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Friday, May 18, 2012

Get the Look & Fit with Bali Intimate Apparel

Let's get intimate.

I'm sure some of you have heard the quote that a best friend is like a good bra: supportive, always lifts you up, never lets you down, close to your heart and hard to find.

Does this describe your bra? Last year I wrote that two things determine a good bra: the look and the fit. These things haven't changed, but let me get into some detail as to what I mean.

I wanted a bra that had a cool look so I decided to go with a leopard design from the One Smooth U collection from Bali Intimates. You can't really go wrong with animal print these days, so I was very happy with this choice. But I was even happier with the fit. The One Smooth U bra has soft cotton lined straps that provide full coverage. My biggest positive about this bra is that the cups don't show through clothing. This makes it possible to wear virtually any top with this intimate apparel.

Then I decided I wanted something with more of a sporty look, so I opted for the Comfort Revolution Smart Sizes bra. This wire-free bra comes in chic designs like black and blue diamond. The best part about the Smart Sizes bra is how comfortable it is--it's like you're not even wearing it. Seriously.

The comfort straps keep the bra in place and the stretch fabric uses shape-to-fit methods to give you a customized fit. Honestly, I've never worn a more comfortable bra in my life. One of my biggest pet peeves about bad bras is annoying under wire. The Comfort Revolution makes you feel like you're not even wearing a bra (which is like a slight ode to the feminist bra burning movement of the '60s). 

My only cons are that the One Smooth U bra might fit a bit too firmly, and the Smart Sizes could use some slight padding because when the girls get cold, I don't need the whole world knowing it. But overall, I was super impressed by both of these bras and would highly recommend that you try them out at Bali Intimates.

What's your bra story?


  1. I've had such problems with bra's! I'm between two sizes :/

  2. I like the first one!! very pretty :) x

  3. This is actually something I really really need- a good bra. None of them fit me properly....argh! I blame breast-feeding, but my problem is just being too lazy to get properly fit. Your post is a good reminder I need to get the right one now.
    The ones you picked look great, esp. the leopard-print one.:)

  4. Love the animal print bra!
    And congrats on your feature!


  5. I like sexy and sporty styles. The leopard one looks nice! Happy weekend to you dear. -xx

  6. I so need that animal print one, I also prefer a smoother finish on undies ;)
    Have a wonderful weekend sweetie!

  7. Ah bra stories. I'm actually looking to make a switch. I've been a VS girl for years and years but I'm looking for something new...

    Have a great weekend, sweetie! xoxo

  8. That first bra seems to be very promising.....I like the leo print!
    Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

  9. Well-let's just say that bra shopping is my least favorite. Since I'm on the D cup side, it's really hard to find something that holds the sisters up..sigh..and I can't stand VS bras :/ so over rated..

    on that note, have a great weekend ..hehe :)

  10. I don't have much of a bra story to be honest!

    Style by Joanne

  11. Hi dear!Thanks a lot for stopping by me, I follow you too!
    Keep in touch.
    Have a nice weekend,

  12. i'm always looking for a comfy bra. i have gained some weight, and i really don't like the fact that my boobs are bigger right now... it doesn't fit my body frame, and i just look awkward, and all of my bras are poking me or leaving marks on myself. i am going to take your word for it and try! :)

    have a FAB and stylish wknd, cheryl!

  13. I used to have the WORST time finding bras - then I realized I was purchasing a size that was too big. Now everything is smooth sailing pretty much...I'm a fan of VS bras myself; though I wear strapless almost all summer long to accommodate floaty tops. :)

  14. My bra story is almost non-existent. I can actually count the number of bras I have ever had. Was just thinking I need to by some bras when I saw this. Weird.

    Saw the feature, you're like everyone's choice for a style feature. You're awesome

    Muse Origins

  15. nice quote dear, i heard it many times on twitter :b i really want to shop for them now, idk why. the leopard one is cool, always want one but never find the right one D:

  16. Awesome post! I wish I would have read this yesterday when I went shopping :P.

  17. The first one definitely fits the cool bill

    ∞ © ∞

  18. i think i'm not the expert of these but if i may say which one my fave it must be the first one Cheryl :)

    Love from!/

  19. hard to find is very true. those two styles aren't my fav style because they are too full coverage... but on the flip side most of the things i find when looking are too skimpy. aaahhh the bra drama :)

  20. That tulip skirt is amazing!!!!!

  21. Well the first one would definitely suit my needs!:)


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