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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Interviewing ~ Luxury Fashion Exchange

So you want to buy designer clothes but you don't want to spend designer money? Or you have some great designer pieces that you no longer wear, but you don't know what to do with them? Well maybe it's time you visit, an authentic luxury fashion exchange.

The Muse speaks with founder Mandy Russell as she tells you about how her marketing and design background formed an upscale shopping experience in the form of Klury.

Oh to Be a Muse: How did the idea of come about?
Mandy Russell from Klury: I was cleaning out my closet and wanted to refresh my wardrobe, but noticed a lack of options to conveniently do so. My goal with is to create a way that women across the globe could easily sell their old clothes and exchange them for new pieces.

Muse: Who is the Klury girl?
Klury: The Klury girl is the epitome of the modern-day woman. She has an impeccable sense of style. She's  quite the multitasker, loves cocktails with her girlfriends, and has a closet overflowing with shoes, bags and clothing.

Muse: So the everyday girl can sell her designer pieces to you, but how exactly does the process work?
Klury: The everyday girl call fill out a quick form, upload a picture of what she wants to sell, then we will make an offer on her item. When she accepts the offer, she prints off a pre-paid postage label and sends the item to us. We authenticate it and verify it matches the description then immediately issue payment. She can choose to receive a check from Klury or store credit. The item is professionally cleaned and posted on Klury for another fashion lover to buy.

Muse: What makes different from other designer label discount sites?
Klury: Klury has two unique benefits for users: 1 - buy authentic designer clothes, handbags and accessories for up to 90% off retail; 2 - sell their own items for fast cash. focuses on buying inventory directly from fashionable women across the globe. Our broad inventory is highly curated.

Muse: What is it like having your dad as a business partner?
Klury: It's been great having my biggest support as my business partner. He has taught me so much about running a business and always motives me to put my all into everything I do. It's been fun for me as well teaching him about designers and fashion. He can now identify the designer of red sole shoes.

Muse: Any plans for the future?
Klury: We have plans to expand to additional categories including menswear. We always have a few fun things up our sleeves!
Proenzer Schouler Bustier Top, DVF Black Antoinette Wrap, Lilly Pulitzer Marlo Sunnies, Coach Purple Maison Wristlet, Jimmy Choo Embellished Heels --->

So what are you waiting for, muses? Go visit now and receive $10 off your purchase from now until May 19 with the code MUSE.
And check out the half glitter nail DIY from my Pinterest inspiration.I'm calling it Ginger Snap because the bottom coat is called Ginger and the sparkle is on top. My sparkle flecks weren't as big as I would have liked, but I think it still looks pretty good.


  1. I love that she runs this business with her dad. That is the sweetest thing EVER!

    I love the concept as well. I have an entire closet full of designer clothes (everything from Prada skirts to Etro jackets to Betsey Johnson dresses) which do not fit me anymore. The only consigner store in town I would trust to sell my clothes to actually shut down recently. Well anyway these clothes don't fit me anymore and I'm running out of hope they ever will. This site sounds like the perfect place for me to check out. :) I'm really glad you did this post, Cheryl. xo

  2. I agree with Jennifer, that is so sweet that her and her Dad are business partners! Now he's learning all the designer names. Our Dad will be so lost and confused, ha ha.
    This was a great interview Muse. Now we've found ourselves a new website!

  3. Thanks Cheryl for the sweet feature!! You're awesome.

    PS: Love those glittery nails!

  4. What a colorful collection and lovely interview!
    And thanks for the coupon code!


  5. What a great concept! And I love the DIY nails :) xoxo

  6. Great interview, thanks for introducing me to this fantastic brand. i can see myself being a Klury girl!

  7. How awesome is that that she's partnered with her dad. I love how she authenticates the items so the buyer know for sure what she's getting. Great interview, Cheryl:) And of course, love the nails:)

  8. Great interview. It's awesome that new designers are finding a platform for their talent on New Media. Her collection sounds so lovely.

  9. Great interview, fantastic concept idea, I will check the site!! And pretty nails!;)

  10. I love, love, love the description of the Klury girl - it fits me to a T! :)

  11. That is such a great idea

  12. Had fun reading the interview, also love the nail diy! :) Very nice.


  13. cheryl, terrific interview of klury founder, and i got to know more about this company. :) love your nails on the bottom!

    happy thursday!

  14. Really good the interview...
    Liked it...

  15. another fabulous website!! between this & Rent the Runway I am going to be one very broke girl! :D

    xx Corinne

  16. Great concept! Ooh and ginger is such a great color!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

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  18. So inspiring to see her in business with her dad. Great interview and the fashion exchange is such a great concept!


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