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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

200 Follower Giveaway is closed!

I recently reached 200 followers, and as promised, here is my giveaway for all my lovely muses. Thanks for following my blog and for taking the time to comment on posts. It really means a lot to me. this giveaway is to show my appreciation--and because giveaways are fun!

- Forever 21 love & beauty crystal eyes compact
- Forever 21 double strand bird necklace
- ELF tone correcting concealer in Light Beige
- ELF super glossy lip shine spf 15 in Candlelight
- ELF healthy glow bronzing powder in Sun Kissed
- ELF brightening eyeliner in Ash (with sharpener)
- ELF regular and waterproof mascara duo in Brown
- Sally Hansen Xtreme-wear polish in Plum Power
- Liberty of London wallet
- Sephora OPI Nail Color (actual color: silver, iridescent shimmer)
- Sephora Stila Compact
- Sephora Smashbox cream eyeliner palette

**not pictured: if i find something cool during my european honeymoon then i'll add it to the giveaway**

UPDATED: I bought something from Primark in London to add to this giveaway. It is a surprise.

♥ the rules ♥
please read carefully

1. must be a follower
2. must comment with "enter me" and your email
3. must tell me one thing i should feature on my blog (makeup posts, fashion tips, etc)
4. must be 18 or older (or get parents' permission if younger)

.:additional entries:.
2 additional entries for blogging about my giveaway (featuring the photo above and a link back to my blog). putting my giveaway on your sidebar counts.

if you've done the above, you can garner another 2 additional entries for putting me on your blog roll

please let me know in your comment if you did any of the additional entries and include the link.

1 entry total for following, "enter me" with email and telling me what i can feature;
3 entries total for doing the above and blogging (or sidebar) about my giveaway with the photo and link;
5 entries total for doing both of the above and putting me on your blog roll

winners will be chosen using

giveaway ends May 14.

this is open internationally--detailed photos below...

all items are new and purchased by me



  1. **enter me

    **i think u should post about make-up tips and also fashion tips.
    and then u also post such a diary of your to be more closed with your followers :)

    **im blog about your giveaway here


  2. forgot to tell.
    i link your blog.put the picture on sidebar too:)

  3. oh sweet!

    ENTER ME!!!

    i love your personal style posts, but i also love anything to do with make-up so i think you should do both, for sure!

    i don't have a blog roll but i will give you a tweet for sure.


  4. Congrats on your followers!!!And enter me please!
    Lovely lvely giveway!

  5. I'm a follower, enter me!

    musicalhouses at hotmail dot com

    I love makeup posts, so anything with makeup makes me happy!

  6. Hey Cheryl!
    congrats on your wedding & for reaching 200+ followers!
    ohh dear you're so generous for sponsoring these awesome prizes^^
    of course I'd loveeeeee to enter pretty pls~~

    of course, I'm your followers^^

    umm I think you should feature more about fashion in your blog caz I always like your style.
    some tips & maybe DIY?^^ that'd be fun!
    oh also if you can, I love the "must have" post~~ ;]

    for extra entries, I put your giveaway on my blog's sidebar (
    & you're listed in my blogroll hun^^

    fingers crossed!

    have fun in your European Honeymoon, oh Europe! that must be soo romantic!!
    you're so lucky^^
    take care dear!
    don't forget to take loadss of pics in your honeymoon & trip^^

    <3 Risya
    My Email: Risya271(at)yahoo(dot)com

  7. congrats on the followers! do enter me please :) my email is, and i'd love to see more posts on accessories you like. the necklace you picked out for the giveaway is adorable :)

  8. Congrats sweety!!!!!
    On your wedding and for reaching 200 followers!
    I wish you to have 1000 someday!

    Enter me, too!

    kisses and hugs from Greece!


  9. I'm tooo far away! I live in India! So well, I can't do the competition here ;) But hell yeah you're in my blog role,already :)

    I hope your honeymoon is a stunner! And please do put the pictures up! :)

    Best wishes and luck to you guys.

    P.S--Congrats on the 200+ followers! Omg weeeeeeee! So cool!

