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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Model Pose: Swimwear

Since it's summer, my second post in the Model Pose series is all about swimwear. These poses are just my opinions of some great ways to model in this specific attire. I'm sure there are plenty of wonderful ways to wear a bathing suit, but I just want to highlight some poses that really stand out when modeling in a bikini or one piece--whatever your preference. Feel free to mimic whilst frolicking on the beach this summer--or just for another OOTD post.

Modeling Swimwear

Become Vertically Challenged
It's surprising how many swimsuit poses are taken simply standing upright, nowhere near the water. That's fine, but it's great to showcase the suit as you're lying horizontally...and a little water won't hurt.
Pose Pro: The horizontal shot adds diversity, plus you get to play in the water. Immerse yourself even more if you fancy.
Pose Con: You don't want it looking too sultry (think Victoria's Secret, not Playboy)

Sexy, Sweet and Vintage
The old-school Hollywood pose is a classic. This is best recognized if you're smiling, sitting, and wearing a throwback swimsuit like this vintage Norma Jeane (Marilyn Monroe) number. It's sexy while also being sweet and feminine--hence, the smile.
Pose Pro: Not many swimwear modeling is done in poses like this anymore so that makes it different and fairly easy once you find a vintage suit
Pose Con: Easy to make this pose look regular, so be sure to get that vintage feel

High-End in Heels
What's cool about this pose is you get to wear heels with a bathing suit! The easiest way to add a bit of high-end fashion to a monokini is to wear some heels--stilettos preferred.
Pose Pro: Shows off the suit but also highlights your legs by making them look longer
Pose Con: May seem awkward wearing heels in a bathing suit, and it may tempt you to over-"sexify" the pose

Images from Flickr

Have tips on how to model in swimwear? Leave comments and let me know.

Happy posing muses!


  1. I lve the hollywood glamour look! The horizontal look is also something different :)

  2. The third pose is by far the best! And this black swimsuit is outstanding!

    But the most normal pose is the second one. I can not imagine me laying like model in the first picture or standing like in the last one. I think people would think I am crazy haha

  3. I like the last picture!:D

    No matter what size you are, good posture makes every picture look great!:D

    Happy Wednesday!:D
    ...and everything girly under the sun!

  4. I love the 2nd and the 3rd picture! Sorta hard to choose! :|

    Happy summer babe!

  5. Love all 3! & really loving that black hat!!


  6. I really love your blog!
    great taste in fashion.. please check out mine at and follow if you like it =)

  7. I'm so going to do the last pose in Miami when I come lol! Great post doll! xoxo

  8. I wish I looked this fab and fashionista-y in my bathing suit! haha :)

  9. you have nice choices. they all look stunning. :)

  10. I agree about the high does seem awkward since bathing suits are used for swimming and high heels doesn't really go with swimming. xD However, they do make you look extremely tall and leggy!

    I really like that middle pose. Seems very laid-back and flirty. :]

    By the way thanks for your last comment on my blog; I must admit I'm also into Twilight, but perhaps not quite as big of a Twi-Hard as Sophie. ;P HARRY POTTER ALL THE WAY! haha.


  11. Great post!! I wish more ads were like that vintage one - candid and fresh.

    Don't forget to enter to win a Lime Ricki swimsuit!
    clothed much, a modest fashion blog

  12. my favorite swimsuit pose would have to be the third one. i love how she models her swimsuit with poise, elegance, and a great posture. plus, her swimsuit looks very flattering to pretty much any shape and size. :)

    thanks for recommending sonia kashuk and elf brushes. :) gotta check them out on my next trip to target. i especially love the sonia kashuk brushes with the curvy handles. they look like they're easy to work with and control because of the curves. :)

    take care and enjoy your evening. :)

  13. Hmm I would never pose in my swimsuit for a outfit photo, but this is some good advice! I like the horizontal pose b/c like you say, it's unique.

  14. awesome post love it
    wish it was warm enough in oz to go swimming hahah xo

  15. I love the vintage feel pose, it's so casual, but super effective at the same time! :)

    xx miss anonymous.

  16. I would do the heels, as impractical as it may be lol

    True Queen

  17. I love all these photos. They are so stunning.

  18. The first is my favourite, the shot is still interesting but shows the swimsuit off really well. I am enjoying these posing tutorials that you've been doing!

  19. no tips from me, unfortunately:(
    the last photo&swimwear are amazing!

  20. I LOVE that black sun hat. Something about sunhats is just so pretty and classy.

  21. These are great tips, but you won't find me posing in a swimsuit for pictures anytime soon!!! I like all of the images you selected. Can't wait for more of these!

  22. love when you give us tips , and those models have amazing legs, i would kill to have legs like that hahahh
    oh yeah and you should do the braid on your hair too
    i bet it would look amazing on you!

  23. Sexy, sweet and vintage pose is my favourite.sarahD:)

  24. Heels do wonders don't they? Although, I feared if I tried to pose in them at the beach, the locals might drum me out. HA!

  25. If only I could pose like that!!

    Please come join my *Cupcake Challenge*, I promise it will be loads of fun!!

  26. beautiful poses looks awesome
    thats lovely

  27. i agree with all of your pros and cons. So many stylists pair heels with swimsuits and it looks really glamourous but its not realistic! heels and sandy beaches dont go well! haha.

  28. great post! vintage one is my favourite

  29. Hey Cheryl... thanks for the comment.. i still havn't decided on a name yet, but I'll keep you posted :)
    Having a great camera makes such a huge difference... That would be an awesome to do a photo collaberation. I see you're in Florida but I'm in upsate New York at the moment, though I did live in Miami for 7 years and often go back and visit there.


  30. I love this post, very original, U are right about the first pose a lot of swimsuit poses are taken like that. My favorite pose is the last pose. By the way I did a make up tutorial video, let me know if you wanna see something in particular =)

  31. Adorable photos. Makes me want to go on a BEACH right now.

    I really love the Old Hollywood pose. Although, that might just be because I love Old Hollywood. But really, it's SO ADORABLE. And I love the swimsuit!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  32. you mean that's not how you wear a bathing suit!? haha. i love the old hollywood thing and love how it comes across as sexy not skanky.
    oi, don't feed the models...

  33. I like Hoolywood vintage look inspired for Marilyn Monroe..

  34. Sooo gorgeous!

    Merci beaucoup for your wonderful comment darling, it really means a lot - je suis très désolée for the late reply!

    Have a lovely weekend dearest =]

    Stay safe and chic ma chérie,
    English Rose x

  35. I really like the last picture! Floppy hats are sooo beautiful =)

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