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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Year in [Movie] Review

This year is almost over and in some ways i feel as though it just began. i just moved into this apartment last december and that feels like yesterday. i'm sure you'll agree that this is quite possibly one of the fastest years ever (sn: it also seemed to be one of the deadliest years ever as a plethora of people--sports stars, entertainers and intellectuals--died throughout the year).

I've had three different jobs in three different counties this year. moved back to my home city and started the "real world"--as i put it in quotations because if waking up at 5am and working numerous hours without feeling fulfilled is the real world then give me fantasy any day...

to keep this post light and the fantasy heavy, here is the Oh to Be a Muse compilation of the best movies of 2009. if you haven't seen every movie on my list then you're definitely missing out. most of these should be on dvd by now anyway.

defiance....................whip it
star trek..................zombieland
up.............................inglourious basterds
hurt locker..............district 9

i think the most underrated movie on this list would be "whip it" because it was low budget and didn't get much screen play. but it was laugh-out-loud funny and very different. reminded me of the comedies of yesteryear.

"precious" and "brothers" were the pull-at-ur-heart-strings movies and with good reason. while "avatar," "coraline," "district 9" and "star trek" provided the best visual stimulation along with great acting (district 9, in particular) and great stories.

oh, and i know there are others not on this list, but i just haven't gotten around to seeing them yet--but i will.


so i'm on vacation for two weeks and it's awesome! i had a zany hat part, saw some old faces, ate some crazy good red velvet cheesecake, am in the process of celebrating both hanukkah and christmas, spending more time reading, staying up late and sleeping in, enjoying cruzan, performing in a singing class, and will be leaving for California in less than a week!

.:gah, can't wait:.
listening to: m.i.a. (mango pickle down river)


  1. i've only seen ONE of those movies on ur list! (Taken) im such a loser. I gotta step my movie game up! I been wantin to see most of the other ones including coraline, inglorious basterds (mmmm brad pitt), precious (my homie got the bootleg lol), adventureland...ok, i will eventually see all of them now that u told me to! LOL

  2. Yeah the real world has ups and downs. Bad side is 9-5. Good side is you have money to take better advantage of the 5-9 afterwards.

    Of the movies I'd say the must-sees are:
    District 9 (great story and visually)
    Avatar (most amazing ever visually)
    Taken (best action of the year)
    Brothers (close with Precious but i think precious is more depressing while equal in every other sense so only see it over Brothers if you are looking for lasting heart string pulls)
    Whip it(didn't see whipit but sounds must-seeish from Cheryl)

    Can't wait for Cali

  3. sharieka--step up your movie game! lol

    but if you have any movie recommendations--ones that i did not put on my list--go ahead and let me know. watching movies is a great pastime.

    ari--shut up with ur real world blah blah.

    we should see "the princess and the frog"'s a story about

  4. Yeah, I haven't really seen any of those movies either. I need to get a movie-watching buddy. Or I could just become unemployed and stay home and watch movies all day...the problem with that is that I'd have to wait until everything comes out on DVD b/c I wouldn't be able to afford going to the theater.....unless I get a sugar daddy! Yeah! That's what I'll do!

  5. for ari: thanks for your movie comments. and yea, we are just like the princess and the frog--you being the frog.

    anna: where is a sugar daddy when you need him? we could both get sugar daddies and watch endless movies together. this is what happens when you lose ur movie buddy...loser. :)


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