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Saturday, April 3, 2010

The girl at the rock show    4/3/10

thursday night a few of us drove down to miami to see the arctic monkeys play a show. it was my first time seeing them live. initially, we had comfortable seats in the mezzanine of the fillmore, but apparently, to really enjoy the show we had to make our way to the pit. pits aren't really my thing--not a fan of moshing. fortunately, no moshing was to be had.

this is what i wore to the show
my friend said this was not proper concert attire, in which i say "bleh"
dress: wetseal
leggings: f21
belt: f21
necklace: charlotte russe

here is the back of the cardigan*
cardigan: forever 21

and a close-up of the shoes
shoes: vera wang for kohl's

you know you need a better camera when your photos taken from your phone supersede the photos taken from your camera.

the girls at the rock show
the monkeys played some old jams and some new hits from the album "humbug," and of course, they saved Fluorescent Adolescent for the encore. why is it that bands still do the whole encore thing? i know you're coming back out--especially if i haven't heard your most popular song yet.

all in all, not a bad show. where do i find the time to go to concerts when i have a wedding to plan? woe is me.



  1. wow i do love your shawl, especially the detailing at the back, gorgeous!
    lots of love

  2. love ur shawl? or isit a cardi?

    even though u seems to be going to an opera lol. but still thinks its fine to wear that. :)
    omgm love the dimples.

  3. Wow the back of the jacket is heaven!

  4. that cardigan is beautiful! omg so jealous, i love artic monkeys which I had gone too.
    beeble xo

  5. Cuutteee outfit! <3
    I absolutely love the flats. They are adorable.
    Glad you had a relatively good time. :]

  6. WATCH OUT, theres someone behind you in that photo!

  7. I agree with you. You must wear what makes you happy. And you do look awesome! Happy Easter.

  8. great dress! i'm loving the detail on the back of that cardi :)

  9. You rock that skirt!

  10. I love the cardiagn and the bow on the shoes! You look adorable! I like your blog! I am your new follower! Check out mine sometimes :)

  11. The back of that Forever 21 Cardigan is gorgeous. It looks like you had a lot of fun too.

  12. whaaaaaaaaaattttt you saw Arctic Monkeys live?!!
    so not fairr I'm super jeolous of you!!
    I can't believe ittttt!!
    Acrtic Monkeys is my #1 favorite band ever!! ever ever!! LOL~~

    going to their concert is one of my dream~ you're super lucky, you know^^

    btw, you look fab with the outfin hun~~

  13. I love the details in your outfit, the back of your cardigan, the shoes, you look amazing! xoxo

  14. Such a fab outfit! I esp love the belt and the cardi.

    I guess I would say I’m a minor Arctic Monkeys fan. I was living in London when the first album came out and they were just so ubiquitous. That always puts me off a little but they do seriously rock!


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