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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Fashion Media + NOTD 4/17/10

Fashion mags on ipads?

I read this article on IFB last week about interactive publications and magazines having applications on ipads to allow you to basically read the magazine on the device. if you click that link you can see the youtube video of Interview Magazine's application that scrolls through its pages from start to finish. it's pretty cool to say the least.

do you guys think it's a good idea to have blogs on devices like ipads? do you want a plug-in to make your blog ipad friendly? is this the wave of the future for fashion magazines, ezines and blogs? or is it blogger beware?

Sally Hansen xtreme wear: Ocean View
as most of you may know, i love black nail polish. it's pretty much the only color i wear on my toes. for some reason (to me at least) black polish and toes just work. never looks bad. but, i don't mind adding more color to my fingernails because the right color can stand out in the right way. my friends were wearing some pretty polishes at my wedding and they inspired me to try something different.

this is Sally Hansen's xtreme wear polish in ocean view. i'm a fan of blues so the color fits me. so far i've had it on for two days and it still looks good--no chippies! i think i'll opt for a slightly darker blue next time, but i would totally recommend this polish.

heck, i may add nail art to spice things up--i love when i see other bloggers with their cute nail designs.

more wedding photos (as requested by Nil)



  1. thats ur wedding?
    wow u beatiful :)

    wish both of u remain forever

    shatirah / tyra'station

    **im follow u back :D
    and hope we can connect to each other.cheers**

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Maybe something useful bout the IPad after all. Still not sure bout its price tag. I hope the Google Tablet has some cool stuff like that too. I think it'll be a really good think for bloggers and Ezines because as more and more people have tablets and smart phones it'll allow people to read magazine on the go (like the old days but digital)

    That picture of you and your mom is cute, hadn't seen that one yet?

  4. you look so beautiful! As weak as i am for technology, i really dont like the whole idea. Magazines and newspapers would lose their essence completely. thanks for the comment, yeah you should buy the face mist its really good, especially in the summer when you're hot (:

  5. Okay, so i'm a big fan of carrying on device and having my entire life on it (iphone ) my entertainment is no differet, BUT... i agree with the above comment, magazines and newspapers have a specific quality to them because of the fact that they are in print, which is why no matter how popular nook gets, books will always be printed.. its something about a printed photograph vs a digital one. I like the idea, but weary that it will cause us to phase out truly beautiful things in print. .

  6. hi!
    thanks for dropping by my blog xD
    glad you liked my post xD
    I just loved your blog xD

    Thanks again xD
    take care

  7. Adore the wedding pictures! I love the magazine feature, I think it's very smart.

    xoxo Maria

  8. You must of had a beautiful wedding! and i love black nail polish too, but i might try some other colours now you've mentioned it. Thank you for the comment on my blog! and don't forget to answer the prada give away!

  9. hi! thanks for your comment on my blog! i'm now following back. :)

  10. i want i pad !!
    nice color of nail polish !!
    i have a giveaway on my blog come on see if you want !!

  11. I'm waiting for my Ipad 3g.... I'm a Tech Dork, I love what it does. I don't know if I can say "Blogger Beware" just yet, but a friend of mine has an Ipad and I loved it.


    P.S. Beautiful wedding, I wish you and you love the best!

    Brunette Trigger

  12. Aww, the bride is so beautiful, love her dress.
    Love the electric blue polish too, looks great with your skin tone =)

  13. I'm just going through my giveaway entries which is how I stumbled here. I have one word for you - gorgeous. I hope I can look half as good as you did on your wedding day!

  14. Ohh I'm all for blogging on the iPad and such devices! It'd be so classy and stylish to do so!

  15. Yayy yayy yayy! So you put more pictures up!
    They're lovely :) They truly are!

    Much love,

    ps: the Ocean View is crazy cheryl, and that fits you!

  17. Love the nail paint! :)
    Oh, and the wedding pictures ( again ) are completely adorable.. :)

  18. thanks for sharing this post her eI want to say plzzz share a collection of shoes or boots

  19. I love wedding pictures!!
    you look very very pretty with the gorgeous dress!!

    you have one of the sweetest smile~


  20. Beautiful wedding! Lovely dress.
    Love the blog by the way.


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