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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Inspiring Style: Top 5 Fashion Headlines

Inspiring Style: Top 5 Fashion Headlines

♥ It's official. Fashion designer John Galliano has finally been ousted as designer director at Christian Dior. This probably comes as a shock to none after his drunken, anti-Semitic tirade in Paris.

The controversial designer, who is known for his wild sense of style, has recently been compared to another fashion great, Alexander McQueen--but not necessarily for his fashion. Galliano plans to fight for his career.

KatieHolmes♥♥ The 70s are back and in a big way! Women on the runways are donning flares and bell bottoms this season.

And although I love my skinny jeans, I would definitely rock the right pair of high-waisted, 70s-inspired style.

I mean, take a look at Katie Holmes over there. The combination of a new, shorter haircut and the flared jeans make for winning style.

The trick to wearing bell bottoms this season is to not rehash the flared jeans from the 90s, but instead to make sure you're wearing the high-waisted jeans with the extra, ultra flare!

AnneHathaway♥♥♥ Some said the Oscars weren't really that memorable, but what I did find memorable were the 8 dresses that host Anne Hathaway wore that night.

And no, I wasn't in love with all of them, but I did go awe for a few. I'm assuming she was styled by Rachel Zoe, right?

Remember the Bryan Atwood heels she paired with the lady tux? Or how about that Oscar de la Renta fringe number?

But maybe James Franco gave her a run for her money in his dress, no?

Plus, if you are focusing on the great dresses from the Oscars, then you won't have to think about just how uninspiring the rest of the show was--I mean--so predictable, am I right?

♥♥♥♥ We all know that bright eyeshadow is a big trend for the Spring as it's been all over the runways recently. Orange is just one of the many colors that models have fashioned on their eyes, including the new Estee Lauder spring makeup line.

I think I might actually get bright and bold with my eye makeup this season as well; maybe try out some blue hues like this. I've wanted to get on the bright eyeshadow trend for some time now, as I believe I mentioned that last year. I promise to actually make good on that this spring.


♥♥♥♥♥ Honestly, is it really tacky for celebrities to show up at fashion shows? I mean, Blake Lively seems to think so--but what do you think? I think it's tacky that some celebs feel like they're so high and mighty that they can call out other celebs for going to support designers and models at shows--something that celebrities have been doing for a long time.

So although she's like the face of Chanel, Blake won't be attending the show. You know what else is tacky--Charlie Sheen--but that's another issue entirely. What do you think?

Apparently, she has either retracted that statement or is giving reason to why she is not attending the Chanel show.



  1. Yay for bell bottoms! I also love that eye makeup! I'll definitely have to be more daring this season with color, too! Also, I don't see why Blake thinks that celebrities are tacky for going to fashion shows. It just makes no sense. I agree with you- Blake (or other celebrities that do similar things) is the tacky one!

  2. The Oscar fashion was kind of disappointing this year...

    And I'm so happy that Dior took such an unambiguous stance on Galliano. Good for them!

  3. It's sad that Galliano had to publicly throw statements like that.he's an awesome designer but one fatal mistake made him lose a good position at CD.

    I love bright eyeshadows! :) It flatter my monolids.

    Re: Charlie Sheen. i think he's going down the drain and he doesn't even know it. it's sad.

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  5. Fab post!
    I am so excited about the bell bottoms!


  6. I happen to agree with you on all counts here ... Bright eye shadows and Orange lips - Totally loving the trend ... ! :) Oscars hmmm were not all that fun.

  7. wow i love the theme of this post ^^ u should do it weekly :D ^^ and its s ahem about john galliano :/ what a dick he turned out to be

    and no we dont hve a 5guys that sounds really cool though!

  8. Love that 70s style is back. And the whole Galliano thing is a shame but I'm glad that he's being held accountable.

  9. I absolutely love Anne Hathaway! I think she did a fantastic job hosting the Oscars award show. I loved her red gown the most, sooo beautiful.


  10. Hi beautiful! thank you for the sweet words ! I follow you , your blog is amazing!
    kiss kiss

  11. the bright blue eye shadow photo is gorgeous, i will have to figure out a bright shade that doesn't make me look like Mimi from The Drew Carey Show.
    John Galliano is a mess. i love wack jobs and people who march to their own drums, but not this guy. that's it for me. one strike with a remark like that, drunk or not, he said it.
    Those long bell bottoms are great, finally pants will fit my legs & i won't have to get the made for tall gals.

