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Monday, March 19, 2012

Revisited: 26 By 26

Back in October, I went ahead and wrote a 26 by 26 list, which is a list that documented 26 things that I wanted to do or accomplish by the age of 26. I turned 26 in February so it's about time I revisited this list so you guys can see how far I've come:

I must say, it was difficult trying to accomplish a few things on this list for two reasons: I only gave myself four months; and the four months just so happened to be winter months.

Excuses aside...
Start working out on a regular basis; aka 3 times a week ~~~ I was doing this consistently November and December, and then I started working full time and dropped off. I'd like to get back into it once the weather gets warmer. It's hard for me to do things in the cold.

Dance my heart out at an '80s Night ~~~ Not yet. Anyone know of any good '80s clubs in San Fran?

Experience the joy of a Zip Line ~~~ Twice! Zip line redwood tour: 8 zip lines; 700 feet across and 90 feet high!

Grow out my natural hair ~~~ In the process!

Ride an ATV or similar off-road vehicle ~~~ Not yet. Hopefully in the summer.

Get another feature in a magazine (print or online) ~~~ Got featured in Alizila as a U.S. Fashion Blogger--still looking for more!

Update my passport with my married name ~~~ OMG! I really need to get on this one.

 ♥Finally visit Vegas ~~~ Yes and it was awesome. Halloween in Vegas is the place to be. 

Finally get a headstone made for my father's grave ~~~ Should be getting this done by May.

Record myself singing on YouTube ~~~ Ugh, I actually chose the song that I wanted to sing for this, but I seriously just never got around to it. 

Get my makeup done professionally at least once ~~~ Haven't done this because I'm not sure where to go. Where do you think I should go to get my makeup done? Any MUAs in the Bay Area?

 ♥Try my hand at more DIY projects ~~~ Twice. Studded wedges and nail art DIY! 

Re-gain my level of fluency in Spanish ~~~ Descargado una applicacion para iPad, pero yo lo uso a veces. Yo no tengo recuperado mi dominio. Creo que mi vocabulario es mejor. Or not. :)

Draw/Paint more ~~~ I've been putting my creative juices into the blog and not into sorry.

Finally get a job that I LOVE ~~~ Well, I did get a job that allows me to look at clothing, shoes and accessories pretty much all day, so that's a step in the right direction.

Re-vamp my blog to give it more of a magazine look ~~~ I decided not to do this because, honestly, I really like the look of my blog the way it is.
Organize my closet ~~~ Indeed! You can see photos of it in my Room Invasion feature on Chic Therapy's blog. 

Eat healthier ~ less carbs, more veggies ~~~ Yes and no. Definitely been eating more veggies and substituted bad cereal for good cereal (actually lost 5 pounds with that alone), but I could do better.

Volunteer outside of fashion ~~~ Setting something up for the latter part of April I think.

Watch less reality TV ~~~ Child, please. I pretty much cut out all reality TV on Style & E!, but I'm still watching Bravo. Can't get enough of the RHOA girls.

Be more outdoorsy in general ~~~ If taking a 2-hour zip line tour through the redwoods is not outdoorsy, then I don't know what is. I also do archery on occasion. Once the weather gets nicer I'll get back into hiking. We're also buying road or mountain bikes this month. 

Reach my social media goals ~~~ At the start of 2011, I wanted to get to 100K pageviews (done) and more than 1K Twitter followers (done). I jumped on the Twitter bandwagon last year so I wanted to see if I could accomplish that goal.

Do a professional photo shoot ~~~ Not yet, but I really, really want to do this. Any good photogs in the Bay Area? 
Go wine tasting and find a wine that I love ~~~ Big YES! Wow! That doesn't make me sound like a lush. Went wine tasting for my birthday in Napa & Sonoma and it was fabulous. My favorite wine right now is a sweet white wine called Gewurztraminer. 

Water or jet ski ~~~ Clearly, the winter is not the season to water or jet ski. This will stay on the list for the summer.

Play a competitive game of volleyball ~~~ No one in my area knows how to play v-ball, and I simply can't cope with bad players. I'm sorry but I can't do it. Once I find some semi-pros then we'll talk.



  1. Hey! I'm 26 this year, I suppose I should make my 26 by 26 list as well. It seems very interesting :p

  2. You'll get all of these done...not to worry about what age it happens, as long as it happens!! But, its a great thing to make goals and keep yourself motivated to experience all that you wish too! I have plenty on my list I need to get checked off ;) Happy Monday doll! xx

  3. What a fun list!!!! Looks like you are doing a lot interesting stuff and living life!!!!

    ∞ © ∞

  4. Loving the stuff you've done and the stuff you're going to! And oh lord, borrow your closet, can I?

    Nil. :)

  5. You have done a lot of things so far! I am very intrigued by the zip thing! am afraid of heights but I'd love to d such an experience!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  6. Excellent job, darling ~ Felicidades!


