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Monday, April 5, 2010

Are You Having a Moment? 4/5/10

If you've been reading around or watching Bravo lately then you should know that tonight is the one-hour special of Christian Siriano's "Having a Moment". Siriano is the season 4 winner of Project Runway (don't you just love how Bravo keeps it all in the family?) who was quite memorable--both for his fashion designs and his say-anything personality.
As far as i know, Siriano will be the first Runway winner to get his own special (but i could be wrong: Jay didn't get one right?), and it may be well deserved if there's a ratings spike around 10pm. honestly, i didn't pay much attention to the last season of Runway as i found it uninspiring, but i do remember Siriano's season and it was great. and who knows, a special could turn into a season. or not.

Here are some pieces from his Spring 2010 line. in the word of Siriano, do you find his collection fierce? plan on watching the show?

all images from NYMag and Christian Siriano's site.

take your leftover thrifting money and spend it on only one movie right now: How to Train Your Dragon, 3D. It's great and the ending...oh, the ending.

also--leave me a comment saying what you'd like to see in my upcoming giveaway (specific beauty product, particular brands, etc).



  1. i love project runway, us show is so much better than uk, except i live in london so can hardly see the us editions! Love the shoes

  2. i think i would be very paranoid walking in those curved heels :P

  3. Love the ruffles and fabrics. Those shoes are pretty and would go nicely with the first blouse. I'm absolutely in love with the blouse in that last photo. It's so feminine. I can imagine Lady Gaga wearing it with her full briefs and would love getting up the nerve to do the same. It looks expensive, but I'll check it out and see. Beautiful.

  4. i love this collection!! those shoes are so fab;)
    yeah ive heard of project runway and have always wanted to watch but its not on free tv here in aus..i shall have to start watchig online;)

  5. this is a nice collection! thank you for this wonderful posts! xxx kizz xxx

  6. I love the Ice-blue outfit! Very stylish and flattering. :)

    Not a fan of the skin-colored two-piece. :/

    The last outfit is okay...I like both the top and the skirt but I don't think I like them together.

    I do like how all of them are rather modest; makes the female wearer appear headstrong and confident. I dunno if those are the right words though.

    Thanks for sharing, Cheryl! :D

  7. WOW! Beautiful!

    Love from Paris,

  8. i didn't know this!!

    AHH! you just made my day, i'm so excited!!!

  9. I love his collection, it's quite amazing!

  10. Agreed! Loved the collection.
    Project Runway is pretty awesome itself!

    Sorry for not having been around,was a little busy.
    Now am back with a bang! :)

  11. Hi dear! I want to give something to you because I love your blog! Check it out at my blog!

  12. oooo that brown dress is beyond cute!

  13. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christian Siriano =)

    Also, I got you an award on my blog:

    Happy Monday xx

  14. I love that channel. Its always entertaining. I might have to watch it tonight, My husband hates when i put on tlc, oh well! I actually like the pictures, the shoe is actually pretty neat.

  15. i have the same glasses as him! lol.

    great blog :)

    hope you get the chance to check out my mine
    Kayleigh Ann Style Blog

  16. love him! I met him last September, he is just as diva as he seems haha

    lovelove, M.

  17. christian is my all-time FAV project runway-er. i always love seeing his fashion ideas.

  18. I love the blue shoes and the coffee colored (or peach is it ?) dress lovely :)

  19. I really like him. I watched some of it, but I want to see it again and give it my full attention. What's strange is that last night they were showing the Project Jay special. That came out when the second season of Project Runway debuted. That was like 4 years ago I think.

  20. Hello sweetness -

    First of all, thank you bunches for finding my blog & becoming a follower. I am now a follower of your inspiring blog & have added you to my "Whimsical Blog Love" list. You are adorable & I love your hair! Oh, and happy pre-wedding, darling. You & your honey are just the cutest! P.S., I saw Christian Siriano's special & I thought it was FAB-U-LOUS! I'm hoping the special becomes a weekly series! Here's to us becoming long time blog friends! Have a whimsical day tomorrow!

  21. Wow this is the first I've seen of his line and it's gorgeous! It's extravagant but at the same time totally wearble. Bravo Christian... lol pun :P

  22. books are always a great giveaway... they last a long time... enjoy your sunday!

  23. omg i watched that series and it was amazing :) i love all his designs, so creative and wonderful!

  24. those shoes are incredible!
    a work of art...



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