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Friday, December 3, 2010

Makeup & Muses: The Holiday Party Look

This time of year, you muses are probably going to attend many holiday parties. So much goes into the personal preparation for these parties, from your hair to your makeup. Here is a small tutorial to show you how to get your holiday look in no time!

I got this idea from Allure.

1. Coat your eyes with a shadow base to keep your color from fading.

2. Line your lashes and blend your creases. Smudge the lower lashes.

3. Trace with a waterproof liner and finish it with dark black mascara.

1. Use non-sticky hairspray to keep your look in place.

2. Curl large sections of your hair and allow your fingers to flow through your hair from root to tip.

3. Bring a set of bobby pins so that you can easily go from a tossed, messy flowing look to a semi-controlled up-do.

1. Like smoky eyes, bold lips are very popular on the runway this season. Bring color to your look with a fuchsia, pink or red bold lip.

2. Layering red lipstick colors will give you a strong look in seconds.



  1. Great tips - I love smokey eyes but an pretty horrible at executing them myself, I'll have to try again!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  2. great post hun,im loving bopld lips7smokey eyes..hav a great weekend

  3. Great post!! :-) I was wondering what i should do to my hair for my hubbys xmas party!! ♥

  4. I can really do the bold lips but I am not so sure about the hair and the eyes...hahahaha I am really trying my best to get those kind of looks and blending the right colors also...


  5. Great post!Love the picture with Kirsten Stewart, especially the messy yet finshed hair.

  6. I think I will give the messy up do and the red lips a try this season! :) Great post!

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  7. your blogs design is very cool and unique! I'd really enjoy following each other!


  8. thanks for this post! love the tips and looks! :o)

  9. great tips! especially for smoky eyes :)

  10. Smoky eyes and messy hair are two of my favorite things - love!! :)

  11. i love those bold fuchsia lips on alexis!! omgoshh she's so gorgeous! same with natalie portman!

  12. Lovely post!!!



  13. Aww, thanks for voting! =)
    I will be sure to enter your giveaway!
    What a nice post! Love the lipstick shades!! <3

  14. Awesome tips, Cheryl...this totally helped me last night when I went to the Intercollegiate Yule Ball yesterday and settled for the "semi-controlled up-do"! :D I love how slightly messy hair can also look really casual and attractive.



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