  10. Enter me, please.:D

    More fashion related posts, please.:D And face of the day posts too!:D

    Happy Friday!:D

  11. Enter me please :)
    I'd like to see more tutorials on makeup or diy projects on fashion


  12. You're on my sidebar under shiny things( #1


  13. You're on my sidebar under shiny things( #2


  14. You're on my blogroll #1


  15. You're on my blogroll #2


  16. I'm lazy right now but great giveaways! And congrats on the followers! <33

  17. Awww man!! I turn 18 in June. :( That stinks. Oh well, good luck to whoever enters! Amazing giveaway. :D

  18. Enter me Please..I have been a follower for a email is:

    I posted about your giveaway on my sidebar and also added you to my blog roll...

    Thanks for the amazing giveaway :)


  19. I forgot to write this in my previous comment....I would like to see more of FOTD :)


  20. yay congrats on 200! I'm a follower and please enter me!! I would love to hear about your beauty secrets! Thx Cheryl!!

  21. I'm a follower. Please enter me! Hm.. I think you already do a really good job about what you post. Hm... maybe... blog post about a fashion whirlwind tour of your town, featuring local stores? That would be cool.


    And you're on my blog roll.

    le.paradis.found at gmail dot com

  22. Great giveaway, enter me! :)
    I am a follower already, of course ;)

    I would love to see some DIY projects.


  23. Hey enter me please :)
    follower via google as london's beauty.
    enter me please
    my email:
    I think you should feature more fashion tips and hair tutorials.
    You're on my blogroll :)
    I've posted this on my sidebar with picture.
    here's my blog:
    5 total entries :)

  24. Enter me!

    It would be good to see some make up tutorials, as I'm quite a beginner with make up!!

    Serina x

  25. Enter me!
    I am a follower - Vanessa
    I put a link on my sidebar
    You should should feature more about fashion :)
    I've added you on my blogroll

  26. This comment has been removed by the author.

  27. * Enter me please Cheryl

    * My email is

    * I am a follower

    * I'd love to see some skin/hair care tips and features on your fab blog.

    * I've added you to my blogroll :

    im LOVING this giveaway!


  28. Enter me pls :)
    im new followers via google friend :)

    i post your giveaway link:


    thank you :)

  29. :)
    hi im a follower!
    enter me please :)
    i would love to see more makeup posts! maybe tutorials?

    jo.tee35 (at) gmail (dot) com

  30. I am a follower

    enter me, pls

    devonm @ sasktel dot NET

  31. Please do more makeup giveaways, I love those. Feature more makeups, like eyeshadows and nail polishes and fancy techniques of doing nail art.

    devonm @ sasktel dot NET

  32. Great giveaway!Please, enter me!:)

    I'm a new follower via google friend connect.
    I'd like to see more make up tutorials...

    Andrea Ferreira

  33. hey darlin!
    enter me <3 :)
    you should definitely include some fashion tips in your blog. makeup blogs are everywhere nowadays but fashion blogs are lacking, so personally i think it would add a nice, fresh touch, break the mould a bit.
    im a follower btw :)

  34. Enter me please! I'm a new follower from Spain!
    You should put more makeups-tips!!

    Ana Belén R.M

  35. Enter me please. Thanks so much girl, everything you picked out is so cute. I love that necklace! I love all the makeup goodies an the bag too. I wish I had a blog so I could post it on there, but I don't, but I'll tweet your giveaway to help you spread the word :) Hope it helps! (

    Hope your honeymoon was fab!


    shevilkenevil1 at aol dot com

  36. Enter me for I am a follower! ;D

    Well~ I love looking at makeup tutorials (even if I don't attempt the look), I don't know why.. It's the step by step of makeup magic that gets to me.

    Contact: pforpirate(at)gmail(dot)com

  37. Hello!
    Great giveaway =)

    I'm following!
    I hadn't take a look at your blog yet, but I always love to read good reviews! So, I guess you should feature some ^^

    I'm spreading the word in my blog's sidebar:

    And I have your blog on my blogroll (right sidebar)

    Thank you for this opportunity!
    xoxo from Portugal

  38. enter me please!

    i think you should focus more on fashion in your blog...but make sure it is unique so yu attract more followers :)

  39. Enter me please :D

    I think there can never be enough make-up tips!
    Great blog :D

    romii_parasorteos at hotmail dot com

  40. Enter me please (:

    I think that you should put more makeups-tips ^^,


  41. enter me

    i'd like to se fashion tips, specially on shoes

  42. Hi i'm a follower :) please enter me <3

    tryme.imtoxic (at) gmail (dot) com

    I think it would be a great idea to feature your Outfit of the day plus makeup look of the day, and tell us how you match them together :D

  43. Enter me, please.

    I'm a follower.

