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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

PhotoShooting: Jessica Estrada

Do you remember my Lanvin ♥ H&M post not too long ago where I introduced you all to my friend Jessica Estrada?

Well, not only is Jessica a lover of Lanvin, but she is also a really great model. Jessica has a degree in Fashion Merchandising and definitely knows a thing or two about how to wear clothes.

Take a look at just a few of some of her fabulous modeling photos and learn more about Jessica by reading this interview!

Oh to Be a Muse: How did you get into modeling?
Jessica Estrada:
I have the same story most models have. I was walking through a mall and got scouted. It seemed like something fun to do so I went and got some photos taken and eventually ended up at Wilhelmina.

Did you always want to model or do you have other passions?
Modeling kind of just fell into my lap. It was a great job to get me through school, and I always really enjoyed doing it but it was never my ultimate goal. I studied fashion merchandising so I’ve always admired the “behind the scenes” of the fashion industry such as design and publication.

Muse: What are some of the best and worst parts about modeling?
JE: The best part of modeling is that it’s pretty easy. You walk into the shoot, get your hair and makeup done, get fed some free delicious food, and then prance in front of the camera for a few hours. The worst part is the pressure to be in shape. I eat A LOT and I hate having to worry about eating the delicious brownie that’s sitting on the kitchen table.

Muse: How do you feel about how models are portrayed today?
JE: I think the modeling world took a downward spiral for a bit but it seems to be getting better. If you watched the shows a few years ago all you would see were blonde, 14-year-old models, who weigh 90 pounds. It was terrible! Now you see models like Lara Stone who actually have curves, and ethnic models seem to be playing a more prevalent role as well.
Muse: What advice would you give someone who dreams of modeling?
JE: Beware and be confident! It can either be a really great experience or it can be a terrible one. It’s important that young models have their head on straight before getting into this industry.

Muse: If you could model for a particular designer, who would it be?
JE: Karl Lagerfeld. I would marry him if I could.

Muse: Who is your style muse?
JE: I love Freja Beha Erichsen's carefree style. I like it when someone looks like they didn’t try so hard but still manage to look put together.

Age: 22
Hometown: Miami
Fave TV: The Office
Fave Book: The Catcher in the Rye
Fave Music: The xx, Animal Collective, Black Kids, LCD Soundsystem, Beach House, Born Ruffians, David Bowie
Fave Movies: 500 Days of Summer, Hot Rod, ODDSAC

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  1. Jessica is gorgeous, i love those pictures :)

    xo Christine

  2. The first image of her is so striking. I adore the necklace and interview.xx

  3. Nice interview - she has some striking shots!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

    P.S. Congrats on your giveaway win!

  4. great interview ! she's so gorgeous!

  5. She is gorgeous!
    Fabulous interview!


  6. Oooh I love these images!!!

    Yea, I'm going to Florida mainly for the parks: HP park and Disney...and then the beach too, ha ha. I won't be spending too much money there, I hope... ;) (probably a ton at the potter park though), but otherwise I don't plan on spending much.
    And London I'm going to try not to shop too much...haha...but with me I know that won't happen. At least the pound isn't double the dollar anymore, they're a bit closer...but it still so much more :/

  7. Thanks for the interview! And yes you should try a fruit mask. I want to try the lemon one because I have come acne scars on my face and lemon is suppose to be good for dark sports and acne scars!

    and thanks for always commenting on my blog nobody else really does. I like your blog but for some reason it loads really slow on my computer and I never know where to leave a comment at lol or what your recent post is.

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  9. i love interviews!!! she is really beautiful and also takes great images!!! we have some nice cooler days coming... yay!!!

  10. Nice interview! Thank you for the sweet comment, really appreciate:D<3

  11. lovely picts!!!


  12. she is gorgeous,love all e pics hun!!!

  13. Wonderful and interesting

  14. Congratulations on the giveaway! :) Those goodies look quite spectacular. Enjoy experimenting with the products. :D

    Awesome interview, very interesting indeed. I recently interviewed a model for the magazine I worked for, and it was amazing to discover what the life of a model is like!


  15. Great interview! And congrats on winning the giveaway! By the way, I love your blog layout - the homepage looks really professional :D

  16. oh wow what a wonferful interview. i love her. she is just simply amazing.

  17. jessica estrada is pretty, i really like the 4th pic..:)

  18. Oh wow! Shes gorgeous and she really got me thinking about how a model's life works!

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  19. She's gorgeous!!

  20. Such a fun interview and Jessica is really lovely!

    Thanks for entering my GIVEAWAY! :)

  21. oh shes gorgeous!!! and yeah i think if the bangs were longer in the front emma would look better no?

  22. those pictures are gorgeous! and congrats on winning the giveaway.

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  23. Congratulations in winning deserve all the blessings...

    I love all the photos in this post she really is beautiful...and very talented too...she has a great style and the camera loves her also...


  24. Gorgeous! And what a great loot you won! Hope your week is going well dear ;) xo


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