  12. So inspirational, and adore Blake Lively!!


  13. Loved Anne's outfits, especially the tux, androgynous fashion FTW :)
    I don't get why Blake wouldn't go for Chanel, tacky is right!

  14. I'm embracing the 70s trend as well. I'm loving my flared jeans at the moment.

  15. 70's comeback is the best that happened in years. I'm glad I didn't toss away my old jeans. I've got some of the Spice girls era that are going to be worth to rock after a few work on them :D

  16. Great post :-) I totally agree with you on all points you mentioned.
    The bright eyeshadow is my favourite & I love the photo you chose.
    Charlie Sheen is uber tacky, I mean seriously, how much more can you mess up?! Best example for how meth kills your brain cells...poor Charlie hasn't many left.
    BTW: Which shoe size do you have? *lol* (I'm size 4.)

  17. the oscars were very disappointing. i switched off after like 20 mins. As much as i love James Franco, he and Anne Hathaway did not work well as presenters. yeh boring really.

  18. Great post! I feel so up to date now. I don't think it's tacky for celebrities to show up at fashion shows as long as they're there for the right reasons. And can you believe that about John Galliano??? Stupid, stupid man. And loved Anne's dresses! All night I kept thinking "God she's so frickin' lucky to be able to wear all those gowns!"
    Tamera xo
    Tamera's Take

  19. I've always been a big admirer of Galliano so I was shocked and frankly, quite appalled by this news. I was also really saddened by it.

    I think Blake should pipe down...she goes to fashion shows, so who is she judging??

    xo, Ashley

  20. Your blog is Awesome Cheryl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  21. I think the whole bell bottoms thing is hysterical...I lived it in the 70's ;)

    I didn't watch the Oscars, but from your photos of Anne's dresses, the red one is classic, the white dress and mauvish one I like, and the gray beaded one makes her bosom look flat LOL!

  22. Glad for the 70s to be back too! Fun new header dear!

  23. nice post, love your blog!

    xo-Kayla Marie

  24. I did enjoy Anne's gowns! Even if I do not enjoy the Oscars. ALSO, I am still on the fence about Blke being the face of Chanel. She is just so BORING looking. AND I love your knock on Charlie haha I mean apparently we are all just jealous because he is so busy WINNING hahahahaha

  25. Love that wide legged is back!

  26. Love the theme of this post.. (very catchy).
    It's sad to hear about Galliano but what he said to that couple was very uncool.
    lee x

  27. As much as I love the look of bell bottoms, I don't think I will ever be able to give up my skinny jeans. I practically live in them!! :)

  28. It's a shame about Galliano, he was such a great designer. Love that bright blue eyeshadow!

  29. You're blog is awesome! What do you think about following each other? xo

  30. Great blog. Thanks for the comment! I love blake lively!! I am following now as well :)

  31. Thank you! Yes, that would be aaaaawesome, but it's a big unreal dream :D haha
    btw I can't see where I can follow you...? xo

  32. thanks for following my im going to follow back :)

    <3 steffy

  33. You're blog is amazing!!!I'm so glad you commented on my blog thank you! I'm going to have fun on your site haha so much love for fashion :)

    Haha I liked your post on Galliano, I'm so interested to see who Dior decides to pick.

    Interesting post on Blake Lively's statement. I don't agree with her. I think celebrities can love and enjoy fashion and have every right to be at a fashion show. It also gives great exposure to fashion designers. What I don't like so much is when they model. I would rather they keep real models who do that for a living. But celebrities have power and I think designers, editors, and the like use that to their advantage.

  34. THAT is some great piece of fasion journalism!

    Have a nice weekend,
    Froso from Style Nirvana.

  35. You got a inspiring and lovely blog :)
    keep up with the good work!
    You look stunning by the way! :)

  36. Ofcourse i´ll follow you ;) great blog!

  37. Great post!

    I love bell bottom jeans and glad they are back after a hiatus. I look so great in them.

  38. Thank you for your lovely comment! Love your blog! Have a lovely wknd xxx

  39. Hi Love the layout of your blog and this post is so informative and cute! I am looking forward to that 70's style!

  40. Mixed emotions on the bell bottoms...I can wear them on occasion but I am still favor the skinny :))
    As far as Blake, maybe she simply meant that the fashion shows have become more about the celebs who show up and less about the fashion? And yes Charlie Sheen?!?! Don't get me started!

  41. PS. I was in AZ!! I wish I knew before hand!! I was only there last Sun-Thurs :( I am making a mental time for sure!!

  42. i love bright colored eyeshadow...however, i never can seem to pull that look off


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