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Monday, June 14, 2010

Blood & Broadway 6/14/10

Tony Awards Red Carpet:
--my faves--

--Lea Michele--

--Ryan Reynolds--

--Anne Hathaway--

(wonderful shoes too)

Lea & Matthew Morrison performed--Gleeks (like myself) went crazy!
Check out the performance!

Sookie & Jessica
(Anna Paquin & Deborah Ann Woll)

True Blood Season 3 Premiere
photo courtesy of EW

Yes, I'm a total True Blood fan so I watched the season 3 opener last night and it was just great! Everyone was in it--meaning a whole lot of Alexander Skargard and Ryan Kwanten (and I mean a whole lot). Lafayette was as hilarious as always--Pam was too. Eggs is completely out of the picture, meaning Bon Temps is awesome again. And there be werewolves afoot!

Love it!

Do you watch True Blood?
Did you watch the Tony Awards? Thoughts on your best/worst dressed?

To answer your question: my new camera is a Canon EOS Rebel XS DSLR



  1. I did watch the Tony Awards. I loved it. It definitely makes me want to see a Broadway show. Have a great week. Take care.

  2. ooh dear...
    Thanks for the visit <3
    I loveeeee you! hahah :D*

  3. Yes! I've found another true blood fan lol. No one around my area watches true blood other than me and my boyfriend. Every sunday night that true blood is on we watch it together lol. The premiere was on point!! I hate how they always leave cliff hangers but it does make me want to keep watching! Lafayette is a mess!! Haha... can't wait until next Sunday.

  4. omg i love Anne Hathaaway's dress ^^

  5. Oh yes yes yes! Yellow dress and Anne H. also looks gorgeous in this dress (I want!)

  6. Oh my gosh, the yellow dress is stunning!!! I would love to have this dress for my own ... Sigh ... ;D

  7. I adore the design and style of that first orange dress but I'd like it more in a different color.

    Ahh gotta love Anne Hathaway! Very cute dress and heels!!

    I must admit...I am a Gleek for sure. xD


  8. Lea's dress is my fave by far! That color is stunning and definitely not one you see on the red carpet very often. Plus, the design looks STUNNING on her!

    Also love Anne's look. She never disappoints! :)

  9. I didnt watch, but I love Lea Michele's dress and I love anne hathway's dress she is so gorgeous! =)

  10. lea michele's dress looks fantastic. ryan reynolds is soooo cute! i'd love to marry him, too bad he's already married. haha. ;)

  11. this dress is really pretty and no didnt watch that award!
    but so looked for all the theathers hahhah
    and no one is plyaing it ,i think it was one of those movies that played on certain days so we have to wait for dvd realese or bootleg
    downtown la hahhah

  12. Oh I must watch the Glee clip from the Tony's at home! Lea Michele looked gorgeous in yellow!

    Also, so glad TB is back! Good ep and Eric's bum wasn't too bad to look at either... hehe.

  13. Lea Michele's dress is gorgeous, that colour really suits her. Anne Hathaway looked stunning as usual.:)SarahD

  14. I didn't recognise Lea Michelle in the first picture at all. She looks way older here. The dress looks gorgeous! x

  15. Lea looks gorg!!
    Doll-I'm coming to S. florida next month. What are top 5 things I should do/eat? xoxo

  16. I'm so jealous that you get to watch series 3 of True Blood. We will probably be waiting another year for it to come to the UK. I NEED my Eric fix! x

  17. Went through 387 pictures of the event and didn't like any of the dresses! The yellow one you put up is the best although I don't like the color. Now if it was a purple dress...

  18. Totally missed the Tony's! I need to catch up! My sister loves True Blood but I haven't seen it myself yet - I've heard good things though!

    xoxo Maria

  19. I didn't get to watch it :(

    but i love that yellow dress Lea Michele's wearing!

  20. hey fellow gleek! :) thanks for the vid clip of L & M perfomance. :) i will it watch asap!

    and agree, cutie shoes by anne. :)

  21. By the way, thanks so much for the comments on my blog, you are so sweet! :)

    I'm thinking about moving off-campus after a year or two myself.

    Thanks for giving a little personal insight about college. :) I'm super excited about my classes and the clubs I want to participate in. Plus, I'll be looking forward to getting free food at campus events! lol

    I've never heard of Zephyrhills, but Evian is pretty yummy. :D I also like Dasani and Poland Springs hehe.

  22. these styles are great and one of my best friends is OBSESSED with True Blood and thinks I'll love it...I need to start :) xx

  23. i LOVE true blood- cannot wait for third series!
    my birthday is on the weekend- yes im excited! but sad to leave my teens!

  24. Love that yellow dress!!

    I'm obsessed with True Blood, didn't had the change to see the new episode but I will this week :) so exciting!

  25. Love love love Lea Michele´s dress,what a beautiful shade of yellow!!!
    Never watched True Blood but will have to give it a try!!!
    Hugs and kisses!!!

  26. I have to admit, I couldn't really get into that show. I'm hooked on Breaking Bad, lol!

    Have a beautiful day :)

  27. lea michele looked amazing... and ryan reynolds as yummy as usual ;)

  28. Love True Blood!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    True Queen

  29. awesome celebs yellow outfit is very impressive i like it

  30. hi"i really loved your blog.

    Anna Hathaway is always perfect,of course ;)

    visit my blog


  31. i really love the yellow dress!!! ** unfortunately i'm blond and i'm very bad with yellow clothes! =.=

  32. Love True Blood! I watched the first 2 episodes last night. It was actually season 4, not 3 :)


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