loving in september sons of anarchy dark lips

sons of anarchy dark lips

sons of anarchy sons of anarchy

lookbook celfie selfie china

great wall of china selfie celfie

great wall of china celfie great wall of china selfie

altuzarra for target

altuzarra for target

altuzarra for target altuzarra for target

The return and final season of Sons of Anarchy - I couldn't be more devastated. You're probably thinking: "But Cheryl, it's just a TV show." And if that is what you're thinking, then we can't be friends anymore. I watched the first six seasons in a span of two weeks. A show that I had never paid any attention to has now become my all-time favorite. Sadly, this is the last season for Jax Teller and SAMCRO, which puts a hole in my heart (like the one Jax was born with). But I'm really excited to watch this season in hopes of some sweet, sweet revenge now that Jax is a certified loose cannon, and with good reason--you know what I mean if you're all caught up from season six.

A few pieces from the Tadashi Shoji Spring 2015 collection - This was a collection that I kept seeing on my Instagram feed after the first day of New York Fashion Week. I couldn't take my eyes off the beautiful dresses and gorgeous color palette. The Tadashi Shoji ready-to-wear line has glamour written all over it. Isn't it just fab?

Step up my lip game with plum lipstick - It's not often that you'll catch me wearing any real color on my lips (as I opt for subtle gloss), but I really want to dress my lips in plum tones this fall. Lipstick just doesn't look good on me, but I think darker colors will succeed where others have faltered. This is Silver Screen's "Made It" by Space NK.

Fashion and function with curly protective styles - I like short, long, curly or straight hairstyles. Most days I wear my natural hair out, but occasionally I'll go with a wig. For autumn, I want to go for curly hairstyles that will not only work with the colder seasons, but that also protect my natural hair from over-manipulation.
Go old school with classic Janis Joplin - Recently I spent 15 hours on a plane, so I slept, read, watched movies for free (that I wouldn't pay to watch), and listened to music. I got hooked on the Janis Joplin Greatest Hits album and was so happy to hear her voice. I've always been a Joplin fan, but haven't heard her music in a while. I recommend you add her songs to your Spotify playlist. Start with Ball and Chain. Classic in every sense of the word.

Putting together Instagram flat lays - As you already know, Instagram is my favorite social media channel. I tend to decorate mine with my everyday life, food photos and flat lays. They are just so much fun to put together. If you want to get some flat lay inspiration, check out my posts and follow LuxuryandOpulence too.

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Last week I spent my days working and sightseeing in China--Shanghai and Beijing, specifically. Here are a few things I'd like to share with you about my time. Oh, and there's an outfit post in here too--stripes and a celfie. Note: the post title is Celfie in Shanghai because it has a good ring to it, but as you can see, these were taken at The Great Wall of China, which is in Beijing. No, I didn't climb The Great Wall in these shoes. I'm no idiot.

  • We took the metro from the Shanghai airport to our hotel. Metros are kinda crazy as everyone tries to get off at the same time everyone tries to get on.
  • Nanjing Road is always happening. Reminds me of Grafton Street in Dublin or even South Beach.
  • It can be difficult knowing what you're eating at restaurants when you don't speak any Chinese. Can only say Xie Xie (thank you) and Ni Hao (hello) for so long.
  • Not sure how people cross intersections so calmly with all the mopeds, motorized bikes and car honks.
  • Always get the duck.
  • It's hot in China (although it was hotter in Texas) so you'll see a lot of guys with their shirts up.
  • Yes to the tea house, even if you're not a big tea drinker. Cool experience--interesting teas.
  • Try to run into hotels to use the bathroom as various public places are only equipped with holes in the ground.
  • If possible, cable car up The Great Wall and go down via the toboggan.
  • If you happen to be a black woman, like I am, then you will get stared at constantly. When visiting Tiananmen Square and The Forbidden City, pretty much 90% of the people there were gawking at me. One guy even stopped to talk to me in Mandarin. I don't know any Mandarin (as explained above). One family even saddled up next to me at one point and took a photo with me. I swear they either thought I was Rihanna or a martian.   

On the Muse: | H&M celfie top | ASOS midi skirt in broken stripe | 
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When the first pictures of the Altuzarra for Target designer collaboration dropped, most people were pleasantly surprised by the 1970s vibe and high quality. Some were bummed at yet another collaboration that didn't feature any plus-size options. For me, I only thought about two things: I have to try these on in store to feel the fabric, and shit! I won't be in America when the line hits stores Sunday, Sept. 14. So hello Net-A-Porter.

What You Need to Know

  • Available Sunday, Sept. 14
  • About 50 pieces in the collection
  • Prices range from $18 to $90
  • Collection sold in stores and online (Target.com & Net-A-Porter)
  • Most pieces are available at Target.com, Net-A-Porter and at Target stores
  • Some pieces are exclusively at Target.com
  • Some pieces are not available in stores, but online only
  • 1970s style of trenches, boho and high slits
  • Accessories like OTK boots and belts
Advice and Tips
  • Check the  Twitter for updates as to when the collection opens online. This might require a ton of refreshing so get trigger happy.
  • Usually becomes available in the wee morning hours around midnight for the west coast and 3 a.m. for the east coast. Fortunately, it's Sunday morning so you'll have time to get your sleep back.
  • Would recommend you shop your local Target store so you can touch the fabric and try on each piece you liked based on the pictures. Countless times I've had "beer goggles" syndrome with designer collaborations.
  • Get to the store early--like 7 a.m.--to be at the front of the line (if there is a line). If you have stalker-like tendencies, then you'll probably just sleep at the Target parking lot the night before.
  • Call ahead to be certain that your Target store will carry the collection--including the accessories. Don't be that girl on Twitter ranting about how you didn't get the shoes (even though you have 20 other pieces in your cart).
  • Use my post to determine your favorites beforehand so you don't have to browse the entire 50-piece collection when it's time to checkout. Chances are, if you aren't fast enough you'll lose everything in your cart...and cry. But definitely check out the interactive lookbook on Target's site to see all the pieces and some styling options too.
  • Don't be lame and hoard a million pieces (that you're probably trying to re-sell on eBay). That's just rude and unfair. If you do that I hope someone slaps you. Hard.
Ready to shop? Or not your cup of tea? And let me know your favorites and your advice!
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