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Monday, April 2, 2012

Movie Reviews: Catching Fire with The Hunger Games

It's been a minute since I've written a movie review on the Muse. I think you all know that I love seeing good movies, but now that I've moved to California, and I no longer use my student I.D., the cost of movies has risen. So now I only see films that I truly have a desire to watch.

Also, there have been some serious bombs on the movie screens recently (I'm talking to you, John Carter). 

But I think the biggest thing to hit the silver screen recently has been The Hunger Games. I've read all three of the books, love them to death, and was eagerly waiting to see the pages come to life on the screen.My Thoughts:

♥ Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen
♥ The look of District 12 and Panem in general
♥ Effie Trinkett's appearance
♥ Woody Harrelson as Haymitch
♥ Rue (fyi: she is described as having dark skin, so not sure why racist people are offended by the fact that in the movie she is played by a black girl. even if she wasn't described, it shouldn't matter. get over yourselves!)
♥ Tracker Jackers & Mockingjays
 The inability to showcase the love triangle
  Too much Seneca
 Not enough Cinna
 No Avox characters
 Not enough violence and too teen-driven; needed to be rated R
I know people always say that the books are better than the movies, but I find that the movies can still be very, very good. I read Harry Potter, I read Dragon Tattoo, and I still liked the movies a lot. I just think The Hunger Games were trying to appeal to a younger crowd a bit too much, and in that, failed to capture the edge, the danger and the brutal reality of the 74th Annual Hunger Games. 

I'm not going to give anything away in case you haven't read the books (seriously?) or seen the movie, but I will say that I hope they make the sequels (yes, there will be sequels) just a tad bit more honest to the stories and the characters in the books.

My rating ~ 3 hearts.
May the odds be ever in its favor.


  1. I was upset that it took Katniss like 3 minutes to find water, while in the book she was almost dead of dehydration...

  2. I agree, my boyfriend and were saying the same thing about how it was a bit too PG. We would've liked more of the violence that was detailed in the book. Overall though i thought they did a good adaptation.


  3. I thought they did a good job with the visual aspect and the actor choices, but yes, they left a lot out. I still enjoyed it a lot but I think everyone should read the books too!

    "♥ Rue (fyi: she is described as having dark skin, so not sure why racist people are offended by the fact that in the movie she is played by a black girl. get over yourselves!)"

    UGH YES. And people complaining about Lenny Kravitz being cast as Cinna because he's black... So what? And people try to justify it as saying, "Well I didn't picture them like that in the book!" Rue had dark brown skin, Cinna's skintone wasn't described at all.. Hell, they could have cast a non-white actor for Katniss and it would still be accurate (I believe her skin color wasn't described).

    And yes, needed more Cinna. I wonder if there will be a director's cut released with more scenes?

  4. The movies was very so/so. Idk if I could give it three stars. It was enjoyable though.

    I definitely agree with you on it being too teen-oriented. The book was dark and its a dystopia, it can't hold back on the violence and still make its point.

    I'm not even gonna get into the racism around Rue... she was too perfect for the role.

  5. Thanks for this! Will have to wait for it to come to SA :/

  6. I totally agree with you, not enough Cinna ! I guess they will make up for it in the second movie (or hope so !)I think where the book is so good is that we get to know everything Katniss is thinking during the games, her mixted feelings about love... wich is very hard to put on film. That's what was lacking for me. And the fact that the movie is so close to the books, when you have read it before, you know exactly what will happends and when. My suggestion is go se the movie then read the book !

  7. Great review. I've read the books, the film was enjoyable. I'd agree with your thoughts as well.

  8. Great review. I have never read the books but my sisters and I wanted to see the movie. We went Friday (March 30th) and it was so packed!
    We really enjoyed the movie and it lived up to the hype. I agree about Rue and I don't understand the controversy. The actress who played Rue did a wonderful job.

  9. I have never read the books. I know -- I think I am the only one on the planet. Epic fail.
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  10. I just bought the books! Can't wait to see the movie!

  11. Thanks for the thoughtful review, darling!


  12. those people complaining about rue being played by amandla stenberg need to get a life, seriously! i think amandla did a fantastic job bringing rue's character to life. :)

    i agree, while i liked seeing seneca crane "in action", there was way too much of him in the movie, haha! and like you, while i admit that books are always better than the movies, the movies are still undeniably really good. :)

    <3, Mimi
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  13. Thanks for this review, Cheryl. Will be seeing it this week, so now, at least I know what to expect. That's a bit disappointing to hear that they toned down the "violence" a bit....not that I like blood and gore, but I think that was a big part of the series. Have you seen Battle Royale? It's supposed to be really good. I have the DVD but have yet to see it.

  14. Hi dear, I haven't read the books or seen the movie, so thanks for the review and insight...I am now interested in seeing it.