    I think you should do FOTD often.

  44. This comment has been removed by the author.

  45. enter me!

    I am a follower

    I think you shoul post more makeup tips


  46. Enter me!
    miriam esteves
    follower: mi...
    In beauty blogs I always seach for swatches and reviews on care products, so I think you may also invest in that! :)

  47. This comment has been removed by the author.

  48. hi!!! please enter me!! and this is totally weird but if you're a cook- share receipes!!

  49. Hi
    I am a follower shaim
    Enter me please

    As i love Artistic Makeup i think you should do a tutorials and tips about it

    blog about it here

  50. Hi there!

    Please enter me in this lovely giveaway. I'm following through Google Friend as "libbeh" and my email is libbeh84(at)gmail(dot)com.

    One thing I think you should feature on your blog is Primark, River Island, etc. cute finds. Although I'm from the US, it's always nice to see what the fashion is like for girls across the pond, and maybe hopefully get inspired looks ;)

    I've posted your giveaway, with a picture, on my blog's sidebar at:

    I believe that's a total of 4 entries??

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!! :)


  51. Enter me please :)

    I'd love to see posts from your London/europe which are your best buys etc. Im going to London in a month, so I'd love to really see what you bought :)

    katch05 at gmail dot com

  52. Enter me please!
    I would like to see product reviews!
    I posted about the giveaway here:

  53. Enter me!
    My email is
    And I think maybe you should feature tutorials. They're fun to do and if it's something unique then you can generate a lot of hits from it :)

  54. I also added this contest to my blog's sidebar:

  55. Hi =) enter me pls.
    I think you should show your own outfits.

    my email is:

  56. Enter me please :)

    I've blogged about your giveaway

    I'd like to se fashion hauls and daily outfits! Ah and tips about trends for each season!


  57. Enter me!

    I would like to your outfits and more fashion tips!

  58. Congratz!

    Enter me!
    I'm a follower as Helena :)

    I would like to see more manicures and some tutorials.

    I have blogged about this:

  59. Enter me!
    I'm a follower as nastjanastja.

    I would like to see your outfit of the day.

    I blogged about your giveaway here:

    my email: nastjanastja[at]

  60. *-- Not an entry --*


    Just wanted to let you know that your giveaway was listed on my site.

    Here's the direct link:

    If you happen to have any other internationally open giveaways, I'd love to hear about them!



  61. I am a follower !!

    I think you should do more posts on fashion tips & different kinds of outfits that can be carried out in different styles.

    please enter me for yourgiveaway :)


  62. I am a follower: Liliana Costa

    I think you could make some tutorial videos about make up

  63. Enter ME!

    I love make-up tips. I love to see them posted.

  64. Olá, adorei os prémios
    Enter me please
    adoro tudo o que esteja relacionado com maquilhagem, por isso quantos mais post's acerca de maquilhagem, melhor
    Parabéns pelos 200 seguidores e muitas felicidades para o casamento, bjos doces

  65. Enter me pls doll.
    I'm 14 - I have parental permission.
    One thing I would love to see on your blog would be possibly photo shoots filled with inspiring outfits.. different trends. Just more fashion-related bits and bobs. Maybe an outfit of the day, every weekend? It's lovely to get some fashion inspiration once and a while.
    Lovely giveaway,
    Much love,
    Izzy -

  66. This comment has been removed by the author.

  67. enter me please Cheryl :]
    &congrats on your 200+ subs!
    email -
    i`d love to see some more fashion posts & fashion tips too! &i love reading your movie reviews, so keep em coming!

    i posted about your blog;

  68. Enter me
    I follow[@]gmail[.]com

    I would like in depth FOTD tutorials

    I posted to my right sidebar

    I added you to my blogroll

  69. hi, enter me :)
    i follow you by google friend connect :)

    i also put this giveaway at my blog, here the link

    i think its better that you also put the price of the item in each post, in case reader want to buy too, they can prepare the money :)

    hope i can win this cute giveaway :)

    big thankies

  70. Enter me :)

    I think you could do favorite products of the month or beauty finds posts, I love to know about other people's new finds.

    silverdragon4084 at gmail dot com

  71. Enter me please :)


    I would love to see some looks inspired by your european vacation

  72. enter me
    makeupbykimporter at gmail dot com

    I'd love to see more tips & FOTD's

  73. Lovely giveaway! :)

    Enter me...

