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Friday, October 23, 2009

something old, something new

so i almost forgot to post pics from the Blink 182 concert back in September. We were on the lawn so we weren't close at all. This is the best i could do with my camera.

we also went to the 3EB concert, but i totally forgot to bring my camera. here's the rub: we had great seats. so great that Stephen Jenkins stared right at me a couple of times. Ari can attest to this because at one point Ari thought the singer was looking at him.

anyway, i'm going to see Robin Thicke in Miami next week. He'll be singing a couple tunes from his new cd "Sex Therapy" coming out in December. Just a few months ago I thought to myself: "will I ever get to see musicians that i want to see in concert?" as i thought no one was coming down here. Then in two months i get to see three different shows.

and just my good luck i get even more music news. ari and i bought tickets to the Buzz Bake Sale in december mainly to see The Used and Our Lady Peace. How cool is that? OLP is my jam. now all i need is M.I.A.

So, a couple other things:

- went to my first strip club (tootsies). it wasn't exactly what i had expected. don't say: now cheryl, didn't you know they'd be naked? duh. i just was more put off by it than i thought i would be--maybe it was the cutout clothing or the loud rock music...or not being able to tell the strippers from the patrons (and some patrons even looked like prostitutes)...

i'm not saying i wouldn't give it another go, but if i do, i should be drunk before i enter. i did enjoy the cirque du soleil acrobatics on display though. we went, by the way, because our neighbors just got married and wanted to go there after their wedding/reception. but even though it wasn't the best of times, i'm not writing it off completely. maybe next time i'll play the drums on their asses--and i'm talking to you, ladaun.

- i enjoy flossing. there. now the world knows. after you stop being scared that you'll accidentally pull out your teeth, it gets a lot easier.

- really loving Glee and Dexter right now. really. they are both great substitutes for Weeds and True Blood.

- what to do about Halloween? I might go to this thing called Moonfest in West Palm because it looks like a Bourbon Street-inspired costume extravaganza. Should be fun. If only I knew what to be for Halloween. I'm still thinking about a Nascar girl costume but wondering if something else would be better. Let me know if you have any ideas. Maybe something that would go with my hair--but don't say Foxxy Cleopatra or anything like that. whatever i end up doing oct. 31, i will take many pictures and post them!

sidenote1: i recently watched Juno again and couldn't stop crackin' up. how funny is that movie? i remember that part in the school when juno tells paulie that katrina gave her the stink eye--and then the camera shows katrina's unfortunate natural face, stink eye and all. and then Juno calls her Soupy Sales! Can you believe the real Soupy Sales just passed away.

sidenote2: i have a good amount of shoes in my closet but i still find myself wearing the same ol' sandals day in and day out. now that Oh to Be a Muse is getting more tailored around fashion, i need to find some place where i can wear these cute shoes! where can i go?



  1. Well...I think you should go as Farah Fawcett. Duh! (I'm seriously thinking about doing that, btw...But my torso is too long for one-pieces).
    And you can wear those shoes anywhere! I dress up for work...not that I need to for anything. I just enjoy being 6' in heels and making guys feel short! Although you're still short in heels, poor thing.

  2. you see how i give you great costume ideas! i'm like ur best friend or something.

    wear the red one piece and short shorts.

    i can't wear heels at work b/c no one dresses up and i'd feel way over dressed if i did. i will try to wear heels to anything i do at night--that's a good start, right?

    and i'm like 5'6" in average height i guess. sorry i can't be a giant like you!

  3. I'm not a frickin giant!!!

    Well, you better get used to strippers! We're having one at your bachelorette party!!! YEAH!!

  4. That was a good read.

    That guy was definitely staring at you. I would've been mad but at least he wasn't singing "deep inside of you" while staring at your.

    Moonfest should be fun.

    And Anna is a giant

  5. you hear this? anna wants strippers at my bach party? male or female?

    the more i think about it, the more i want to go to moonfest. so should i go as the nascar girl?

  6. nice...

    first of all...LOVE the hair!!

    2nd Cant wait for the bachelorette party!!

    and third...i freakin love those shoes in the middle...but u already knew that

  7. thanks luv!

    and i think i'll be ok with the strippers as long as they're nothing like the ones on that site you showed me! no toe sucking, please.

  8. LOL i know right!! And if ur 60...please dont apply!!!


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