


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