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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Layered Muse: Shop My Closet

Come on over to the Oh to Be a Muse shop: Layered Muse!

At Layered Muse, you can find an assortment of tops, dresses, shoes, accessories and more. The online shop includes gently used pieces at discounted prices as part of the Bloggers' Closet. If you're interested, you can sell your DIY items and gently used clothing on the Layered Muse Bloggers' Closet as well!

We also sell new tops, dresses, jewelry and more at affordable prices.
So what are you waiting for...head on over to Layered Muse now!


  1. Congrats on your shop! It looks awesome!

  2. whao!!! congrats sweets wish you success, i wear a size 12-14 so make sure u got my sizes.i love your shop, kisses!!! will put it onmy site if you dont mind.

  3. Congrats, darling!
    Love your new shop, especially the heart top!


  4. Love the name and the overall look of your shop! It's clean and very professional looking.

  5. I love that blue, so vibrant! you look great! and haha ya nice guys can be quite... boring!


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