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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Some Style with That

I was perusing my blog roll (as i do very often) and came across Darling Dee Dee's post on Kim Kardashian as a modern-day style icon. it got me thinking--who is my modern day icon/muse?

I mean, i have fashion icons from before my time (like Judy Garland--read this), and there are a lot of women in the movie/fashion/music industry right now who know a thing or two about style. it was hard for me to narrow my list of an ultimate style icon, so i decided to break it down:

my style muse: glamour
Paula Patton

(photo from GlobalGrind)

(photo from ClutchMagOnline)

her skin is to die for.

(photo from Heidi Meek)

she even looks great pregnant

(photo from Black Voices On Style)

my glamour style
dress: wetseal (~$20)
tights: target (~$5)
shoes: don't remember

my style muse: cutting edge

(photo from GoFugYourself)

her style is interesting that it's not unusual to find her on both the best and worst dressed lists.
and if she doesn't do it, who will?

(photo from Rihanna-Hair)

(photo from Lipstick Alley)

my cutting edge style
headband: juicy couture at sephora (~$10)
necklace: charlotte russe (~$8)
dress: abbey dawn for kohl's (~$30)
tights: primark (~
shoes: vera wang for kohl's (~$45)
jacket: forever 21 (~$35)

my style muse: dress her up or dress her down
Zoe Saldana

(photo from Examiner)

i love how she effortlessly pulls off both elegant and laid back.

(photo from All The Looks Insider)

dress me up or dress me down:
blazer: h&m (~£20)
belt: wetseal
leggings: forever 21 (~$10)
top: don't remember
shoes: don't remember

and there were so many good shots of these ladies to choose was tough.

Who Is Your Modern-Day Style Muse?



  1. Hmmm, I have never really thought of this but people who really inspire me are Kim Kardashian and Blake Livley.

  2. I love that you showed us your own interpretations as well! Right now I'd say Catherine Baba and Natalie Portman for me :)

    xoxo Maria

  3. Rihanna & Zoe Saldana were my 1st and 2nd style crushes on my blog, love their style! and i love your interpretation of your style muses :)


  4. awesome pick. i ll always thought that zoe saldana looks like tyra banks at times so does rihanna. :)

    anyway,im still getting used to ur layout since last month. :(

  5. one of biggest muses for me are the cast of gossip girl
    i love that first dress, amazing

  6. Love your interpretations, zoe & paula look great too :)

    My modern day style icon would have to be Olivia Palermo :)

  7. Truly lovely! You do such a fantastic job of making each look your own :)

    Adorable blog btw :)

  8. I love that you have so many facets to your style... really cool that you are so versatile!


  9. I love Diane Kruger, Reese Witherspoon, Rachel Bilson... the list goes on!

  10. I love the tights you wear with outfits..I have to say my fav. would be Leighton Meister and Emma the teacher from GLEE! Love her whimsy teacher outfits :D

  11. by the way, thank you all for continuing to comment! i love comments. :)

    it's great to have style muses--oh, and emma from Glee (jayma mays) is adorable!

    ♥ Cheryl

  12. I love your interpretations of each of your muses. I think I'm most fond of your Rhianna look. Very sassy!
    Not sure who I'd say is my modern day muse...maybe Kate Moss? She's got some pretty freakin' amazing style that I'd like to emmulate.

  13. oh that's incredibly sweet of you, cheryl!
    I really like your style choices & completely agree with them.
    Paula Patton is stunning and I don't think too many peopel bring her to the forfront as a stylish woman.

  14. i love your polka dotted tights!Paula Patton is incredibly stunning . My perfect Muse will be Blake Lively & Tracee Ellis Ross

  15. Love all three of these girls, but Zoe and Rihanna top the list for me!

    True Queen

  16. Ahh you look so adorable in all of these pictures, and you look so cute with your hair in a sideways ponytail. :)

    I love your LBD. <3 OH and your black and white checkered top. Were your heels inspired by ballet shoes?

    Rihanna's my favorite out of your 3 fashion muses, she's gorgeous! I love that red skirt she's wearing, though her feathery dress is a bit much. xD I'm more mellow when it comes to fashion, I like simple and cute things to wear. :3

  17. Very nice, I love your muse 'interpretations'.

    I think my last style muse was Cyndi Lauper back when 'Girls Just wanna Have Fun' came out! A looong time ago! Madonna also with her raggedy boho street style. We are talking '83 and I was 13 then!

    I occasionally 'channel' a look made famous by a celebrity... eg. Bianca Jagger circa Studio 54 but don't look to acting celebrities as style muses.
    I find it bemusing that we want to emulate actors when they make a living pretending to be other people!!!!

  18. Hi there-love your choice of muses and inspirational outfits, you look lovely in all 3!!

  19. great icons you've listed here! i esp like Rihana's choice and experiments with fashion!

    pssst. dont forget to enter the PINK LADY GIVEAWAY at

    have a lovely weekend!


  20. Love Paula and love this look-work it beautiful!

    Cheers, Jesa

  21. Yeah the song is the whole week in my head...

  22. I'm starting to adore Zoe Saldana. Not only is she super talented and gorgeous, but she's confident and strong. If I had to pick one person at the moment who inspires me, I'd pick her as well.

    p.s. Thanks for stopping by Pink Rock Candy!

  23. I adore your style!! That black dress is especially gorgeous on you. I wish I had your figure. I would wear dresses like that all the time. :)


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