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Friday, September 10, 2010

OOTD: Old Pics & Fashion Week

I was searching through my camera and realized I had a ton of photos of an outfit that I had never posted on here. So here are some photos from an OOTD from about a month ago. Sorry for the wait.

Also, sorry for my site acting up yesterday. Fortunately, I have fixed the glitch.

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Christian Siriano at NYC Fashion Week
Spring 2011 Collection

(image credit)

I love everything here. You can find more images by clicking on the image credit. I love that, for the most part, his clothes are totally wearable.

What do you think?



  1. Really pretty outfits. I thought Christian Siriano's collection was fantastic. :)SarahD

  2. I love those outside location shots with the view. That outfit looks very comfortable and looks good on you. You look much better than those bone-thin models on the runway. They look anorexic.

  3. Cuuuteee outfits! :) Love the leggings you wore with the grey shirt. Looks very comfy and laid-back!

    I absolutely adore those Fashion Week dresses, especially the simple white one and metallic mini (2nd one).

    And I've never had an online class before and I don't think I'd want to...I love the in-person teacher-student interaction too much! Thanks so much for the advice by the way...haha, I'm actually trying to gain weight, but I know what you mean. Cafeteria food isn't exactly what you'd call healthy! I've been taking the bus to the grocery store, so it's all good. :) Yes to the old-fashion books!

  4. love your outfit, you look so pretty :)

  5. adorable :) i love your rings especially

  6. I really loved his collection - and you're right, it is largely wearable which is an added bonus!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  7. The red gown is SPECTACULAR! WOWOWOW! Looks almost like fire! His shorter dresses are totally beautiful too...AMAMZING eveningwear!
    The Beckerman Girls

  8. Hey, the pictures are really great. Why you never posting it? I love your third picture. You have charm smile, Cheryl.

  9. Love your pictures,
    the sweater looks fab (and comffy too at the same time :))

  10. you look stunning love your haircut
    and the outfit and yes hahha i shouldve worn a hat or something
    but i wasnt even thinking that
    i thought it was gonna be cold
    but it wasnt
    man, its going away little by little
    i feel so ugly hahahha

  11. You look beautiful, love the outfit especially shoes:)))

  12. de très jolies photos de toi, tu as uns sourire magnifique.
    superbes collections de Christian Siriano, les robes sont magnifiques

  13. the NY Fashion week had a great start
    hope I win your giveaway

  14. Go Christian...gorgeous show!! :)

    Happy friday!

  15. girl, you've got BEAUTIFUL smie;)

  16. yup! burning in Miami...seems like you too!!! have a great weekend and stay cool!

  17. nice casual and chic outfit ^^ i need a snuggly jumper :3

  18. ohhh gorgeous i lllove your bangs.
    and everything about this outfit.
    you look ammazingg.<3

  19. I have no idea where to comment you when I come to your blog lol...I closed the MAC Giveaway I ended up selling the gift card, I know that was kinda wrong because I had people who already entered ( maybe like 5) and I needed the money to pay my cell phone bill so I had to find a way to come up with money and thats all I could do. I feel bad so I'm gonna have another giveaway with simple things sooon. I feel bad but I had to do it. I need to post a blog post that says why I closed it....

  20. Sweet and casual,, I love your leather jacket =)

  21. This comment has been removed by the author.

  22. I love the entire collection my darling...I love each pieces...He really is very talented...

    love all the dresses...


  23. Super cute outfit. Love the top with the skinny jeans. xo

  24. omg, the last 2 dresses got so much ruffle. aww it looks like a wedding cake. and love you in your leather jacket!

    i know, that 17th century prositute looks like taylor swift... hmmmmmm I think Taylor is up to something LOL

  25. I absolutely adore this look on you! You have such phenomenal style; and such a gorgeous smile, as well!! :)

  26. Not a fan of Siriano, the person, but I LOVE those first three dresses :)

  27. Love your outfit, causal and comfy.

  28. You look great, Cheryl! Love the outfit:) Omgosh, Christian Siriano is so talented! He never fails to amaze. Btw, I have an award for u on my blog:)

  29. Hi gorgeous!
    Love CS's collection!


  30. I love the greay on you, and your hair looks fab!


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