    Nails of the week, i love seeing what nail polish people are wearing!


  74. such a lovely giveaway!!
    enter me! i'd like to see more fashion tips posts
    there's a link to your giveaway in my sidebar

  75. This comment has been removed by the author.

  76. Hey!

    Thank you so much for your sweet comments and for welcoming me to the blog world. ^_^

    I subscribed and made a sidebar for your contest.

    ENTER ME! My e-mail address is

    Anyways, you should do more beauty reviews!

    Thanks again!

  77. Hey, I just discovered you blog and I love it! Congrats on getting so many followers.

    Enter me please

    I've posted a link in my sidebar


  78. I follow through google friend.
    Enter Me Please!
    I would like to see The Body Shop Makeup featured here. cardshark42(at)hotmail(dot)com

  79. Hi!

    I'm a follower.

    Enter me, please!

    would love to read more fashion tips and DIY make up tutorials.


  80. Enter me pls! :)
    I would like to see NOTD and FOTD posts, they are fun!


  81. Enter me please :)
    I love OOTD, and meakup tips! :)) xx

  82. Fun stuff!!! :D Enter Me please!!! I'm a follower here.

    I'd like to see some beauty tips or tricks, whether its on hair, skin care, or cosmetics! :)

  83. Hello^^

    Enter me :D
    I would like to see Fashion Tips ^^
    I'm 19 years

    I put you on my blogroll ^^


  84. you should feature great inexpensive finds.

    enter me!

    in my sidebar:

  85. Please enter me, I'm a follower of your blog.

    I'd love to see more fashion related posts (ie. OOTD, hauls, reviews, etc)

    here's my email:


  86. Enter Me

    I like to see more fashion posts

    JOana Damas

  87. 1. Follower as Abby!
    2. Enter Me please!
    3. I think both makeup posts and skin care tips. New to makeup so need more of those. Skin care, I am always looking for good ones so yeah!

    reviewsbyabby at gmail dot com

  88. Enter me!
    I think what you must add the makeup video

  89. I blogged about your giveaway
    lusizova (at)

  90. I blogged about your giveaway
    lusizova (at)

  91. Following as shiki
    Enter Me!
    I would love more makeup tips posts please

    Thanks for this!

    shiki6210 at gmail dot com

  92. Please enter me in your giveaway! I am a follower via Google Friend Connect. <3

    My e-mail is berkana[at]fastmail[dot]fm

    I really enjoy posts about eye shadows, especially reviews of palettes. I love make up reviews in general. It's nice to learn about new products.

    I posted about your giveaway in the left sidebar of my blog with a picture and a link.

    Thanks so much for putting this giveaway together. Many congratulations on reaching 200 followers and beyond.

  93. enter me please doll.
    i thought that i did follow you, but i guess not, so i do now!
    thanks so much for the opportunity.

  94. OOo such pretty prizes! enter me please! i'm a new follower and would love to see a fashion tip on choosing the right sunglasses!


    thanks <3!

  95. I'm a follower (on google reader: alyx aléone)! Please enter me ^^!
    I think you already do a good job, about that blog, I don't think you nead to change anything ^^...

  96. I am a follower via Google Friend Connect :)
    E-mail address:

    I blogged about your giveaway jus check the giveaway tab on the top :)

  97. Enter me please ^^
    I would like to see more makeup tutorials.

  98. yay, I followed you (WOOT, 300th)!
    enter me please,

    I think you should feature more fashion tips, they're very useful!


    and added to blogroll:

    thanks, Grace
    congrats on 200!