  7. Cheryl, you will do it ALL girl! I had a hair mishap and I'm currently letting mine grow out. It's a process, but hang in there. I just started walking again and feel so much better. Changing my diet. Girl, they need to put you in the Hunger Games movie. You are FIERCE with that bow and arrow. Have a great week and stay on the path.

  8. I love this! I know you can do it Cheryl <3

    I have a 'dream book', it's so important to try and achieve your dreams/goals.
    An 80's club just opened here in Cape Town if you want to try it? :P

  9. Congrats on doing most of these, Cheryl! That's a big accomplishment. Can't believe you did the zip-lining...twice!

  10. great list and congrats for accomplishing them dear !! nice post dear <3

  11. I really like how you hung up your jewelry on the wall. I think it being on display like that makes one want to wear their jewelry more often, as opposed to it being tucked away in a jewelry box.

  12. yay, you go girl! so many things you have accomplished already and many more to come, I'm sure! all best wishes, sweets! x

  13. Wow this is quite a list! I hope you accomplish it all!!
    p.s my boyfriend plays volleyball and he loves it!! :)


  14. sounds like you're well on your way!

  15. Seems like you're on your way dear. I love these life lists. There's loads of photogs in the Bay, search listings site or even Craigs, Modelmayhem, plenty of folks to do good works for free and trade.

  16. this is such a great bucket list! I love archery-I hope you enjoyed it!


    Erin @

  17. Thanks for super sweet comment :) This is wonderful and do-a-ble list. Its so great that you have accomplished so much on it already. i would really like to hear the Youtube song (think it will be awesome). I like your blog design so I am glad you didn't change it. A professional photo shoot will be a nice way to round-up all your loved ones in a special picture memory. Well Done so far and best of luck with the rest!

  18. Vegas is a neat city! I was a little young when I went there but I remember loving the vibrant city and night lights. :)

    I used to be obsessed with arts/crafts and DIY projects. The last time I did something like that was a few months ago when I did some nail art for fun. Love your studded wedges!

    Also, you have an amazing closet! I love how you hang all your accessories on the wall like that. My jewelry is a jumbled heap in one of my drawers :P

    Lastly, DO A PHOTO SHOOT. I promise you will love it! I've done quite a few in the past in China and it's really cool to dress up like an actual model. I loved getting pampered by the stylists, picking out my outfits and being told how to pose!

    -Wendy Lu

    The Red Angel Blog

  19. this is a really cool list! maybe i should start doing this too. ;)

    p.s. i would loooove to try zip-lining!

    <3, Mimi
    Fashion To Figure Giveaway

  20. I went to Napa a couple of years ago -- I loved it too!

  21. Fun list! Hey, you did a great job! Love the DIY studded wedges!

  22. give up reality...child, please!
    hahaha i really did LOL
    you've done a great job so far.

  23. Well done with your list! I want to do a 30 before I'm 30 list and this has inspired me to get on and do it..and i'm gonna check out your closet revamp now!

    Sadie xx

  24. I read your whole list and well you've done a very good job keeping up! living in San fran is great, but i'm really getting tired of this cold weather where the rest of the country is warming up!

  25. You've done a great job at accomplishing things on your list! I enjoyed reading it. I too want to do my own photo shoot, find another job that I love, and take on more creative projects. My 27th is coming up too soon to do a 27 by 27 so I may do a 28th or even a 30 by 30.

    Thanks for revisiting your list with us!

  26. Ah, I love that picture of you doing archery, Cheryl! I am dying to try my hand at it, as well (thanks to The Hunger Games). :P

  27. go girl! congrats and keep at it!

  28. Wow!! Proud of ya! LoL you're doing great!!! Come to Bermuda and you will get that professional shoot haha!

  29. What a great list! I love Vegas we have been 3 times and can't wait to go back again! I really should do a list like this for my 30th bday, even though it is only 6 weeks away, eek!

  30. This is an awesome list and some amazing things you have doing the zip line and could prob kick some major ass! Love that you went to Vegas for your costume!! I remember you said you had that as your wedding topper!! Congrats on your blog being featured and getting a job in clothing.

    I need to make a list for 30 things by 30...I just turned 29...ahh!!

  31. Wow, what an amazing list!! I really need to make one of these.

  32. wow....this is really interesting...loved the list....specially less reality TV shows....hahahah...very true :)

  33. You have certainly made some great progress! I need to step it up on my little 24 before 24 list. Come back to visit AZ and we can go Jet Skiing!!! :)

    Kini Style &

  34. Aw I'm doing a similar post "26 before 27" - hope you grow out your natural hair. I'm so for the natural hair movement! :)


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