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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Inspiring Style: Beso and Rodarte

Inspiring Style

Spring is in the air! Isn't it awesome knowing that the season of floral dresses, cute shorts and floppy hats is just about here--finally?

I, for one, am all about the warmer seasons and that's not just because I was born on an island. I just like the idea of being about to mix and match while still looking fab. So if you're ready for spring and some inspiring style like I am then you might want to consider getting some of these great pieces.

floppy-fedora-hatsspiegel floppy hat, express floppy hat, mossimo fedora
oxfords-pumps-heelsrocket dog screwball oxfords, jessica simpson kingsly pumps

rayban-wayfarers-juicy-couture-braceletray-ban wayfarer sunglasses, juicy couture charm bracelet

madwell-dressmadwell tea party dress

So far I have the floppy hat and the booties. I also just bought a Rodarte for Target spring dress and some wayfarers. Just a couple more accessories to go: I'm looking at you Oxfords and chunky charm bracelets!

You can find these pieces at Beso.

Here's my interpretation of a great spring outfit!

f21-shoesfloppy hat - festival; wayfarers - h&m; bracelets - assorted; dress - Rodarte for Target; belt - F21; leggings & booties - F21

What's your favorite clothing item or accessory for spring?



  1. You look adorable!

    I am loving all the color this spring, I can't get enough of color blocking!

  2. Ah-mazing!!! Love the hat. Great tips. I need those teal colored booties now :P

    from ©

  3. OMG your shoes are amazing!!! My favorite item for spring at the moment are the maxi skirts, and bright pants.


  4. My ambition this year is to find a sun hat that actually suits me - I'm on the hunt!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  5. Hi gorgeous!
    Love your look and those Jessica Simpson shoes!


  6. I completely agree with your entire list! Such a great look... I'm in love with your floppy hat, your print dress and suede booties. I also generally like adding a silk scarf during the spring season. So glad winter is finally over!

  7. i love the hat and u have the cutest smile ever!! ^^ nice shoes too :3

  8. Hi dear!!!! you look beautiful! i love your floppy hat and your dress.

  9. It's all so fabulous! I wish Spring would return here. We had a little glimpse of it last week but now we're back to very cold weather and snow! Over it! I crave floppy hats and pretty dresses :)

  10. you look sooooooooooo cute in that hat!! Love it

  11. Oh gosh that dress is pure love! You look so pretty with the hat!

    <3 Cess O.

  12. s about time. I got my fedora hats ready :) cute outfit. I live the patterns in it :)

  13. loving the hats this season....I really can't wait to splurge on a few I have my eye on :)

    Xisses, Onyxsta

  14. I need a floppy hat this summer. That charm, I love it! Your outfit is fantastic. It is so nice to get rid of the layers and wear clothes that let you breathe, aka your dress. :)SArahD

  15. loving your outfit and that wonderful hat you have on!!! =) you look so great darling!

    by the way! i chose your theme as one of the three that will be voted on!!!! =) check the google group!!!

    Kristy Eléna - Full Time Fabulous
    Vogue Gone Rogue
    Twitter: @kristyelena

    Follow Full Time Fabulous on Bloglovin'

  16. You look so wonderful in this lace dress. Great pick

  17. Your outfit is perfect, I'd love to steal it from you *lol* (Well,I'd leave you the shoes as they're not my size :-D) I wish we had a target around here, too!
    My favorite outfits for spring are dresses & hats (my newest addiction).

  18. cute look! I'm into those booties, & definitely chunky charms... you look fab! :)

  19. Girrrrl it should be against the law to be as cute as you. I LOVE everything about this look!

  20. Love the whole look-very hot! Must have those blue booties.

  21. i am loving everything and totally digging all the best dresses for Spring..the best accessory for me would be a raywafer and some cool hats to pair with my dresses and skirts...


  22. That dress is gorgeous! And I love the shoes, I can never get enough shoes.
    I really like your blog. I'm now following you =)

  23. ahh! I love your shoes! Also, I love those blue shoes you posted - those are prettyyy!!

  24. love the charm bracelet. very cute!!

  25. Ohmigosh you look incredible - I am loving those Forever 21 shoes!

    I love oversized sunglasses for spring/summer. Definitely my favorite accessory!! :)

  26. Omg those booties are so sweet! I love your hat too, it frames your face perfectly! I need to get one for summer!

  27. Well, hello, gorgeous!!! <3
    Those booties are amaze-balls. I want each pair.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  28. i adore this outfit makes me wanna go and dress like you and drink under the sun ahhahah
    you look so pretty with the floppy hat
    those shoes are so good on you!!!
    i need to get me a pair like that!

  29. I love the hat! it's almost hat season again- well here it won't be for another 3 months, but I am looking forward to it!

    glad you got the shirt! can't wait to see it on you ;)

  30. PS on red pants for the summer = I don't know why! I keep seeing them everywhere and I think I could rock them. i need a break from my black jeans :)

  31. I did the article on your favorite Arizona Muse for ya.

  32. I love spring dresses - yours is so cute!

  33. I love your Rodarte dress. You look fantastic, to say hello to Spring!!! Kisses

  34. Oh I have those rocket dog screwball oxfords! They are so comfy! My fav accessory for spring is definitely my fedora from Banana Republic ;) I love your outfit, you look so chic!

  35. love this look! an outfit is never complete without some good sunnies!

    *discovered your blog through FTF community =)


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