  99. ENTER ME :D

    I love fashion and make up, so anything with it will be fine :D

  100. Enter me!
    I'm a follower - Miih Uck
    My email -

    I love makeup posts, so anything with makeup makes me happy!

  101. Hi!
    First, thank you for this giveaway.
    And now... enter me :)

    I'm following you, I put the first pic on my sidebar (under the followers, with the other blogs about beauty and cosmetic) with a link to this entry and I added your blog to my blog-roll.

    I think you can post about tips for the different skins, what colors are good for that, etc...

    My e-mail:


  102. Hi please enter me!! my email is, I'm a follower and I would love makeup posts... BTW nice stuff!!! I dieeeee to win!

  103. This comment has been removed by the author.

  104. Enter me :)
    I like your giveaway :)

    Hugs Nadine <3

  105. Hi!
    Enter me :)

    I love fashion, I would love to see more tips and hauls! ^__^

    my emails is:
    silvialima (at)

    I linked you on my sidebar!

    ♥ X

  106. Enter Me :

    Feature: fashion tips

    I blogged:

    Blogs I follow:

  107. Enter me!
    i think you should include more fashion on your blog!
    my email is
    and my blog is
    and i did enter you on my blog roll

  108. Oh definitely ENTER ME!! :):)

    For some reason I thought I already WAS following you!! I love your blog so I am not sure how I missed that one! Come follow me too if you're not already! ;)

    This is a great giveaway!!
    Ok one thing to blog about...maybe a user review of your favorite beauty products, like a user award for best eye product, best lip product, best hair product etc...

  109. How exciting, Enter Me! I just found your blog and love it!

    I love reading about people's style choices for their fashion and home, so posts on that would be great! at gmail dot com

  110. Hi!
    Enter me, please!
    Im following your blog under name Ana

    Email: ana(dot)ciracara(at)gmail(dot)com

    You should write more about fashion, cuz you really have a great style!!!

    I blogged about your giveaway (sidebar)

  111. This comment has been removed by the author.

  112. I'm a follower, please enter me!
    kliolessya at yahoo dot com

    I like your fashion posts, keep doing that! And I would love to know some of your beauty secrets.

  113. Hi!!
    Enter me please

    I love your beauty posts, they're great!

    I follow you as Carmen Cánovas

  114. enter me!

    i love makeup! so i would love to see some makeup looks!

    i blogged about it over at glamourlicious!

    you're on my blogroll as well!

  115. enter me!


    i would like to see more looks!

  116. Woo I am glad I caught this one before it closed. What an amazing giveaway! I hope you have an amazing time on your honeymoon! Wowza.

    1. I am a follower
    2. eneter me:
    3. More fashion tips please
    4. And I 23 but I asked my mom if it's cool if I enter anyway. She said its cool.


  117. enter me please
    more make up tips please

  118. Ola!

    Enter me!

    I think you could make tutorial => videos about make up please

  119. Please enter me in this great giveaway!


    More make up and fashion tips!!

  120. Hi!!

    Enter me, email:

    Kiss! More make up tips!

  121. Enter me in this giveaway!

    I'd love to see some skin and hair care tips!!

    Good night! By!

  122. Hello!

    I'm a follower! Enter me, please!

    My email address is:

  123. Hi dear , enter me please ^^

    My email add is

    I would love to see more make up tips in your blog because I'm a makeup newbie so I wanna learn more ^^

    And congrats on the follower numbers too ^^

  124. Hey Awesome giveaway :D

    I am a follower and i would love to see you talk about makeup and fashion trends :)

    About your giveaway, i put it in the sidebar of my blog


    i also added you to my bloglist..

    I hope i am not late



  125. I hope your honeymoon was amazing! :)

    Please enter me:


    Thank you!

  126. I am a follower, enter me please!

    I would like to read more posts about fashion trends.


  127. follower enter me :D

    I liked your movie review section so maybe a tv review section! I'm always running out of shows to watch and i don't know whats good out there :(

  128. Awesome giveaway, enter me please!
    I`d love to see makeup and hair tutorials.

    I posted about your giveaway on my blog: (you can use the Google traductor button on the right to traduce it).

    My email is: conbdebelleza(at)gmail(dot)com

    The prizes are awesome. Thanks!


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