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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Model Pose: Accessories

The third installment in my 4 posts series on model poses is all about accessories. In so many cases, accessories really make an outfit--from the hats and headbands to the unique rings and flowing necklaces.

Here are various ways you can pose with accessories--ways that highlight these wonderful accent pieces of any garment.

Modeling Shoes

In Focus and Standing Out
Pose Pro: Forget about the background. Keep your shoes front and center in this pose the focuses on your feet and elongates your legs.
Pose Con: It can be difficult to get the right proportions without you coming off like a giant, unless that's what you're going for with this look.

Pose Pro: The focus will maintain on the shoes if you take your photo in black and white, stretch your bare legs out, but keep a splash of color. The color can be in the outfit you're wearing or, preferably, only in the shoes.
Pose Con: Difficulty lies in the color editing, but otherwise, the pose is pretty straightforward and simple.

Modeling Hats
Upside Down and Full On
Pose Pro: The hat is so obvious in this post. You simply can't miss it. Plus, it makes for a cool perspective.
Pose Con: Not everyone is comfortable with the upside down look, which is understandable. It can be tough to keep it pretty when posing in this fashion.

Pose Pro: This full on pose works so well with elegant hats. This is the best time to dig out one of your mom's old church hats and strike a daring pose.
Pose Con: The full, dramatic appeal of this pose won't be captured if the hat, itself, isn't dramatic.

Modeling Jewelry

Bare Skin, Tight Shots & Black and White
Pose Pro: The bare skin attracts your eye to the jewelry
Pose Con: Would actually not be great with too many accessories

Pose Pro: Creative pose that can feature rings, bracelets and necklaces all in one, tight shot
Pose Con: Don't use this pose for one piece of jewelry; it's best with multiple items
Pose Pro: Taking a jewelry shot in black and white highlights the jewelry more and everything else less
Pose Con: Black and white wouldn't be a good choice for vibrant jewelry, but as you can imagine, is great with pearls
Images from Flickr

Have tips on how to model accessories? Leave a comment and let me know.

Happy posing muses!

Oh, and I was interviewed on the blog A Reflection by Tuesdai! Check it out here!


  1. Great tips. I need these for when i model my DIYs. really if i didn't have to be my own model that would be even better....but until then these tips will help.


  2. Love these pics. Love the second hat.:)SarahD

  3. i love the tips for photos!!!
    and poses!

  4. great tips! Love the shoe tips!! :)

  5. great tips, very interesting!
    And I'm looking forward to the blog feature, so nice of you! :)

  6. i find rings to be the trickiest thing to pose for.. sometimes they're just so small and my hands are just awkward looking. hahaha! thanks for the tips though..

    Animated Confessions

  7. i actually turned my screen upside down to see the face of the model in the upside down picture...she definitely kept it pretty which is usually hard to do with a pose like that

  8. cool. it looks very pro! :) what lenses did you use?

  9. love to clumsy legs poses :)

    True Queen

  10. awsome outfit and accesories looks great

  11. the second and third pictures was great! The model was have great pose and outfit.

    Yes, I'm crying too when I watched Toy Story 3. Pixar has 'heart'.

  12. great pictures...and i'll be sure to try out these wonderful tips...thanks so much for sharing!

    Happy weekend!


  13. Oh, this is such a fun, insightful post. Love the pictures you have selected. I don't really have any tips of my own, but would definitely give your tips a try.

    Have a great weekend, dear!

  14. Great post! Great tips cheryl!! Happy weekend!!

  15. This is such a fun post! I'm always having trouble coming up with creative poses for my outfit shots, so this has been VERY helpful and interesting. :)

  16. Nice tips ;)
    I love shoes on the second picture! ;)

    PS: come to my blog, I gave you Sweet Blog award ;)

    Sorry for my English! ;)

  17. HEY, sorry i thought these are your shots. :) thanks for the tips again.

    im not into photography but hubby is. :) tc cheryl.

  18. This series is so helpful! This one especially gives me some great ideas for photographing my own close-up accessory shots.


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