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instagram favorites

instagram ohtobeamuse instagram ohtobeamuse

birthday zara jacquard skirt dress

birthday zara jacquard skirt dress

birthday zara jacquard dress birthday zara jacquard dress

nail tape manicure negative space manicure

nail tape manicure negative space manicure

negative space nail tape manicure negative space nail tape manicure

In honor of it being my birthday month -- and because this is the shortest month of the year -- here are some of my February Favorites from my Instagram. Are you following me? If not, be sure to start following me now to stay up to date when I'm not blogging, and leave your Instagram handle in the comments too! @ohtobeamuse

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What's going on in your life right now? And if you're on Instagram, be sure to leave your handle in the comments! I'm @ohtobeamuse and you'll be sure to find me there whenever I'm not posting here.

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It's not even my birthday -- Well, actually, it is! On this exact day, 29 years ago, I was born in the city of Kingston on a small island known as Jamaica. There is nothing super special about being 29 other than it's the last year in your 20s before you hit the big 3-0. And, unlike most people, I am totally cool with being 30 next year. I'm one of the youngest among most of my friends, and strangers always mistake me for being between the ages of 17-24, so I'm totally cool with #29SoFine, and super ready for #TheDirty30 in a year's time.

This past weekend, a few of us hit up an Izakaya restaurant and then a bar for some drinks in San Francisco to celebrate. I'm also following the treat yo-self motto and taking today off because a vacation from doing stuff is the best birthday gift anyone could ever ask for. Enjoy the last week of my birthday month...spring is coming.

On the Muse: | Zara asymmetrical skirt jacquard dress | Zara pleated court shoes | Foster Grant belmont sunglasses | Forever 21 mini satchel | House of Harlow 1960 crescent cuff | ShopLately hearts bracelet |

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Initially, my plan for this design was to create a negative space manicure similar to this one that I absolutely adore, but sadly, that didn't happen. I was hoping to use nail tape to create the negative space, but that's easier said than done. But, I still had nail tape lying around so I opted for a simple nail tape manicure instead.

First of all, nail tape is a bit of a bitch to work with. It's not easy finding where it starts after you've set the reel down for a while. Also, if you don't apply it completely straight, then it will look like a total mess when you remove it (hence, why this is no longer a negative space mani post). But, I was able to get a lot of colors for chump change, so at least I can try, try again until I 100% succeed. But it does look like a Tiffany & Co. box.

Basic Steps

  1. Apply Sally Hansen nail thickener as base coat (let fully dry)
  2. Apply 2 coats of Sally Hansen miracle gel in B Girl (let fully dry -- for real)
  3. Add strips of nail tape in the color of your choice, and in the design of your choice
    1. I decided to double up on the tape so that it looked bolder
    2. Also, I stuck with horizontal lines since this was my first time using nail tape
  4. When applying the tape, you can follow the simple rule of "measure twice, cut once" or you can choose to wrap the tape around and then cut afterward
  5. Apply Milani color statement top coat 
For this, I used Sally Hansen nail thickener, Sally Hansen miracle gel in B Girl, nail tape that I found on Amazon, and Milani color statement top coat. You can remove strips of the nail tape just by pulling it off, or you can choose to cut off strips with scissors. See more nail designs I love on Pinterest!

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