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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Exposing the Film: Shutter Island 2/28/10

So i haven't done a movie review in about a month, but that's because of 2 reasons: a) i haven't been interested in anything in the theaters; b) i've been having more fun writing about fashion here on Oh to Be a Muse (especially since my recent posts have correlated with fashion week).

But, alas, i took a few hours out of my weekend and went ahead and saw this little leo dicaprio/martin scorcese flick known as Shutter Island.

i won't put too much in this review as not to give anything away to those who plan to see the movie, but i will say this:

-it was visually appealing. i don't know if i've ever seen a scorcese movie as pretty as this one--and i'm not just referring to leo. the costumes were also really great--very 1950s and authentic. check out the look michelle williams is rocking.

-my fiance kept leaning over to me and whispering in my ear: "what the fuck is going on?" and honestly, i had no answer for him because i was thinking the same thing. what was going on? and why isn't anyone telling me? the movie was almost 2.5 hrs of complete wtf...up until the last 15 minutes.

-as with just about every scorcese/dicaprio film, it was well written and well acted. but it was missing in one regard--the ending. not saying it was a bad ending (someone wrote on one of those comment walls: "dumb and confusing" while someone else wrote: "i would see it again"), but when i was in the car driving home i actually came up with a better ending. i'm not going to inform you because, like i wrote earlier, i don't want to ruin anything from anyone who plans to see this movie, but i'm telling you--i came up with an ending that would rival The 6th Sense.

mr. scorcese, if you are reading this (and i'm certain you are not), please comment if you'd like to know my awesome ending that would probably garner at least an extra 14% on rottentomatoes. true story.

so i would say that if you are a fan of dicaprio/scorcese, or if you enjoy psycho-thrillers, or if you can't think of a better movie to see right now, then take a couple hours out of your day and see this. but i do think it will be a movie that gets lost in the shuffle after a few months.

and what i'm really excited about is this coming weekend when another duo (depp/burton) take on Alice in Wonderland! can't wait...



  1. WTF is going on in this post!

    Yeah, your ending would make even Shamlanamanaman say "What a Tweeeest!"

    Alice in Wland might disappoint. I want to see the Hobbit, but I gotta wait another year or two for that one

  2. i'd be interested in hearing your ending...i saw the movie and enjoyed it but my boyfriend thought the ending was predictable...i disagreed...

    p.s. thanks for following

  3. lmao @ mr. scorcese, if you are reading this (and i'm certain you are not)

  4. your ending is actually kind of what i thought was going to, a twist ending after a twist ending kind of, that probably made no sense

  5. oh but it did! and i think a double-twist ending would have been better.

  6. haven't seen the movie... I'm scared! and can't wait to see Alice... have a nice one!

  7. I saw the movie as well a few weeks ago and even now I find myself sitting in the car and thinking how the movie could go both ways... I don't know..

    love ur blog



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