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Monday, March 1, 2010

Kell on Advice: Must-Read for Bloggers 3/1/10

i know i just wrote a post, but i'm actually listening to my favorite
morning show, the Elvis Duran show on Y100, and they are
interviewing Kelly Cutrone. this is so great!

the advice that she is dishing out is so true. she isn't really a
mean bitch (as she is portrayed on tv). she is actually quite smart
and really funny. i did always find her hilarious. she even told a caller
that she'd hook her up with an in in the PR world.

i love what she has to say about young people following their dreams and
remembering their childhood in order to determine what they really want to do
in life--what will really make them happy.

i like how she says that when a door closes on an opportunity, it is better
to look at the glass half full, or as she proclaims:
"...god floating in and trying to take us to somewhere new."

Kelly also tells a caller that if she wants to get her foot in the door
with her fashion journalism career that she should start
writing a blog (check);
try to intern at a small magazine that she likes (in the process);
and then in a couple of years she should be where she wants to be.
i don't think truer words were ever spoken.
and the advice she gives is relevant whether you want
to be in fashion or not. basically, if you only
get one thing from this interview it should be
that you stay true to your dreams and work hard
to reach them.

if you'd like to hear the interview then go here.
Or go here for a review of her book.
I just bought it on my Nook!

What do you think about Kelly Cutrone or fashion blogging in general?


  1. Weird new post form...

    I like that lady too, she keeps it real, but in the right way.

    You know I like your fashion, so all you need is a magazine and you'll have your own show called "Cheryl on Earth"

  2. I love the show, and thanks for the comment, I will keeping an eye on your blog, you write very very well!

    ♥ MADISON thing

  3. hey! i like Kelly Cutrone too! and i need a new book to read so... be sure to lemme know how u like it!

  4. I love Kelly Cutrone. She's honestly a true inspiration and shows that the fashion world is brutal and it isn't all glam like they show on reality tv shows.

    Lovely blog.


  5. I love Kelly so much, I never thought she was bitch, I think she is a realist... people are not so use to hear the truth I guess... I think she is a real inspiration and real role model for every young person that wants to make any business...
    I wanna read her book so bad =)

  6. I AM such a huge fan. She is incredibly inspirational...and if anything I think the show is helping disprove her "mean" persona!

  7. She's so funny! I love her "no crying" attitude.

  8. the best thing we can do is encourage others to follow there dream. most times it doesnt mean anything if it isnt coming from someone who hasnt already made it.
    so the best thing those of us who are still trying to do the same is support one another!

  9. I watched the first episode, but I haven't been able to catch the others. I really love the show, and I think Kelly is awesome even though people think she's scary or a bitch. I want to read her book.

    And to reply to your lovely comment about the H&M dress, I do remember seeing the dress in white, and it's really pretty. I would wear it as my reception dress if I was to get married.

  10. I am addicted to this show!! I think Kelly Rocks..funny I almost posted about this too :)

  11. I think that her advice is so true! I am a new follower and I love your blog!

    Make sure to check mine out and follow!

  12. Kelly Cutrone? I really do like her, she has her way and she doesn't have to be a bitch about it, it's just get it out there and get it right or so long and that's exactly what people need to think about if they want to survive in the fashion world ♥

  13. I love Kell too! I'm truly inspired by her show and I am interested in buying her book. Good luck with pursuing your dreams!

  14. ohhhh KELLLLY how we love you and your bitchness<3

    likee this post:)


  15. I'm surprised I've never heard of her before... I'll have to check her out after this rad post. She sounds uber inspirational. :)

  16. Great post!I love that she is inspiring women to acheive their dreams, if she was a b**#! She would not try to encourge others. Plus we bloggers have to support each other too! xoxo

  17. Kelly Cutrone keepin in real!
    yah, thanks for the kind comments, I too shall follow your blog. :) Can't wait for more post.

  18. God! Love your blog. Totally neat indeed!
    Happy blogging. Stop by my page sometime :)

  19. Very interesting post! Nice to know that she appreciates blogging.

  20. This seems like great advice! I like Kelly... she just tells it like it as and in the end that's what we need to hear most!


    S.S. DOBBS

    Stop by and say hello

  21. Before the reality show, I had never heard of Kell but I like her alot. I love that she is serious but silly as hell and she is a bonafide hustler of the trade!


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