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Monday, November 29, 2010

Inspiring Style: Emma & Hermoine

How awesome is Emma Watson? We've been aware of her presence for a decade now through the Harry Potter series, but she has really blossomed just recently. After the dramatic chop turned super cute pixie haircut, her image has been all over magazines and websites.

And how can you deny it.
Check out these images from her December cover on Marie Claire.

I recently saw Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1 with a couple of friends. The movie was just as long as I thought it would be (falling short of 3 hours).

Voldermort had a great scene in the beginning, but the movie was pretty much focused on the relationship among Harry, Ron and Hermoine.

Man, how these kids have grown! All must keep Harry safe so the V-man can't get to him, all whilst the Ministry is on a manhunt for muggles.

I very much enjoyed Part 1 and totally loved that this movie was so much darker. This review is short because I don't want to give anything away--I know how people get about the Potter movies! But I do give it 4 hearts! Can't wait for Part 2 next year (I only wish it weren't in 3d)!

Oh and how about that great ending? Tear-jerker no?

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  1. She has her own unique style!

  2. I love Emma Watson - I think for someone so young she has a really great sense of style. And she always looks classy and put together :)

  3. im not a harry potter fan but I do know who she is and she is gorgeous I love her new cut :)

  4. I LOVE her style! Truly a diva! Loved her in all her Burberry endorsements too!

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  5. shes really cute but i still think her hair is way too short a little big longer no?

  6. That editorial looks great - I love how sophisticated and mature her style has become.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  7. i need to see this movie!
    3-D? ugh, i can't stand how all these movies are in that now! so obnoxious and nauseating! (literally!)
    i think she is just a real peach and i like her outfits in the photos.

  8. I finally saw Harry Potter this past was AWESOME! :) Totally loved it. It was definitely much deeper, darker and action-packed than all the other films, but in a good way that stays true to the series (if that makes sense).

    I know what you mean...I saw some pictures online of the very first HP film and I was like, Wow, they have totally grown up!


  9. she's grown up to be a beautiful young lady

  10. AH, I just saw this yesterday. I'm not a huge fan of Marie Clare, but this was DEFINITELY an awesome editorial! Emma is seriously amazing.

  11. I have heard a lot about this movie and I haven't seen any of the series but I have seen pictures. They sure have grown up, that's for sure! Especially Emma- she looks so grown up in these pictures. Beautiful young lady now. :)

  12. How much did you love Snape's entrance at the beginning of the movie? And yeah, Emma looks cute, but I still prefer her with longer hair. She definitely looks edgier now though. Must have been talking to Tyra :)

  13. I'm sad that she cut off all her hair, I like her with longer hair!

  14. I haven't seen hairy potter but she looks amazing in her shorter hair...

    WOW I can totally see her as the next big thing in fashion....


  15. I am not into Harry Potter at all, but she is gorgeous!!

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  16. Her transformation from tween to style star has been incredible!

  17. Shes grown up so beautifully, love her

  18. She's pretty and she has a great style when it comes to fashion. darn I will miss her long hair but her new cut is a bomb she's pretty. :)

    Have a nice day!

  19. eema is such a rare breed: talented, grounded and so stylish! I hope she remains that way and teaches a few other starlets how to behave. She is absolutely stunning! thanks for sharing these awesome pictures.

  20. Isn't she just adorable? Love her new hairstyle - totally channeling Mia Farrow in the best possible way!

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  21. I absolutely adore Emma in both hairstyles. She has this effortless sophistication that literally oozes out of her in all photographs!! :)

  22. Thank you for posting these! I have such a style crush on Emma. Saving these right now :)



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