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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Caribbean Fashion Show 6/23/10

Sunday night, a few of us went to the 2nd Annual Caribbean Fashion Show that was held not too far from where I live. I found out about this simply by Googling "fashion shows south Florida summer 2010" and this came up...eventually.

First, I must say it was weird to host an event on Father's Day, especially when it falls on a Sunday and people (like myself) have to work the next day.

I will say that although the production of the show was less than stellar, I did see some great designs strut down the catwalk more than once.

Here are some photos from the night (please excuse the crappy photos: I used the camera on my phone because I didn't think I'd be allowed to bring in the heavy artillery--the DSLR).

I've picked out some of my favorites from the night! Enjoy.

Me, Jen and Ashlee before the show

Sydney and Ari pre-show

This guy was one of the highlights of the show. No, not a model, but the saxophone player who had amazing lung capacity.

The show was super long, and for no good reason. I'm pretty sure one designer showcased her entire showroom instead of just picking out the best of the best.

This horrible camera didn't give these shoes any justice! They were so beautiful!

Oh, and people are scantily clad because it was a swimwear
show with some evening wear tied in at the end.

Some of this stuff was so hot. Would've been great for a photo shoot.

All in all, I'd have to say that I did see some wonderful designs throughout the night and some fab shoes. If I were an agent, I would definitely be able to find some models I'd rebook.

But I would advise that the company that produced this show hire a new emcee (this guy forgot the designer's name at one point) and audition actual DJs (the crowd was left in silence on numerous occasions as the "dj" would just let the music end instead of letting it fade into a new song).

What do you all think of the fashions?



  1. I LOVE the shoes in the 6. picture! Fantastic!

  2. so awesome love all the shoes obvioulsy and you look amazing .love your hair too!

  3. I have never been on fashion show. Looks so great.Love those heels on the stage.

  4. of course you can do a blog feauture :D
    Have a nice day


  5. thank you so so so much for your nice comment, you made my day! ;)

    And of course i'm interested in a blog feature! :D

    I have never been to a fashion show, how cool! ;)
    I really like your blog and i'm following you now :)

  6. Lovely, lovely blog my dear!

    I would be more than delighted to feature on your blog!

    Thank you so much sweetheart.



  7. the outfits are gorgeous and i LOVE the shoes. my favorite is the second pair of shoes. the skirt you wore to the fashion show is adorable. :)

    in response to the lipstick post, yup, lipgloss is nice too. :D that's actually another addiction of mine. :D

    thanks for sharing fashion show photos. it would be fun to go to one. take care. :)

  8. lovely runway show... looks like fun! sure I would LOVE to be featured on your blog!!! email me if you need any info and etc.


  9. that's awesome!!! seems like a fab shoe indeed! :D

    Animated Confessions

  10. I would love to go to a fashion show ^^

  11. The two evening dresses look amazing, the shoes you said weren't done justice look hot even through the fuzz. Poor DJ needs to hone in on some new

    True Queen

  12. All the looks are hot. Must have been fun. Love attending fashion shows

  13. Oops forgot to add that I've joined your followers :)

  14. Looks like a great event!

    Merci beaucoup for your wonderful comments darling, it really means a lot =]

    Je suis très désolée AGAIN for the late reply!

    Stay safe and chic ma chérie,
    English Rose x

  15. Looks fun!

  16. Great photos, seemed like a fun show & love the outfits!

  17. looks cool lovely runway pics its really nice post i like it

  18. The shoes! :O
    They're SO hot!

    And you,lady, keep looking better and better with every post :)

  19. That's so cool. I bet it was a great time there. Wish I could have been there.

  20. I'm loving the shoes but the gold swimwear is bit too much for me:)
    Love your choice of outfit!

  21. i really love the shoes!!!
    kisses, nice post! ^^

  22. Fashion shows are fun when done well! Love the 2nd pair of shoes (in close-up), you lok fab hon, would have liked to see more pics of you!

  23. Some of these are actually pretty good for a cell phone! I remember when digital cameras first came out and basically looked like this haha


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