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Saturday, March 20, 2010

miami int'l fashion week 3/20/10

here's the rub: i found out about Miami International Fashion Week a few days ago and decided that I had to go. i told some of my friends and we made plans. i go online to buy tickets and realize now that everything is sold out. the horror! so i thought my plans had fallen through, but i decided to still go to miami to see if anyone was selling.

my fiance and i were walking around the event looking at the designer sample sale and taking photos. a girl says to me something like, "this is one of the designers. you should pay attention to her show tonight." i told her that we, unfortunately, didn't have any tickets. then she said, "really? i'll get you tickets."

turns out, this girl was a publicist so she gave us two tickets for the evening show. what luck! talk about being in the right place at the right time.

designers for the evening showcase on saturday included Pia Gladys Perey, Fammee, Leny G and Michelle Salins. here are some photos from the night:
i apologize in advance for my crappy camera!

what i wore
leggings: target; shoes: vera wang for kohl's
sitting front row--woo hoo!

Pia Gladys Perey: Resort Wear Collection

Pia is from the Philippines and learned about fashion from watching her grandmother sew. She launched her own label White Kitten with sales in Australia and interest in Europe.

Michelle Salins: The Jewel Tones of India

Michelle transitioned from interior design to fashion design and now has a production facility in India. She explores couture bridal wear with a signature butterfly motif.

you probably can't see (because my camera is horrible) but they have butterfly designs in their headpieces and on their dressesmy fiance became a definite fashion fan with this collection. he loved this dress!one of the models looked so familiar. i think she might've been on America's Next Top Model or something because i was definite i'd seen her before.

what do you guys think of the collections?

Leny G
Michelle Salins
Pia Gladys Perey



  1. wow thats one of the best being there at the right time stories ive heard
    sounds fun!

  2. Lucky!:D

    I'm glad you had fun and were able to go!:D

    The collection looks amazing, I love the very first picture from the collection.:D

    Check out my blog!
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  3. Ahh! I should have gone! :) I'm glad you guys ended up getting tickets, that was really lucky/awesome. I really like that greenish bubble dress with the pink jacket thing. lol

  4. OOh gurl I just stumbled upon your blog and it's lovely!

    Looks like you had lots of fun :)

    I definitely followed you~ check out my blog if you have the time thanks~

  5. i love your outfit! and you are so lucky! looks like so much fun and the designs are amazing

  6. Beautiful pictures! I love how the fashion weeks are kicking of around the world.

    You and fiance are the cutest couple.


  7. Wow, so lucky! Definitely right place at the right time for you, well done! Love your photos :)


  8. i'm so jealous!

    Last day to enter my Olivia Rubin giveaway:

  9. hi, lovely blog... love it... greetings your new follower..

  10. LOVED this post! Thank you for sharing your experience there with us!

    Ahh, that publicist girl was really nice! :D Glad you were able to get in.

    You looked cuuute. :) Love the top and necklace together!

    You and your fiance look soooo adorable together! <3

    Eek, you are SO lucky!! I would love to go to a show like that. :3

    I like that last dress, the one before the Michelle Salins section. I also like Salins's purple gown.

    Your fiance has good taste...I like that yellow and pink dress too!:D

    That white ballgown is GAW-JUSS!!!

  11. talk about luck! love the shoes you had on! &that white dress is beautiful!

  12. realy cute blog
    love ur style
    gonna follow

    check out mine and tell me what you think xxxxxxxxx

  13. Just love the pictures.You are very lucky for being there!I can't go at our Fashion Week here in Greece because I am not live in our capital city. :(
    I folloed your lovely blog!
    Can you please check mine and follow back?

  14. What a lovely evening! I love going to fashion shows!! Great outfit you wore!

  15. that looks like so much fun... I've been to the swimsuit and it was a lot of fun!

  16. Oh, I hope you had a good time! I love that ruffled dress you saw on the runway.

  17. thats soo dope how it all turned out! im so glad u decided to go to miami anyway...thats somethin i wouldve done!

  18. Amazing dresses! And I love the sofa you're sitting in...

  19. OOOH MY GOD ;O
    Shame on you!
    I want to go to miami fashion week too!
    luckiest girl *-*

  20. Thanks and great pictures!!!! :)


  21. What a lucky gal! Free tix, cute guy, and fun dresses! ♥ I liked Pia's style.

  22. I love the one with the sparkly cut-out back and the butterfly pieces in her fair. And you look great!

  23. I love your leggins and shoes! Very Balmain (and I envy you so bad for Miami) !! :)

  24. Omg so lucky!! I'm all green!
    And stunner! you look awesome :)

  25. Awesome luck! I like Michelle Salins collection. Nice colors and the head pieces rock!

  26. Oh gosh, that is to die for! So lucky!

  27. wow, great pictures. And the bridal dressi s gorgeous.
    Love your shoes

  28. love all the pictures :) thanks for following btw!

  29. Loved your look!
    and that wedding dress, so amazinggg!

  30. That's so cool that you got to go! xoxo

  31. thankyou for my first ever award:) ive nominated you for one! xx

  32. gorgeous blog! i would blog fulltime, seriously, too. especially if i got paid. xD


  33. lucky you! love the outfit :)

  34. fab leggings! fab shoes!
    one word= chic!^^


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