zara poncho true religion runway leggings

zara poncho true religion runway leggings

true religion runway leggings true religion runway leggings

dining room decor

dining room decor

dining room decor dining room decor

Frends headphones

humans of new york

frends headphones frends headphones

When I was in Mexico in December, I saw so many wonderful ponchos. I wasn't sure if I could pull them off, but I said what the hell and bought this one during Zara's big-ass sale. What do you think? I know the snow is coming down for a lot of you on the east coast this week, but it's actually getting a bit warm in Cali so I have to milk this poncho as much as I can before spring. Plus, I'm totally channeling Clint Eastwood in A Fistful of Dollars with this look, right? Hench, the "spaghetti western" post title.

And this dainty white chevron necklace from Urban Peach is a new favorite. So simple; so chic. Be sure to shop the site (link below) for great deals on fun jewelry (including all those double-sided earrings everyone is loving). Right now, you can get any two necklaces for $15 with code 2FOR15--sale ends 2/1.

Since the previous weekend was so busy, this was a much more relaxed two days. Sigh...two days. Why aren't all weekends three days? Why aren't work vacations seven weeks? Why don't we raise the minimum wage? Sorry--now I'm just getting all state of the union on here. Anyhoo, I cleaned out my old makeup and skin care products. I didn't realize I had hoards of items in the guest bathroom...just sitting there. Ugh. The trash man cometh.

Also, I went to the gym six days in a row last week, which I haven't done in months. And when I went to get my eyebrows done, the lady said to me, "you are so skinny." I don't know if that's because she could tell I've been going hard at the gym or if it's because of these awesome True Religion runway leggings. The twisted-seam construction creates the illusion of longer legs, so that's probably half the reason why I looked so fit in her mind. But, uh, thanks eyebrow lady (I write as I drink a totally not-at-all fattening Thai iced tea).

On the Muse: | True Religion runway leggings c/o | White chevron necklace c/o Urban Peach | Zara fringe poncho | Cynthia Rowley tee (TJMaxx find) | Forever 21 sandals | Target hat | 100% Pure tart nail polish c/o |

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With what you've seen from my living room decor and bedroom decor posts from earlier this month, you can probably tell that I'm into a very specific color scheme. For 2015, I'm all about grays and whites with accents of blue and yellow. For the dining room, I added a banquette bench as partial seating as I've always enjoyed the way those look in home decor. What do you think of those benches along with hanging wine stem racks?

What do you think of the three rooms in my home decor edition on the Muse?
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Long, colorful coats - Although I'm pretty much ready for winter to be over and done, I'm still liking the idea of layering. And one piece I want to continue layering with is a long, colorful coat. I'm loving thick ones in light blues, pinks, marsalas and camel, of course.
Loving these: green lapel | notch lapel

Coffee table books - Honestly, I need to add more books to my reading list in the next couple of months. But I also need some easy, light reading coffee table books to add to my home decor, like this Humans of New York book. If you're a fan of the Facebook page, then you'll love it in hardcover.
Loving this book as well: Dogs in Vogue: A Century of Canine Chic

Bucket Bags - As I'm sure you already know, I'm a big fan of bucket bags. I featured one in my outfit post last week and you've probably seen them on my Instagram too. Plus, you can enter my awesome giveaway to win a Mansur Gavriel bucket bag worth $495! 
Loving these: downing bucket | bucket in blue

Arugula & Pomegranate Salad - I'll admit. I'm not the biggest salad eater. It's bad, I know. But fortunately, I was able to get into arugula salads recently, especially ones with pomegranate, mandarin oranges, candied pecans, goat cheese and a vinaigrette sauce.
Loving this: epicurious salad

Frends Rose Gold Taylor Headphones - I tend to use headphones when I'm at work and when I'm at the gym. And these rose colored beauties with padded memory foam ear cushions are super sweet. Can't wait to get my hands on these!
Loving these too: gold black | studio wireless

Workout Gear - Usually I wear leggings and T-shirts to workout, but I'm really wanting to get a few coordinated sets that look more sporty. I think style actually makes a pretty big impact with gym gear. It actually makes me want to work out more when I feel like I look good.
Loving these: GapFit | C9 by Champion

What are you loving in January--the first month of the year?

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