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Monday, January 11, 2010

something borrowed, something blue

Happy new year. Just like the beginning of January every other year, in 2010 things are no different. Uncommitted people are still making transparent resolutions and naive and egotistical people are still reminding others that this will be the year that they remove you from their life. is no one original anymore?

For 2010, Oh to Be a Muse will not make a statement that I'm removing you from my life--I'll just remove you. I won't make resolutions about going to the gym, eating more veggies or spending less--I'll just trust in myself to do what I've always done--but better. Stop broadcasting to the world that this year you will be more important than you were last year if that broadcast never makes it past your status update. Less talk, more do.

So here is what is actually going on in my life in 2010. They are my plans for 2010 but they would've been my plans for 2009 if I had the money; so, 2009 but better:


You may or may not be in the loop but I am getting married in 89 days. the clock is a-ticking. wedding planning has been so much work, but not surprisingly, the kind of work that i revel in: checklists, registries, to-dos, managing shit--my fave.

With less than three months to go we've managed to pin down the photography, videography, DJ, furniture, venue, dress, menu, wedding party, invitations, most decorations, etc. i do believe that we are still around our budget so that's a plus. can you believe some people consider $3k to be a conservative price for photography--photography alone! they must be smoking some superb dutchie. i think the next big item on the list is the cake.

so i'm going for a Nightmare Before Christmas cake but I still want it to look like a wedding cake and not too much of a crazy, customed "Ace of Cakes" mess. and i have thought that maybe--just maybe--i am the one smoking the dutchie because a NBC cake could be totally weird and super expensive. but then i realized that i'm sober and i won't get something over the top. no images on Google truly suffice but that's not Google's job--that will be the job of the cake maker.

Now, i want the simplicity of this cake (just with one more tier). i want callalilies where the shells are on the bottom and in the space between the two tiers.

but i also want the theme to be apparant when you see the cake. this means i want some decorative spots on the cake itself plus jack and sally as the cake toppers.

something between the top pic and the pics to the right should be perfect. ari is ok with this.


Our lease will end in a few months and we are thinking about moving to a new apartment. we really like our apartment now. it's definitely the best place we've lived in together. but there are a few drawbacks: we want something located in a place where driving to work will be less of a task; we want to get off the first floor; we want a usable balcony; we want a view. and, of course, we don't want to downgrade. for example, i would hate to get a great balcony but lose the in-home washer/dryer combo.

we've been looking at some places downtown that i think will do the trick as long as the price is right (come on down!). we've been feverishly (not really) looking for a place with a good downtown view and a 5-minute drive to the highway and in walking distance of the shops and nightlife. this is what california does to you, people. it turns you into a person who needs to be able to walk to where they eat, talk like they live in the valley, and wear 15 clanging bangles. maybe i don't plan on moving out there any time soon, but i rolled with the homies (if only in my mind) and i enjoyed it.

Who knows...i'll just focus on one thing at a time. these aren't new year's resolutions. they are just things. things that aren't ruled by an uncharacteristically high level of importance in the start of the year or by the characteristically low amount of fb friends they will have at the end of the year. they are just things that may or may not happen depending on if i get to them on my everyday life, everyday list.

make your life simplier...listen to fortune cookies.

P.s. if I ask why there are so many random donut shops in l.a. and someone says it's because the lapd need to eat--does that mean we have a deep-seated hatred for police or are we just two funny individuals? some girl decided to let me know that i shouldn't rag on the "cops" (term she used, which--by the way--is offensive to police officers) because they will be there to protect me in a time of need. so, of course, i had to let her know that her comment doesn't change the fact that the lapd love donuts. it was on the intanetz and i wasn't about to start one of those online fights....but maybe i should've trolled her.

p.p.s. last year i didn't put Slumdog Millionaire on my movies of 2009 list (and I do believe that was a 2009 movie). i just totally forgot about it because it came out so early, but my god man! what a great flick. just saw it again last night. latika!


  1. good post good post.

    I wish you had trolled, isn't that such a good term!?!

    Slumdog was awesome and Latika is hot at every age (maybe not the youngest cause that would be pedo, but all the rest)

    Can't wait for new apartment. So many options with so many pros and cons, but at least this time we don't have to sacrifice any of the good stuff. I just hope we have the money for apartment and camaro :-(

  2. I really cannot believe you want a "Nightmare Before Christmas" wedding cake. You really take the cake, Cheryl Clarke (did you like that pun? haha!)
    I can't believe I won't be allowed to call you Cheryl Clarke anymore! I still will though. It'd be like you not calling me Suggs -- impossible!
    I agree, Slumdog is a great movie. I'm almost convinced to see Avatar too. Although I think it looks stupid, millions of people can't be wrong, right?

  3. AWWW! You're going to be extra extra beautiful on your wedding! I love the cakes especially the brides corpse one!!!


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