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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Fashion For Less: Runway Rundown Interview

Fashion For Less: Runway Rundown Interview

KimHalzleHave you ever seen a great outfit on the runway or red carpet and wanted to recreate the look in a more affordable way (Mila Kunis at Sunday night's Oscars for example)? Then look no further because Runway Rundown is your online resource for getting the look for less. Check out my interview with Kim, the co-founder of Runway Rundown!

Oh to Be a Muse: How did you and your boyfriend Jamie get the idea to start Runway Rundown?
Kim from Runway Rundown: Jamie and I wanted to build something of our own and eventually see it take us to a place where we could be working for ourselves on our own terms. One day while taking our dog for a hike we pretty much hatched out an idea to build a business based on our combined interests. I've always been inspired by runway fashion trends and how much artistry and expression comes out of a designers inspiration each season. I also loved how easy it was to put together outfits inspired by designer clothes but with retailers that were within my price point. I focus on the fashion content and Jamie deserves credit for pretty much everything else. He grouped together his interests and skills to provide me with the a built from scratch user friendly website that can keep up with the fast paced online fashion industry.

Muse: What makes RR different from other fashion websites?
RR: We are extremely content specific. You will never see posts of me and what I'm wearing. I think we provide a completely different service from all the blogspots and wordpresses amongst the online fashion world. As much as I love them and am addicted to quite a few fashion bloggers I wanted Runway Rundown to be more of a fashion source than a fashion diary. I want readers from all over the world to come to Runway Rundown to see how easy shopping within an affordable budget can be.

Muse: Is it difficult to find affordable versions of designer looks?
RR: I wouldn't say its very difficult it just takes a creative eye. I am seldom ever able to find a look for less that is identical to the runway version, but I feel good about that. I am not going for knock-offs just designer inspired style. Sometimes viewers mention that the look isn't even 50% close to the designer look but thats when I think it gets interesting. Even though the silhouette of a dress doesn't match I've called out a color blocking trend or a similar materialization.

RR1Muse: When a fashionista finds a look on your site, how do they get it?
RR: That's the really great and easy part about it all. Every look for less item is chosen because it is currently available for sale online through a verified e-commerce site. you can click on any item of clothing and it will take you directly to the online retailer that is selling it. We put you just one click away from a new outfit!

Muse: How has your experience working with designer Robert Rodriguez influenced your vision and goal for Runway Rundown?
RR: I was able to take the parts of the fashion industry that I like most and put it into what Runway Rundown is today. The main things of interest being styling and publicity. I love researching trends and markets and understanding how todays customer is shopping. I also love spreading the word about Runway Rundown through endless online and media venues. Its been a great experience so far meeting new people and building Runway Rundown into what it is today.
My Oscars Best Dressed Picks:

- Halle Berry
- Mila Kunis
- Cate Blanchett
- Anne Hathaway's gold dress
-Robert Downey Jr & Jude Law



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    Huge fan of RR and I'm glad you did this interview :)

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    xoxo ~ Courtney

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    Miss Neira

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    I love Runway Rundown!


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  14. This is such a fantastic interview, Cheryl! I have spoken to Kim a few times and she is incredible sweet; it's wonderful to learn more about her!! :)

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    Happy Wednesday!:D

    ***** Marie *****

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