  15. Do you think I should see the movie or read the books first?

  16. I have mixed feelings about the book.
    I do like how things were depicted/visualized in the movie versus what I pictured in my head. However, there were many gaps for me. There was no story for the Avon characters and that's important! I totally agree that Seneca was way too much in the movie. They never had so much of him or the command center in the books, which i do feel took away from other items they should have brought up in the movie. Like
    1. The major and his daughter's relationship with Katniss!
    2. How she really got the pin
    3. What the pin and Mockingjay really mean
    4. Why is it called "Hunger Games" !!

    I guess it is hard to translate everything from the book into the movie since its written in first person view (of Katniss) and all of her thoughts are pretty crucial to understanding a lot. But I really think they could have done a better job at that. Also, like you have said, yes, totally wanted to attract a younger crowd. The whole Gale-Katniss-Peeta triangle was awkward and not explained. They didn't even have the Peeta washing scene. Another item , grazed over that I was actually looking forward to in the movie, was the mutants! I really wanted to see how they made it "look"/have the eyes of the tributes. That I was super excited for, and then, NO MENTION OF IT. :( lol. Lastly, just like everyone has said, I hate that the violence was toned down. Or to not show the violence, the cut away or shaky camera. That was a true cop out.

    Over all it was a good movie, if you don't come in with high hopes of everything in the books, being in the movie. If you haven't read the books, I think people will still like it but have questions which I guess helps a sequel because people will go hoping for answers. :)


  17. And by book I meant movie **I have mixed feelings about the movie! ** not the book - LOVED THE BOOK. lol

  18., I can't wait to watch Battle Royale too. Thanks again, Cheryl:)

  19. heard about the lack of love!

  20. Now that I've read so many reviews, yours added, I know whether or not to watch it :P

  21. I haven't seen the movie yet, was planning to this weekend. I think I can already see your point about it being too Teen-friendly.

  22. Have to watch this some time! Hope you have been well babe xx

  23. i love your post on this movie review! i'm reading the book right now, and im hooked!! so cant wait to watch this for sure.
    thx so much Cheryl, always for the love & support. have a lovely week girl!

    <3, Kathleen.

  24. I was disappointed to hear that the AVOX characters were so greatly pared down. I found their scenes and history within the books to be incredibly interesting and think that they should have made the cut for the film. :/

    Regardless, I'm still a fan for life! :)

  25. I am the last person on earth to read the books but still hope to do so! Thanks for the movie review - at least most characters sound interesting!

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  26. So, I haven't read the book :( lol but I plan to! I plan to AFTER I watch the movie since many people seem to be dissappointed if they read it before hand. I figure, when I love movies, I always want more afterwards and can't wait for a sequal. So, if I love the movie, the book would be a great follow up for more details of what happens! Anyway, great review :) Xox <3

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  27. So true about your pros and cons...esp LOVE, Love, Love Rue and the actress who played her, she is so adorable!

    Also what was with the story of the pin?!!

    But overall I loved it and hope that the 2nd one is even better! xoxo

  28. haha I only know Katniss but the other characters you're talking about went over my head completely :p I've still yet to see the movie :( My sister is currently reading the books so when she's done I'm going to read them!

  29. LOVE you blog. I'm happy I spent some time searching for new blogs to follow.

    I agree with your review. I feel as if there was so much more that they could of showed, and the rating did limit it. Especially the ending, I feel as if, if you didn't read the book you wouldn't have gotten it. I think after Rue, things went downhill for me, as far as book to movie adaptations go. But I still rather enjoyed the movie!


  30. i am going on friday and can't wait to see it. although i have heard they really should have just gone with the r rating because it's much more violent in your head when you're reading it.

  31. I liked it, but wanted more cinna too

  32. like it!!

    kiss kiss

  33. I haven't read the books nor have I seen the movie. I have heard that the movie was pretty good.... I need to find time to do something called read...

  34. I hate when my favorite books or movies are dumbed down to be for 13-year-olds. I loved the Gossip Girl books, but the show should've been on HBO -- not CW. I can't watch the show because the books were so much harder (drugs, f-bombs, explicit sex, etc) it's like watching something completely different. Same with One for the Money -- I can't go see the movie because it looks SO cheesy compared to the books.

    Okay, rant over. Haha! Where in California are you? Can we meet up??

  35. I agree with the rated needed to be more..hardcore? it was still a great movie, but the action in the books was crazy good. I was also disappointed that district 11 didnt send bread like in the book, and the fact that it was 11 that started rioting after rue died, when it is supposed to be 8 after peeta and katniss almost ate the berries. I hope the next movie gets a little more amped-up!! :) but it was still a really good movie

  36. It was a really good movie. They went for the masses, so they took it easy. HAHAHA

  37. I'm one of those losers that hasn't read the books even though I have them haha and I haven't seen the movie because I won't until I've read the books. Eeek.


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