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Friday, February 27, 2009

23 on the 23rd

So it was my birthday recently, and that was actually a lot of fun. i really didn't want it to be some big deal thing....just wanted to go out, be with friends, and have fun without worrying if everyone else was having a good time.

since anna drove down from the ville, we had a whole weekend planned of fun things to do in south florida - and yes, that did include the swap shop!

ari and i had to touch mannequin butt because they had some junk in their trunks....more junk than usual.

we also went to Taverna Opa for the first time, which is a really cool place. We should definitely go back there and actually do some table dancing this time. We hadn't been drinking so the fear of being embarrassed on a table was just too much.

of course, we also went to sawgrass/colonnades and the beach because those are places you have to see when you come to ft. lauderdale. but, we spent friday night at riverfront starting at brick and then working our way to the rest of the clubs. i would put up an embarrassing photo of anna, but you can find that on her fbook.

we really did try to jam pack this weekend - cafe iguana, the hard rock, riverfront, sawgrass, the beach, the swap shop, many was quite a feat. and, i got some cool birthday gifts too (new juicy couture bag for one).

now, it's almost march and i'm hoping for new, good things this month. i've got march madness!

speaking of march madness, i went to my first Heat game the other night and that was a lot of fun. pretty good seats (sydney would appreciate the handicapped privileges), the heat won, and lil' wayne was there too - haha! no, i didn't get a picture of him because we weren't sitting near him; plus, tmz seems to think his fans are some of the dumbest people in the world: Read ME

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  1. Who got you that exquisite purse?

    Good weekend holmes. Now lets get our laughter therapy on

  2. YAY! Im glad u enjoyed ur b-day, Bestie!!


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