lookbook ducks in a row cooper and ella tweed jacket printed shorts

tweed jacket printed shorts

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fall music playlist

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musings of a muse

musings of a muse musings of a muse

In case you haven't figured it out yet, I'm trying to milk summer for all it's worth. Hence why I'm still wearing shorts. But I fear I won't be able to do this for much longer and will have to embrace the fall weather. Yet how could I deny these puppy love shorts that I first tried on back at an event at Ducks In a Row a couple months ago. And I finally got my hands on a lovely tweed jacket just in time for fall, which I'm absolutely certain you'll see much more of on the Muse in October.

And this is only the second time I've worn these cut-out boots on the blog, but they are seriously a favorite pair of mine. Boots like these keep your outfit looking put together while still keeping your feet comfortable. I've worn them with tights, shorts and denim jeans, but there are so many fun ways to dress up your boots this fall.

This was my intended look for Saturday night, but I went ahead and switched out the shorts for denim since I went up to San Francisco, which is pretty much always cold because of Karl the Fog. I celebrated a friend's birthday/going away party at The View Lounge Bar and Marrakech Moroccan Restaurant.

On the Muse: | Puppy Love shorts c/o Ducks In A Row | Angela deep-V top c/o Cooper & Ella | Chinese Laundry Indigo Girl boots | 6pm crystal T Tahari tweed jacket | Forever 21 chained bangle set |

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Recently, I realized that I have received a ton of cool products. but a lot of them are just sitting in my closet not being used. So why not make good use of them and give them away to a lucky reader? So let's start the fall off right with some wonderful products that I'm sure you'll want to get your hands on...and win for free!

| spa kit | ankle socks | cell phone charm | Press tote bag | spike ear cuff | color block wallet | The Creme Shop nail kit | 2 Jenna Hipp nail and hand creams | BANDED hair band | chain bangle | Rocslide pin | Love Me Knots hair ties | lips & cat tights | triangle ring | mustache ring | sunglasses (6 pairs) | Pati Dubroff Dream Palette | bubble earrings | cross earrings | bird ear cuff | Aztec necklace | collar chain | Jacki Design Collection makeup bag |

This Rafflecopter giveaway is open to U.S., Canada and International readers and ends October 10, 2014.

a Rafflecopter giveaway
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Sometimes you have some serious thoughts going through your head, but you don't know if you should keep them to yourself or say them out loud. My opinion: say it out loud. You'll find some sweet relief once the proverbial monkey is off your back and the proverbial elephant in the room has been dealt with. I have no idea why these learning statements have so many animal references in them. I guess people can relate to animals. Hence, all those cat videos online.

And although everything isn't 100% A-OK, I feel much better today than I did this time last week. But that could partially be due to finally getting over my jet lag, I think. Sleeping in the middle of the day might sound like a good idea, but it's not. Ruining your sleep schedule is a terrible thing. Naps are only for babies and grandparents. No offense to babies or grandparents--I just can't function with a midday nap.

Have you ever had a big decision to make, or something that was weighing on you that you weren't sure how to handle? How did you overcome it? Did you just spend your time watching this all day long?

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