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kate spade saturday cutout dress kate spade saturday cutout dress

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ors edge control giveaway

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panna cotta recipe panna cotta recipe

Before I sat down to write this post I was pretty certain of what I wanted to write about today. I had all these thoughts in my head about something that happened during my trip to South Africa. But now that I'm here actually ready to write, I no longer feel the need to write on that subject matter. But since it's the deepest thought I've had all month, I might as well do a little something something about it.

Otherwise I'll gab about trite things like my feelings on random couple PDAs in stairwells when I'm trying to get from point A to point B--don't do it.


After a tour through a museum in Johannesburg, the hubs and I stopped at the adjacent cafe for a nosh and nibble. When ordering my drink, the barista kept referring to me as "sista," which was a recurring theme in South Africa. I was fine with it. The hubs and I sat down and started to chat about what-have-you. But the hubs can sometimes be a bit of a mumbler. So I exclaimed, "What?" as he doesn't seem to know how to speak up. On that note, the barista came over to me and proceeded to tell me that a pretty girl like myself shouldn't say "what".

I'm sure this was a case of "no harm, no foul." But it offended me a bit. I felt like this guy--who doesn't know me--is interjecting himself into my life to say a lady shouldn't do such things. My bra burning side came out. It's a culture of women speak softly and know your place which didn't sit well with me.

Or perhaps he just felt some connection to me since we both have melanin and felt like we were basically family. The same type of thing happens to me in Jamaica too, where everyone seems to think we're all family and can say whatever. But I'm like, "Dude, I just met you."

I did go to a spa a few days later in Cape Town in which one of the girl's there put her hand all through my natural hair without permission. Usually, it's not cool, but I suppose it's OK though...since she's my "sista" and all.

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Friday night I wore this to a dinner and craft event hosted by TOMS at Santana Row. I got to peruse the new TOMS eyewear line and some of their coffee. Yes, TOMS does coffee now too! I was able to customize a pair of sunnies as well, while enjoying dinner at this intimate affair. It was really nice hanging with the TOMS crew and getting to meet some local Bay Area bloggers. #OneforOne I wanted to wear my TOMS, but they're blue and just wouldn't match very well with this look. Speaking of the look, what do you think?

I thought it was appropriate to include this bib necklace designed with Angola in mind off the heels of my Africa trip. How amazing are the cutouts on this Kate Spade dress? Will be perfect for showing off my future rib cage tat.

On the Muse: | Reign Nzingha bib necklace c/o Lilith + McRae | Kate Spade dress via BC | Target hat |With Alyson of The Beauty Vanity and Monica of Living in Vogue

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Summer style is not just about the clothes you wear on your back and the sandals you put on your feet. When I think about style, I consider everything that makes a look stylish from head to toe--and that includes summer hair. If you're a naturalista like I am, then you know that having smooth edges is essential for kinky, curly hair.

For my curly edges I like to use ORS Edge Control because of its built-in protection, which enables a long-lasting hold. And the hold is smooth and soft--no flakes necessary. Olive Oil edge control is made with all natural ingredients like olive oil (for moisture), aloe vera (for conditioning) and wheat protein (for strengthening). And you can use this on curly hair or straight hair--simply any time you need to keep your edges smooth in the summer heat. Chilli from TLC is a great ambassador for always having perfectly controlled hair!

I've teamed up with ORS for a lovely giveaway for you muses. Organic Root Stimulator wants you to share your #1SummerStyle by entering to win ORS Edge Control. Two winners will each receive 8 ORS edge control containers. A grand prize winner will receive 8 ORS edge control containers and some goodies from Socialbliss!
Socialbliss goodies include:
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