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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

'Balls are to men what Purses are to women' 3/17/10

what's in my bag? i know you all have probably seen these before--or have even done them yourselves--but i never have so now it's my turn.

first i thought, "why am i doing this? i don't have anything really cool or awesome in my purse."

but then i realized that i don't need to have anything super exciting or different. that is the point of this whole bag thing. i enjoy looking at the "what's in my bag" posts because it's neat (yes, neat) to see what other people lug around with them all day.

but i do hope you girls aren't schlepping around your 20 lb bags day in and day out because that's just no good for your posture. i would say, all you need are the essentials, but essentials are different for everyone. some people think tic tacs are essential (think Paulie Bleeker in Juno) while others obsess over random crap that they never use.

who knows...maybe the stuff in my bag is just as random and not too essential, but at least it weighs less than my Pomeranian so that's a plus. and sorry for the blurry pics.

- bag: Juicy Couture: got it from my fiance for Valentine's Day last year

- Louis Vuitton wallet: used for license, cards and change!

- pen and Post-it notes....i actually still write things down. it's crazy, i know

- book: "The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy & Other Stories" by Tim Burton: my friend got this for me from the MOMA

- Ralph Lauren sunglasses case: i actually don't remember where i got this

- Michael Kors sunglasses: i know, my case doesn't match my glasses, but oh well

- 5 Gum: i chew whatever gum my fiance buys and it's usually this or trident

- Fish comb...isn't it cute!

- Nokia phone: but i will be getting my android smartphone shortly.

- Purell and Gilchrist & Soames hand lotion (i love lotion!)

- My many gift cards (Victoria's Secret, Wetseal, Barnes & Noble and Borders): got to love a good deal!

- Chapsticks in Lip Butter and Cherry flavors

- Express Black Cherry Ice lip gloss and Forever 21 lip gloss (i have so many glosses it's not even funny. the extras definitely aren't essential, but they weigh nothing so c'est la vie.)

- My Jonathan Adler Nook: I'm currently reading Kelly Cutrone's book and it's great so far. i'll do a review on it once i'm finished.

- Scion key chain with pepperspray with my KitKat. i don't usually have chocolate in my purse (as gasp! i'm not a big chocolate fan), but i do love me some kitkats...and almond joys!

by the way, the title of this post is a quote from Carrie Bradshaw.
what's in your purse?

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  1. a purse is a womans life...if you ever took the time to add up the value of all the things you carried around you would probably be very surprized!...nice post

  2. AWH! You are SO beautiful! I swear, your smile is so welcoming. Can we be friends? :) Also, I do not wear a wig! Haha! <3


  3. Great post, I've totally been doing an 'in my bag' series on my blog.

  4. haha love the title! I want your LV wallet ;) xoxo

  5. You should start carrying around Inigo in your purse instead of the pepper spray for defense

  6. i know that everyone does these posts but i neverrr get tired of them for some reason! chapstick = so essential, couldn't live without it :)


    fall in love with a shooting star...

  7. Hi there-thanks for your lovely comment and for stopping by, have a great week my dear!

  8. Love the title,trust me!
    And hell yeah, you're absolutely right! I'm not much of an accessory lady, but eatings,watches and BAGS! They define a lot about one's taste..

  9. I love your blog, it's very pretty!!
    Accessories are pretty important for a bag and they're totally awesome!!
    :D :D

  10. when i felt bore i eat kitkat it nice

  11. oh wow, you're gorgeous. thankyou so much for the comment (: i've followed your blog too, i love it!


  12. oooh your purse has a lot of nice useful things! My purse is filled with food and malboro lights haha.

    I hope my I get the commerical as well, thanks for the positive thoughts :)

  13. Nice! Jumping on the 'WIMB' wagon!

    A.Co @

  14. so we have tons of the same stuff in your purse. Right when I looked at the pictures, i saw that fish comb and thought, "that is the greatest!" then i saw your list of details. too similar and great.
    love the VS cards (thats all i got too) BTW!!! if you use that, they give you one for the automatic $10 one, but could be more. (starts in April)

  15. love this post!
    love your purse too! :)
    thankyou for the comment on my blog!
    i love jeggings a bit too much, you have to buy a pair!


  16. I love these kinds of posts too! It IS interesting... like take, for example, your nailpolish... that's not something I carry around in my purse, but I can see why one would. It is, for lack of a better word, NEAT!

    Thanks for visiting!! Following you!

  17. I love these posts - they're so much fun!

    Enter to win a women's Orient watch!

  18. I have always carried so much unnecessary crap around with me that I've down-sized my handbag and now have to think much more carefully about what I take out with me!

    In my bag at the moment we haaave...

    Two phones (one English, one Spanish)

    Okay, so maybe I am still carrying a lot of crap around with me but I promise I'm much better than I used to be!


  19. i looove the louis V wallet!
    thanks for following :)

  20. Found you via mutual followers, love your blog! Beautiful photos

  21. I love this blog post! Super creative topic and neat pics. :) love your chapsticks! :P

  22. Truer words have never been spoken...!

    ps. thanks for following me I am now following you too doll ;)

  23. Hey girl!

    Some girl named jessie won my contest giveaway. I just choose the winner not to long ago...i posted her blog and stuff on my page

    thanks for entering and beig my follower,it really makes my day to have followers because i love making new friends =]

    and also i will def put some more d.i.y fashion up because its fun and cheap

  24. I just came across your blog!

    It is lovely!

  25. My purse is like my closet!

    Hah. Great post. I love the fish comb, it's so cute!


  26. Cool blog! :)
    Following you too now.

  27. If only mine were this orderly! I have old scrunched up shopping lists, empty panadol packets from a headache I had like 3 weeks ago and piles and piles of old receipts! Sometimes –and I hardly even know if I should admit it- I even find scraps of paper with old bits of chewing gum inside. It’s the strangest thing because I am a super organized Virgo in the rest of my life but my bag is like a whole separate dimension

  28. This is awesome. A friend suggested I do this but I have MULTIPLE ever-changing purses and my content involves such things that only an art teacher could appreciate, like loose erasers, pencils, sharpies and masking tape...then of course my entire makeup bag and morning ritual because I usually get beautiful when I get to work (seriously)...

    Have a splendid weekend xoxoxo

    Great post, btw.

  30. Lol @ the post title.
    Love the fish comb! Hehe (:
    & I have a couple of different bags that I use, depending on my outfit and I tend to carry around my wallet, hand lotion, hand sanitizer, my phone, a mirror, my checkbook and any other assorted things I feel like throwing in. Exciting, huh? ;D

    xx, Melissa

  31. 1st: great post!

    2nd: love love love the fish comb!

    3rd: u dont care for chocolate??? first the slow jamz, now this?! ur breakin my heart! LOL

    4th: i was just wonderin the other day...does Cheryl still love almond joys? cuz u used to kill them when we were little! lol

  32. love that LV!

    For everything about fashion:

  33. loving the stuff in your bag!
    glad you did this too~ it's fun to 'stalk' people's bag & actually being allowed to. lol^^


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